Sunday, April 19, 2015


Kommandant Ilsa successfully charged the demon stone with the power drained from the demons, she now can turn human soldiers into half-demon killing machines.

Get *the set* and fap to death before the Nazis conquer the world!

Still, there is hope, there are rumors about a scientist from the Soviet union: Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov, he's attempting to create a human-ape hybrid super soldier. But that's a tale for another day...


  1. Awesome work as usual. All I have to say is that (although it's probably impossible), it would've been amazing if the final girl had been able to DP the demon. Would love to see a Part 2 in the future.

    One other thing I have to say is about the story - I feel it would've given the scene more story (not to mention it would've been incredibly hot) if the girls had one-by-one sacrificed themselves while summoning the demon.

  2. This is some good stuff, Vaesark. TBH, I don't know if it would even be physically possible to DP one of those girls with Grull's size. Would take some pretty impressive warping skills to pull that off.

    It's a great set though. The only thing that let me down were so few images involving the hellhound/dog/thing. Would've liked to see more of that. Great set none-the-less. Worth the $10.

  3. welshie, difficult but not impossible, you saw how Ilsa got her belly stretched by the cumshot at the end? a cock would fit there, it just has to push harder to enter ;D

    I'll have the idea in mind for future sets.

    Gorreci, I wanted to give more attention to Grull so I had to cut from some other demon, the hellhounds were used before so I thought that I would cut there :/

  4. First off, amazing set Vae, congratulations! I've been enjoying the recent 'extreme penetration' shots a lot! And the whole theme/backstory thing is really exciting. Giving context to a sex scene can make it even more alluring.

    Also, I've said this already, but I think Ilsa is one of your best girls, certainly one of my favorites so far! I know you're moving onto the next project, but I'd love to see more of her as soon as possible (hopefully getting knocked up this time) :D

  5. Dunno if you're aware, V, but there's a new centaur model available from RO:

  6. Potato Mad, well, if you insist :D

    watx, I'm not planning on using her again so soon, but there are others girl from upcoming sets that you may like.

    cittran, I've already have a centaur model, it's just that I haven't used it yet.

  7. Incredible set V! second set i bought from you, though i wouldnt have minded to see the Grull get a little more action with that last girl.

  8. To be honest, I was a tiny bit dissapointed by this set... not enough Grull and not enough Ilsa. You should've cut that boar-thing out to have like 2 more pics with the Hellhound, and a few more with the big baddie as well - I would've loved to see a DP'ed Ilsa (cock and tongue) kissing Ursula who rides the other cock... mmh.
    Something else I somewhat missed was actual cum... like, cum dripping off of Erika's adorable curls, you know what I mean.
    All in all I have to say that I can't fap to this 5 days straight like I could to the new Seldanna... which is a bit of a shame, really.

    Edit; I like the part where both Ursula and Erika ride Grull, of course. Though I also wished Ursula and Erika to be back-to-back, so we could see both stretched bellies and both pair of titties! :D

  9. Ubeacco, If it comforts you... I will use Grull again. I may even try a double penetration.

  10. Aww yeah!

    Erm... what about busty women like Ilsa? Pretty please? :]

  11. Vote for power girl in the post above, she has some big juggs :3

  12. Loved Ilya. Excellent set, though I felt the scenes felt rushed with so many demons.
    Grull needs to follow through with a sequel. I think a perfect ending would have been a DP with that cum volcano coming from Ilya's mouth. Thanks & looking forward to the next set.

  13. Echoing what KGBeast said, a cumsplosion out the mouth of a girl that had him cum up her ass would be sweet. Also, some poor girl needs to take that tongue either up her ass or down her throat and have it pop out the other end.

  14. lord! just an imagination of cum exploded out of llsa`s mouth could make me fap and fap again!

    GJ V! and please, Mr.Grull, destroy her body and make my dream come true!