Thursday, August 27, 2009


Another one that comes back.


  1. Ohh nice! Can't wait

  2. Wow Vaesark! You are pumping out these renders like a machine.

    Very beautiful girl, I can't wait to see all her naughty bits getting filled with monster cock. ;)

  3. Hi, I'm anon #2 again.

    I just have to say... wow, seriously.

    The last 2 pictures, I just can't stop looking at them. So much emotion in her face it's insane, especially the second to last one.

    - Anonymous Person

    (yah, i used a signature as anon, how cool am I?)

  4. I have to say that these are really good. You did a great job with posing and her facial expressions.

  5. Oooh she looks great! I'm glad shes back!

  6. I rather like this one. A lot of it because I love that style of hat, and it looks awesome on her here. ^_^

  7. U wrote that r-scenes will be from time to time.

    Is this the time ? :D

    What is that thing on her head ? :D

    She is nice - have sth in her eyes :)

    Nice work V.

  8. Very very nice. I can't wait for more of her.

  9. My favorite girl! Ty, man!

  10. The beret is a stylish touch, a little taste of urchin from the old world.

  11. Hi.

    The first pose has style, certainly. She looks like a fashion model to me there. And now of course my imagination is running wild: Who or better WHAT will please her?!


  12. I like seeing her with animals. Maybe two dogs would be fun.

  13. Oh, Sarah got an upgrade. I liked the old look but this new look for Sarah is also awesome XD. You should add in her g-string strap that rides up above her skirt, it makes her more erotic. Maybe you should also add the purple medallion that she has on her old costume, I always thought it was like her personal unique signature or something :P. That and her exposed g-string straps.

    I think that the costume fits really well with the setting. Add in a group of stray dogs in heat (severely) and we prolly have another awesome CG set.

    Oh yeah wasn't Sarah's iris originally purple/violet?

  14. ll, nope, this won't be rape ...and that thing is a hat that, honestly, I think that it gives her many extra points :3

    J.C. thats exactly how I wanted her to look like: a fashion model.

    assviper, there wont be dogs, well... a dog in two legs... if you catch my drift.

    hey wait, it's that expression correct in english: "if you catch my drift" duh.. I really need to improve my english vocabulary XD

  15. You got it right, Vaesark, if you catch my drift.

    Dynamite looking girl there. I am excited about what her and Wolfie will be up to.

  16. Very nice V very nice indeed. I like the idea about who her buddy might be.

  17. Vaesark said: "J.C. thats exactly how I wanted her to look like: a fashion model."

    *g* Ok, cool, it was very well done. And let's face it, it's just that we usually don't get to see these high-class chicks mating with beasts and the like. Therefore I appreciate this idea behind it even more, so keep up the GOOD work.


  18. That is a big hat. A big hat of cool. I want one!

  19. I thought that werewolf was suposed to please Xana... not lady in hat...

    Lycanthrop and playing nice does not fit :P

    Extra poins would give her a nice Russian hat with Red star in the middle + bottle of vodka - and we can talk about playing nice.

    "Anonymous said...

    I like seeing her with animals. Maybe two dogs would be fun."

    man... U R Sick... U hear me ?

    Seriously... who wanna see a dog on a baby like that ?
    It is almost as sick as another human or that damn lucky gorilla who probably have some connections to Vaes becouse he keeps puting it on nice ladies...

    If U love nature hug a tree or sth :) Fantasy is about monsters, beasts, deamons and... monsters :)

    Btw this is fantasy blog or what ?

    How about a giant Robot ? That woud be KAWAI !

  20. thx wetzlar ^^

    ll, the werewolf will please Xiana too, don't worry about that. About the dogs... even tho most of my stuff is fantasy I also do "normal" bestiality: horses, gorillas, pigs,... if I haven't ever used dogs is because I found them too overused, lets face it, its like tentacles in hentai... I like them but they are way too overused.
    But I agree with that a human would be way to gross... unless it has some heavy mutations or it's an undead or... :b
    "Btw this is fantasy blog or what ? "
    Defining it as fantasy only would be too restricting: normal beast and sci-fi has a place here too.
    "How about a giant Robot ?" hmn.. no, I like organic stuff.

  21. i like organic, but, i can admit, i like to see women with mechanical things ;)

  22. Yes the werewolf will get Xiana along with "one other creature" that you guys haven't seen before, assuming Vae still has it.

  23. Really good set! The posing is very nice!