Saturday, June 7, 2014


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  1. Only four images with the dragon.....only three involving sex with it........not only that the dragon is a quickshot and cums as soon as he puts it in, so technically there is only a single image of Dragon/Elf sex........

    Quite a downer when compared to the Siari elf/dragon set.....especially considering that the preview "Prepare your Anus" image was one of the four dragon images and as such led one to believe the set would be focused on the dragon.


    Was excited all week after seeing that image.......and given given the image before the single sex one had that "Prepare your Anus" advert, that one picture of sex was likely anal.....what a bummer.

  2. Thanks a lot! Would be great to see a continuation of this or otherwise more sets with this girl. She's a real hottie!

  3. otra vez Vaesark lo hace denuevo muchas gracias!!!
    Saludos de PerĂº

  4. I have to agree with the dragon lover above, it was quite the bummer seeing only 4 pictures with the drake.. The drake that i and so many others had been longing for.. I guess i can only hope for a followup of some Dragon/Elf action..
    In the end its you who make the calls on what to go for or not, and the set is amazing as allways.. But.. yea,. Im with the write above,

  5. Awesome set V!

    Love the new girl, she looked incredible with the Minotaur and Dragon. ;)

    While I have no complaints, I'd be lying if I didn't say more please! Hope to see more of Vera with some special monsters. :)

  6. OMG!
    You actually used my suggestion of the super hell dragon with two cocks.
    THANK YOU! And yes please continue! This is a must have super set made for purchase because you deserve to be paid for a masterpiece such as this!

    PLEASE I BEG YOU TO CONTINUE THIS SET with more sex of that super hot girl and that monster that even more amazing than anything I've ever seen even Mongo Bongo make and that is amazing because you just topped him! WOW
    Vaesark is now king of fantasy sex. Hands down. Mongo Bongo is Isiah Thomas but Vaesark is Michael Jordan.
    Spread the word.
    Also your previous sets were beyond mindblowing except I only wish you would have made human girls instead of alien looking girls because to me it's so much hotter to see an innocent human girl have interspecies sex with a beast her tiny human pussy is too small and tight to least she thinks.....
    I bow to your greatness Vaesark.
    All Hail Vaeark The King Of Erotic Sex 3D Art!

  7. I likes. The being impaled on the double-dick was beautiful, and dragon... Well, you know how I feel about dragons.

    Thanks! :)

  8. Great set as always, thanks! Seconding/thirding the wanting of a longer set with just the dragon and the girl, tho. Would buy that in a heartbeat :)

  9. Looks great - thanks for creating this.