Saturday, October 24, 2015

Zeerith and T'riss

Honestly, I can't decide which one I like more T'riss curves and big boobs... or Zeerith and her adorable face and perky little tits. In any case they both will take big cocks and get impregnated by a giant spider, check it out! 


  1. Definitely a Zeerith man myself.

    Images 4/5 and 37/38 were fantastic.

    The spider bit did seem a little rushed, admittedly, but a great set nonetheless.

  2. This morning I had a great shock when I saw what you gave the names of these two elfkám because I absolutely nezávysle in the story where I used these two elf as the opening image T'riss gave exactly the same name (The story I gave editorial 10/17 so then you can see for myself) really nice!

  3. Gorreci, glad you liked it, I certainly should have given the spider ate least 5 more renders, oh well, there will be other girls that the spider may impregnate ;D

    Petra Dohnalova, I guess that you liked the pictures, yes?
    The translator that you seem to be using isn't very good. >_<
    In any case, I hope you enjoyed the CGset.

  4. Yes, unfortunately I am not a friend at all English, and on a bad translation, I came to send. I'll try to improve. Cgset I really like, the dark elf pleases me every time, and the pictures are amazing. I look forward to what will appear the next time that a renewed character set, or some other new lass.

  5. I know this is a little OT to those elf and discussion, but if you've ever worked on a remark earlier works, so I was very pleased with the work that belong to mime popular and I think that remark deserve, especially when IHe never found a similar set of CG

  6. yeah, great set - again!
    wouldn't know to say which one I like better - Zeerith or T'riss.
    Zeerith is totally cute, T'riss has a more uncommon, somewhat strange but very interesting beauty.
    luckily, in this set we don't have to choose.
    anyway I love it when a more mature/curvy chick kinda "teaches" a more nubile/blossoming one to take whatever comes...