Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Violet meets a new demon

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  1. I am so jealous of her right now.

  2. greeting from poland.

    you did absolutely splendid job till now; i admire and please for more (my eng. is reeeally poor - sorry for that).

  3. "To ćwicz język kolego"

    Great Job!, but why always monsters get what they want willingly ?

  4. Outstanding! And greetings from Scotland.

  5. very nice (even though i never was such a big violet fan)but that aside really nice set

  6. I really love your work, you are my favorite render artist. I really hope you continue your work, I'll be on the look out for your new pieces, and ill be sure to pitch in a few ideas if you ever need any ^^

  7. Violet looks really great, but the whole set was ok... The angle on alot of the shots could have been better. But the work on the stomach was very well done.

  8. I love this set.Violet looks really sexy.Thank you Vaesark!
    It's good Job!

  9. Niceee. The new look certainly gives Violet a unique characteristic and personality. Though the only thing that I found abit off was the last pic with demon cum dripping out of her vagina/butt(I'm not sure which). I though it kinda looked like as if she was taking a dump with poo that is translucent more than having demon cum dripping out. It'd be nicer if it was cum dripping out in small quatity than having a whole lot gust out. Keep up the good stuff

  10. I really like this set.

    I do have to admit, I'd love to see a couple "pregnant aftermath" pics with some of these sets. You did that with one or two of your drow sets and they were pretty hot.

  11. Hi.

    Really can't say why at the moment, but I liked the old one better. The hairstyle is really odd and the setting to dark for my preferences...

  12. I really love her clothes, heheh.

    Her expression in 14 and 15 is pure gold! :D

  13. Great, new set ^^
    Vaesark, you are working very fast and your arts are awesome. Her expressions are now excellent visible, eyes full of pleasure...
    Thank you. =)

    Why? Because those horny girls just want it =D

    Like Yvalee with ogres and spider? Sounds good to me. =)

    I absolutely agree with you.


  14. Good work ^_° but I would make the breasts thicker and rounder like a ball ;-)

  15. Vaesark is a god(period)

  16. I like this one better than last one.
    That accident might not be such a bad thing after all...

    How about that Soul Calibur stuff ?

    More Violence !!!

  17. ll, don't worry, you and all the others that want to see some rape, will have their wishes fulfilled ;D

    austin, to be honest, I think that you are right, some angles should be better >_< ( even so, I think that there are a few good ones :b )

    assviper, ehm... not much that I can do about it yet, I don't have the software/skills necessary for good liquid effects

    Kastier, yeah, It's been a while since the last "pregnant aftermath"

    MDTDD, I render as much as I can ;D

    gc-comixxx... ...bigger? o.O

    Anon, ...god? lol

    Anon2, I'm working on it ;D

  18. Rape? Ew. I can't understand how anyone can be turned on by rape. Meh, to each his own. Great work as usual on this one, by the way.

  19. Love it, especially the stomach bulge from the huge cock. Nice job once again. Some rape would be nice.

  20. "I can't understand how anyone can be turned on by rape."

    I can't understand how anyone can be turned by monsters having sex with women.

    I can't understand how anyone can be turned by women having sex with undead.

    Dude wake up... When u see a monster and woman there is no love in the air... what U see and what Your brain see R 2 difrent things.

    Vaes... How about that Taki girl from SC or mayby U prefer that violet haired ? or Sophia ?

    Give some hints...

    If there is a voating i vote for Taki in red costume :) and ugly and bad Minotaur !!! :D

  21. Hello again.

    Rape?! Why not, but p-l-e-a-s-e let the gal(s) have some fun in the end, too. Maybe give them a candy bar hehe.

    And, oh, having thought about it, I still prefer the old version of Violet. She looked somewhat more, hmmm I'd like to call it natural and the skin-tone was nicer as well. I definetely preferred the darker complexion in that case and the demon had more style, too.

    Well anyway, keep up the GOOD work, can hardly wait for the next stuff, whatever it may be.

    TIA, Jessie

  22. I can't understand how anyone can be turned on by this renders, and even so here you are, you should be ashamed of yourselves... you PERVERTS! this stuff is disgusting and sick. You should be in jail, this depraved shit should be ILLEGAL and banned from the Internet.

    "I DON'T LIKE THIS, THEREFORE... (in the name of Jesus Christ) IT SHOULD BE BANNED"


  23. Excellent work as usual. Violet's new look is great and her outfit fits very well with the theme.
    I do miss the 1-2 images of the kissing. It was always a good intro for the other acts.
    Will you be taking on any paid requests soon?
    Keep up the great work.

  24. Nice job, altho the old renders are allot better than the new ones ;)

  25. KGBeast... nope, sorry, and I'm not planning to do it anytime soon.

    anon, yah, you're right :3 the new ones sucks :b

  26. @Vaesark: Damn! I knew it! It was all a trap! Run for the hills, people! The cops are coming!

  27. @Vaesark: About the creampie shot I don't think that you really need to have any fluid effects. I mean you did pretty well on your old sets.

    Have a look at the "Elf and troll" CG set and pic A15. I actually think that creampie shot is better than the creampie shot in this set. You prolly didn't use renders for the cum in that pic did you?

  28. tibfulv, thinking about it, if all the perverts ended in jail... 96% of the male population would be in jail lol

    assviper, yup, that was all photoshop postwork. But I'm working on something to add some realistic cumshots ;)

  29. Hmmm. I don't like this new Violet. Old one was much much better. This is big shit. I'm big fan of old Violet but this is disappointment for me.