Friday, May 1, 2015

The key to ligting

I've been practicing some alternative lighting styles, trying to get a good balance between realistic and... can't even find a word for it... vibrant? intense? Anyway, check these renders of the elven girls: Mika and Akim.

I was going for a seducing and inviting look in their eyes, I think I nailed it.


  1. I tell you what man... I think we have the exact same preferences in body types. (I've known this for a while, but I don't think I've ever voiced it.) I love it all. Thin, palm-able breasts, and that always-amazing thigh gap. Good stuff. I love their outfits as well.

    The red hair, green eyes, and freckles are all icing on the cake.

    On the point of the topic though, you definitely have a 'pop' factor in this lighting style. It draws the eyes fairly quickly to the subject(s) of the render. Like you said though, it feels pretty vibrant.

    Off topic, however, I had a question to ask. Do you still happen to have your two Insatiable sets? Those 2 are my favorite sets you've ever done, but the links don't work for them anymore, unfortunately, and I was unable to recover them from my old HDD.

  2. Yeah, I have them all on my HD, but every time that I have time to upload them I start working on some other stuff instead >_>

  3. Heh, no problem. Just happy to know that they haven't been lost to the clutches of time.

  4. Wow, and here I was thiking you already hit perfection with the Valerie set (both with lighting and the latex).
    Love their hair, love those perfect bodies, and absolutely lost myself staring into those inviting eyes.
    Please tell us you're doing a set with those beauties.

  5. Randall, I do have some ideas for a set, but I don't have enough time, I can't promise anything.

  6. not sure what they are giving that naughty come hither look to but im hoping its obscene and hung like a horse

  7. food for thought.