Tuesday, October 27, 2015

work in progress...

From my next project, a space love story ;3

This is the new girl:

Anyone wants to name her?

And this is Type02 "Drone":


  1. Amira.

    First thought was the Miraluka race from Star Wars.
    Amira also means "one who speaks" in Hebrew. Seems fitting.

    Love the new girl. Awesome!

  2. Looking at her, the name "Violet" comes to mind. I know It's rather simple and not very "sci-fi-ey" but I think it fits her. :3

    By the way, this is shaping up to be another great set Vae! I love it when you build up the hype with preview pics and teasers! Keep it up! (Speaking of which, will we see a couple more solo renders with her?)

  3. looks promising. i hope the drones do come in swarms. they are well hung, but not that superhuge, so they could have all sorts of depraved fun: deepthroats, 3p, maybe even double anals and stuff... well ofc (as the type02-dossier states) they do like to "use their tail to sodomize the females", anyway... my guess: this is gonna be great :))