Sunday, December 13, 2009


This is a new girl, inspired in Lilith from the borderlands game, I've also tried to get the same artistic style.

...and an animation... :3
This time it's a video in wmv format.

1280x720px 28sec 17,2 MB
Download: RS 


  1. I've been watching your works for a while, but am not generally one to comment much, suffice to say your works are amazing, some of the best I've seen, and your animations show great promise, keep up the great work.

  2. Excellent as always Vaesark. I've been following this blog for a very long time now, but I have not commented until this point.

    I really like how you mixed in some artistic style this time around and managed to capture the style used in Borderlands. Your unique approach and subject matter have always been the appeal for me.

    You're getting better with each release. I look forward to watching your talent evolve even further.

  3. Love the animation, the girl looks sensational, great body movement.
    The monster looks great too.

    It has a similar feel as your stills, and it's better than most animations I've seen, if this is the first animation you've made in awhile, soon you'll be setting the standard in this field too.

    I can understand how you could be tired of making set after set, are you stopping the still sets altogether? That would be a shame.

    Such a shame about Shizuka!

  4. She looks great! Nice touch with the bouncing.

  5. Your animations look like are going to great. Cant wait to see what you do next. The girl looks fantastic like what you did with the more arty look to it. Girl is great animation is great im excited to see what you produce GL Vae

  6. That girl is HOT. Nice job on the animation.

  7. I love the animation. I agree with some of the other posts, its better than most that I've seen. In any of your future animations do you ever plan to put any sound in?
    Also with that would you ever plan on taking submissions for animations in the future....possibly?

  8. Hey Vaesark,

    This latest set that you’ve presented really stands out from your previous creations. When you announced that you tried to keep the same artistic style as Borderlands, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve seen the artwork in the game and when I saw your renderings, I was absolutely stunned. What you have done is nothing short of genius. Your work is nearly indistinguishable from the official game renderings, if not dare I say, slightly better.
    As I’ve mentioned about some of your previous works, I love tattoos and body markings. The two markings, one on her navel and one around her left arm, really add a degree of character to Ruby and create a beautiful contrast to her pale skin. If I’m not mistaken, the circle around Ruby’s navel is the same as the one Nina had in CG X “Nina and the Fat Ugly Old Man.” Just something interesting I took note of.
    The animation you created was really impressive. I’m glad that you are working on them. Your talent with still 3D art has obviously come through in your skills as an animator. The animation you gave us is noticeably better than a lot of 3D animation I’ve come across. I thought that you did a great job at keeping the artistic style from Ruby’s still images when you brought her onto the animation front. It was a flawless transition and definitely worthy of the praise you’re receiving from fans.
    I’m anxious to see what your next set is. I know you’ll only be getting better from here on out. Keep up the good work, both in your stills and your animations. I will be looking forward to future installments in your artwork.

    Best of luck,

  9. Fantastic. This is a massive improvement from your first attempts at animation (not that those were bad!).

    This animation is serious hawt stuff!

    I don't know the game or the character, but I do like the style of the stills. :)

  10. Trajan, Kristen, I'm glad that you decided to join and post, It's always encouraging to see new people here ^_^

    Muddy, I'll still be doing CG sets too, don't worry about that. I'm also working on two new Drow girls, one of them is a little teen that will make you forget Shizuka, you'll see ;)

    MB oh, you've noticed the bouncing lol

    Shmaded, I'm afraid that I don't have any knowledge about sound software and cant do much about it, at least for the moment.
    If you meant customized animations... mnn maybe...

    SS, yes, it's the same tattoo that Nina has, I just love them around the navel :3

    Horsemount, aww come on, obviously I still have a lot to learn to make decent animations XD
    But some day in the future I'll make a movie: Shrek (porn version) lol

    Thx everyone for the comments ^^

  11. I completely support your changes,and look forward to seeing you perfect works!By the way,the video is so cool!!And Ruby is hot!!加油!!your big fan.

  12. Damn, man new level, ha? Awesome 2 see that u continue 2 publish ur works. Moreover its an a video today. Awesome gift xDDD
    PS: the next level are short movies& Oo
    Pss: Uncle Hunk

  13. this is one of your finest moments mate!

  14. Well yes, you do have a long way to go. If you want to be critical about it. :P

    There's the whole of the surroundings to create and animate to do it properly - foreground, background and props interacting with the motion of the characters and stuff.

    But there's a vast improvement over your first attempts, so I have no doubt you'll get there sooner or later. :D

  15. Amazing work as always V. and as a major fan of your work and style, i'm so very glad you decided not to throw in the towel.

    Thanx again for all the work you bring to us %-)

  16. You got the art style down really well imo, especially in the stills. The animation is fucking amazing, really smooth and some nice subtle movements thrown in. Very hot, I can only imagine what you could do with more time and resources XD

  17. Oooo, I hope the new drow are of the Old Skool black skin white hair version :-)

    And a massive 'good job!' on the animation, subtle excentric movements for the win!

  18. Utterly sweet new character, and a great little animation! Very nice!

  19. Ok, loving this work Vaesark!

    Actually, just found your page, and i see Ruby.


    Although, when i download the movie, Rar asks for a password!

    How do i go about opening this file! Thanks ;p

  20. Nice going man, hope you do more animation

  21. Looks good. The variations are a good thing too and, most importantly, it looks sensual (most other CG movies I've just consist of brutal high-speed fucking, which I don't find that erotic).

    Hope you'll do some more four-legged partners again in the future! Girls giving themselves to non-sentient beings (or just being taken by them :P) are just soo sexy!

    If you could manage to make a movie of a bestial tongue kiss with a girl that would be killer! <3

    Ah, enough with the do-this do-that crap, keep doing what you love. Great work! :D

  22. Looks like Selena Gomez :/. Nice and smooth nonetheless, if you put more action and audio, you'll get a lot of hits!

  23. Oxayotl, the pass to the animation is on the top of the page

  24. So, what's the passwords for the rar-files?

  25. It´s amazing!!!
    Good job.


  26. thank you for your work .... amazing !

  27. what's the password to unlock it... please help!

  28. Hi, i tried to unpack the .rar file, it demands a password... can anyone help me?

  29. I see you have not done a long time to wait animatsyi stiot your new vidio =)

  30. Hi Vaesark. I just wanted to say that these four pics are just great,but that animation is like a dream come true for werewol freak like me! Thank you so much for all this great artwork that you given us!

  31. Unfortunately the file is no longer available for download.