Friday, May 22, 2009


I recently found a website that is re-watermarking my stuff and this is something that really piss me off. There won't be any updates until I fix this. I already asked their admin politely to remove their watermark or remove the files, but he just ignored me.


  1. wth?what site? i wanna flame them

  2. Yeah, what site is this? If they're getting money for hosting the images, you could possibly sue them.


  3. Welcome to the world of Porn.

    Angel, I'm still going to say that I'm more than willing to run your gallery from my web host with a few additional security features that'll cut down on this bullshit. It won't remove it entirely, but the offer still stands. I also host Shabbyblue's galleries and I'd be using something similar to that. So let me know if you're interested.

  4. is it a russian site with "imperia" in the name ?

    if it is that, i can say i found your blog after the download of some of your work on this site.

  5. Re: Tom

    Intellectual Property is hard to argue unfortunately when it comes to the law system (at least in the U.S.) They could simply argue it and V would have to obtain a lawyer (with legal fees) and probably show the original poser files to show that it is his. This will be a pain in the butt to prove however and could be very costly.

    But technically you are right. It could even be argued that they are profiting from his works even with an ad. But re-water working a piece of art is a direct copyright infringement and even can be construed as misrepresentation and other nice little 5 dollar words.

    This website contains a lot of information for Australia but also might provide a good start.

    However, I would also recommend a few ways of protecting yourself V. i.e. Having me host you like I've been preaching to you for the past few months. If you do this, I will make the page and it will allow you to make a disclaimer for it which I can provide from a template. Third - It will cut down on referral URLs and thus people trying to just directly steal your work. Less people might see it yes, but you said it happened to you before and I'm doing my damndest to help.

    Lastly, the company (if it is a US company) is liable for Copyright Infringement as well as Anticircumvention.

    (See link here: )

    Find the website in question and run a WHOIS on them and find out if the company in question is hosted in the US. Call them up and inform them that they are hosting a site that has rewatermarked works of yours, are liable for copyright infringement (the company, not the host) and that you are seeking legal action against the company they are hosting. (You can look up the website via the domain here: )

    The first thing you need to do is start seeking a lawyer, gather their images, take screen shots of their website, the pictures, the water mark, take pictures of your work as well, copy some of the source files to a CD as well to prove you can make manipulation to the images. This is evidence enough. But above all. SEEK A LAWYER!

    Hope this helps.

  6. What site??? I know some admins, with i can help??? send me a email...

  7. I found your pics in one site and i talked to the admin an he removed all your remarked post, and he asked me that he can post our pics and put your site linked...

  8. i have just found the site who is watermarking your work.

    the website was hosted in the canada.

  9. Xhime plublish Sorry for the great VAESARK

  10. Xhime - You INTENTIONALLY removed the water mark and put on your own. What the FUCK were you thinking?! How in your tiny little mind could you think that this is the right thing to do!? I'm going to be monitoring your site from now on and any repeats of this, *I* will be talking to a lawyer and just having Vaesark say "Yes" to go after you legally.

    Your type make me sick to my core. Don't let it happen again EVER.

  11. Hum Malek...

    they just add their own Watermark.

    don't be so procedural.

    are you an US citizen ?

  12. Dear Malek and Vaesark,

    we didn't never removed the water mark from the original. Problably our site isnt the site that Vaesark had saw. But we decided to ask him the authorization to post the great cgs of this great artist

  13. I've also posted some of Vaesark's art on my blog, but i havent touched the pictures in anyway nor have i removed the readme he includes with his works.
    Frankly, i consider him to be the next Svarog and would not want him to stop producing art.

  14. This is just awful.

    I wish I could say that I'm surprised but I've seen it happen before - whenever there is something low key of decent quality that starts to gain ground there is at least 10 money-grubbing assholes looking at how easy it might be for them to pawn it off as their own work for a quick buck.

    The sad thing is, Malek is right. In order to deal with this properly, you would need a lawyer, and 99% of the aforementioned money-grubbing assholes know full well that underground artists do not have the financial support to be paying legal fees.

    Phoning their hosts is an excellent way to get them removed entirely, at least until you have enough evidence to prove they are thieving. Most hosting companies get spooked when the mention of any legal action is made. I've had it at least once in the past and the host instantly blocked all access to my account until I settled it with the person who filed the dispute and they told the hosts it was OK. Not that I stole anything, merely had a website name that had a tiny amount of sound content, and the website name clashed with a website of a recording studio, who got mightily pissed at the idea of people finding me instead of them. Whoops :P

    Start and art-theft fund with paypal and link us to the site so we can see the extent of their ass-hattery, perhaps some of us here can donate a few small bits to help you get some kind of legal support.

    That or, sad as I am to say it, convert to a micro-payment system in order to view your content.

  15. HI Vaesark,

    sorry to hear about this. I found your stuff on Second Life, too, and some guy is selling it there. His pseudonym is Sebas Yates, so if you want to go after him, you have everything you need...

  16. removed the stuff so it's ok now. I'll post tomorrow a explanation about what you can and can't do with my artwork.

    About they only put a watermark on the thumbnail, that's something I don't like but it's not a problem since the pics on the zip file don't have any watermarks or modifications.

    But now... wtf? someone selling it at second life?


    thx for the warning i'll check it out...

    but srsly ... wtf?

  17. It is fucked up, but atleast look at it in a positive way: It's good enough people want to steal it and it's good enough for people wanting to buy it = you are damn good..

  18. Have a look over at this site as well, saves you writing all the legal stuff yourself:

  19. V - I thought you said Xhime removed your works, cause I still see them up there under the "Animal" tag (bottom left tag)

  20. We are on your side Vaesark. Say a word and i drive to the admin and kick his ass until he laugh. and then i throw his server out of the window.
    I promise.

    To the people they make Vaesark problems: My name is pain and i comming to you.....

  21. 2 Skiny for me :) - but still great work !! (however i have absolutely no idea what do You see in her - perhaps some skinny heart taker from RL ?)

    U know woman have to have... back... and... front :)

    One more time i suggest You can do for fun some voating i am preaty curious myself who is most popular girl in town :) .

    Btw skin and hair... You used strange mix of colours... mayby that is why i don't see her (2 close colour on hair and skin)

    I hope You remember my offer with Cala from viper in 3D that would be sth... Let me know when U will have what U need to make her :)