Thursday, August 20, 2009



  1. OMG.... Dude ! THIS IS AWESOME !!

    Baby got sword so fighting mosters now Right ;)? (Rough fighting)

    R U planing to make other SC-like char?

    Do U charge yourself in electricity or sth ?


    I realy Love This one it's like back in time when i saw That bad thief with the perv-dragon...

  2. Wow! One of your most gorgeous characters yet!... Seeing as you have Mil Dragon, she could probably use a visit from Lizardman. Hint, hint.

  3. She looks great.

    I like her outfit.

    Looks the kind of lass that would have a pegasus for a companion.

  4. Looks like a holy paladin.. And everyone knows they get corrupted along the lines!

    Nice work! :D

  5. Good stuff, I like the armor.

    I hate to be the foot fetishist though, but aren't her toes too long?

  6. Wow.. breathtaking. I love her eyes, and I love that she is bare down below.

  7. I love when your girls screams in pleasure on your arts.
    I think the pommel in her sword is a bit too small, but in those arts it's just not important detail.

    Thanks and looking for more of Cassandra and other girls. =)


  8. Hmmm, looks kinda tame to me. Reminds me of the gal (blonde hair) and the donkey set, but without the nauhty look...

  9. I love it...

    and like "MongoBongo" , she should have a visit from the lizardman.

    maybe night-terror as well.

  10. Vaesark this is just great work!

  11. Cassandra the broken, Cassandra the sweet, her body as a flower whos blossomed beautifully.

    Cassandra of the sorrows, her tale a dreadful one... she'll be gone by the morrow, drowned in a nearby pond.

  12. Very Nice. Love the color of her eyes.


    major, MAJOR thanks to you sir, for picking her as the girl of choice

  14. I'm glad that you liked her ^^

    ll, Yup, she has a sword to fight... but the CG set will start when the fight ends... guess who wins ;b

    nope, not planning to do more SC characters so soon.

    electricity? nope, I drink coke and redbull like if it was water, and I sleep like 4-5 hours/day XD

    MongoBongo, lizardman was one of my first choices but, in the end I piked up another creature. I think that you'll like him.

    Anon... her toes are exactly like all the other girls XD

    MDTDD this time there wont be moans of pleasure... *evil laugh*

  15. Wait, the SC girl you're doing is Cassandra? Awesome! :D

    The hair looks a little styleless without her usual hairband. Somehow it works when she's naked though :P

  16. Please make Sophitia next time! She's my favorite of the entire series not only because she's cool and hot at the same time, but also the character I used that nobody I've played with have beaten me with yet! Try to get all the Soul Calibur girls as well! Thanks

  17. Vaesark, they do appear to be the same (her toes) but they all appear to be long.

    -Same Anon as before

  18. V Lizard man would be awsome plz plz plz!! MongoBongo has it right.

  19. Guys, is there any way for me to download these sets from other sources aside from RS or MP?
    In my country, RS and MP don't work - And they never will.

  20. where do you live? on the moon?

  21. Anon, it's not going to be lizardman but, the creature that I used is a little bit similar.

    Kingza, I'll try to find some other place that allows big images, until then you can find most(if not all) my sets at: (searh for "vaesark") But all the stuff is re-compressed and re-sized with a considerable loss of quality.

    Nekolover, RS and MP don't work in some countries and most free proxy servers are extremely slow. what would you do if you couldn't access my stuff? ;D

  22. Mmm, I think Ana will enjoy this set. As will I. I do hope there will not be much blood. It is not that I am squeamish, it just turns me off...

    Kingza, I infer from your username that you are from East Asia? I may have a solution, but it is technical, complex, and Unix-based. Assuming this is not a problem :D, proceed thusly:

    Learn Unix. The solution is a general one, and this skill can be used for other stuff.

    Get a shell account in the west (google "free shell account" for info). The server will (likely) be running Unix. Confirm that you can login, upload and download files. The server may need to be able to do X (also known as X11)

    With a text-based browser running on the server, download the files from MP. Then download them to your own computer from your

    If MP will not work with a text-based browser, you will need to run a graphical web browser on the remote server. If you yourself run Windows, you will need to install X. The easiest way to do this is with Cygwin, which I believe is mostly english. You may be able to fiddle with it (It takes most of its files from Linux, which is very configurable. You could of course install Linux itself, but that may be overkill...) Start an X server on your box, ssh to the remote with X forwarding, start firefox, load up MP, and Bob's your uncle.

    This is how I would do it. Of course, I've done the difficult bit already...

    I hope this is of some help.

  23. @ Vaesark:I would shave my head rob a bank worship satan and sacrifice a virgin every day^^

  24. Best thing you done so far Id say. More like this in the future ^^

  25. Thanks for the help tibfulv / Vaesark.

  26. She is my favourite rendering of the ones I have seen on this site.