Thursday, May 21, 2009

Coming soon...

These sets will be the last ones before the new Darkest Desire Chapter ^^


  1. Wow looks hot. And i LOVE the Pic with Lafianna and the dragon.


    Cant wait to see the new set´s.
    Dont be mean and post quick ^^
    Pleas pleas pleas....... or i have to stop breath until you post.

  2. nice nice cant wait to sea ^^

    btw could it be the ame dragon as in Black Guardian? i think i recognize that background-.-

  3. люто двачую

  4. Yes... Dragon + Elf = Yummie...
    Im with Nekolover. The Dragon is the same as in Black Guardian.
    Cant wait to see it.
    Btw could you show us a little bit more cumshots?

    At last: Youre the best. I love your Posts

  5. Facials and deepthroats, thank you very much ^^

    Also I miss the two nymphs :)(:

  6. Cant wait for this set
    and i also love the pic with Lafianna posing in front of the dragon, can you say new desktop wallpaper? ^^

  7. looks good!!! cover these girls in cum, inside and out!!! You F'ing Rock!!!

  8. personly i prefer inside cumshots but seeing abit of it wouldnt hurt^^

  9. What an awesome first pic... roll on that series! LOVE dragons!

  10. Not really sure where to post this, or if it would even appeal. But could you do something underwater with whales or dolphins or something or a sea monster? Just thinking of other things that could be done.

  11. Yes, it's the same dragon as in the Black Guardian set but with a new and improved phallus ;b

    About doing a underwater set... the truth is that it's something I want to try , but I have too much work at the moment so it's going to have to wait.