Monday, November 23, 2009


This is my version of the main character from the comic: "Lesyamina: And the green crystal" that can be found at the Lesya's web >here<



Making a CG series of this was a possibility but, as I already told him, It will be a while untill I do commissions again. 


  1. Definitely I will have to read this comic.

    Mmm, elf... I love this style, how you are drawing faces, especially lips. So natural, perfect.

    Your wallpapers looks better than original artworks. ^^
    It would be great to see more of Lesyamina in your erotic style.


  2. Hey Vaesark,

    Sorry about not giving you a reply earlier for Insatiable (part1). I usually try to make a comment about your new works as soon as I can, but I was really busy for the past few days.
    The two renders you created are such a treasure to view. It’s nice to see that your “light” settings (I say light when they’re compared to the dark colors of the past three sets) are just as good as your definitive style. Lesyamina’s face and body are incredible; she seems to be just as good as her drawn counterpart. I agree with MDTDD in that it would be great to see more of this stunning character, but I’d also love to see Dieneira with her, like your CG J set, “Twins.”
    After looking through the website, I have to say that this comic is peaking my interest. The main characters, Lesyamina and Dieneira, look quite beautiful. Elven characters, male and female, nearly always look gorgeous. The plot definitely has promise to evolve into a great work. It will be interesting to see how it advances.

    Best of luck,

  3. WOW!! I hope you do a set with her :D

  4. Nice girl!!I agree with MDTDD on this thing."Your wallpapers looks better than original artworks."She looks lifelike!加油!! your big fan.

  5. Marvelous, man. You have those things to make you an artist in this mind is very creative. Good work...I love it. How you do that?

  6. MDTDD,shawnob, maybe... in the future, I'll do a CG set but, not for the moment.

    SS, XD don't worry. I'm glad to see that you always come back. I'm working on a 2fx1m set like the twins one, but it's not going to be Lesyamina.

    lol thanks Kevin.

    JM, I use daz3d for the renders, photoshop for some effects and textures, the models are mostly from the daz store and renderosity.

  7. Ahh. What's not to like about elf boobs.

    What? Someone had to say it! >_>

  8. Thx, I'm really looking forward to this one :D

  9. Very beautiful face!

    A bit oversized in the department of gravity-defying orbs for my taste, but that's probably just me ^^