Friday, November 20, 2009

Insatiable (part1)

 This set is a lot longer that usual so I decided to split it in two parts so you don't have to wait too much for the whole thing. I still working on the second part but, I'll probably show you some other things before that ;)

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Download: RS


  1. Really good set so far! I love the attitude that the girl has.

  2. Another great set! Can't wait for the second part. Two trolls are definitely better than one!

    And nice posing on the hands when she is giving the bj - very well done.

  3. great set and i sea you still know how to teas ppl ^^

  4. Lovely stuff. Looking forward to the conclusion. :)

    20 again is my favourite, though 26 has a certain charm to it as well - that's on happy ogre!

  5. Great as always.
    I love how it ended.

  6. WOW!!! Just an amazing set and the girl looks just stunning! I am blown away on how great you can make your images look. I can't wait for part two and you have me hoping for a part three, four, etc... lol

  7. You are THE best artist of this type.

    The quality is second to none of course, and this girl is stunning, I can't wait for that second Troll to step up and mount her for the DP of a lifetime.

    I've said it before, the feeling you show in the girl's face is sensational, the trepidatious pleasure she's experiencing as he's slowly filling her from image 14 onwards are simply some of the best images I've seen.

    But the highlight, image 12.
    He could use her anyway he wants, and she could do nothing to stop him.
    But she stands before him, looks him straight in the eyes, rubs his cock, and there isn't one second that she isn't in complete control of him, fantastic!

    It would be nice if they turned the tables on her though.

  8. realy nice.
    the next should be a 2/1 fuck and should be really hot.
    Thanks for such great work. ^^

  9. Bravo Vaesark! It is one of your best works.

    But when she spread her legs (pic 21), her pussy shouldn't open a bit wider?

    Thanks and looking forward for more. =)


  10. MongoBongo, ...and three are better than two :b

    Horsemount, cowgirl position, face to face, is one of my favs ;)

    Muddy, come on... you are gonna make me blush XD

    MDTDD, mnn not really, the cock was on her ass so...

    Thanks everyone for the comments, several updates are on the way... come back soon :3

  11. Excelente, como siempre.

    Por cierto, ¿cuando nos vas a enseñar un set con la nueva elfita que nos enseñaste en septiembre?
    Tampoco le diría que no a ver de nuevo a Eve en acción. ;)


  12. Sobre Eve diré simplemente que va a tener un papel importante en un proyecto a largo plazo en el que estoy trabajando ;) Y la otra elfa aparecerá tambien, pero en un papel secuandario...

  13. Hey Vaesark,

    Your twenty-seventh set is finally out and it looks absolutely gorgeous. You’ve been doing so much and giving your fans such a wide variety of excellent artwork. This set is one more shining example of the best 3D artist I’ve ever seen.
    The girls in your sets get more beautiful as time goes on and this set is just one more illustration of my claim. In addition to the brighter hair, you also added a brighter tone for her lips. That splash of color on her face really helped bring out her facial expressions. Coupling it with the way her eyebrows and eye shadow accent her eyes, you’ve created a model that is fully capable of expressing herself far beyond just body positions.
    Speaking of positions, I always love the vast repertoire of poses you present throughout your various sets. I constantly find myself going back through your works just to look at how the girl is positioned in each image and the slight deviations that occur between the shifting viewpoints.
    I’m happy to hear that you’re working on more sets and have more ideas to come. As always, I anxiously await your next creation.

    Best of luck,

  14. It's really great!I'm wait for part II.加油!!

  15. Growlssss with lust at this latest... so looking forward to part two. Thanks again Vaesark... awesome work

  16. Congratulations for running out of letters, btw. :)