Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

I am looking for fertile females (human, original characters only) to be impregnated with the seed of Cthulhu, if you have any suggestion send me(vaesark@gmail.com) the details and, if she's good enough I'll offer her to Cthulhu.

UPDATE: *CLOSED* no more characters, unless I messaged you about your character you are too late. Better luck next time.


  1. This is Anira, my Bloodelf Warlock from World of Warcraft. Normaly she Controlls the Demons, and they server her well...
    She loves to be impaled by huge massive Genitals. Shes even up to get an "all the way through" by massive tentacles.
    But somtimes shes so captured in her Lust that she loose controll over the demons. And they take her with fury an without any regrets.
    Her Body is well trained, but i dont know how much she can take, when it comes to a giant creature like cthulhu... But i think he will fit well an she will love to bring his breed of dekay to our world. And so she will serve him well...


    Your Soeck

  2. Amazing Huge Sexual Beast ready to pound up into a tight young wet pussy!
    I say please offer up a sexy young virgin human female to invade her intimate wet depths!
    How about the fine young beautiful Atlantis Princess:


    It would be the perfect clash of hell's sexual wrath unleashed on heaven's angel!

  3. Or perhaps even better offer up her more buxom sister the Atlantis Queen who will put up more of a fight to save her poor wet love canal from getting pounded and stretched beyond her limits:


    That sexual beast is amazing! He deserves to dive into a pure young flower and dominate her!!!!!! Yes!

  4. The belf lock is sexy, she'd be a good match for Cthulhu :)

  5. I will offer my girl Jillian as I have in the past!
    Or if you want you can use Pashti (the horned girl rubbing love tunnels with Jill)!

  6. A slightly derpy and somewhat inept dark elven adventurer who is always getting into trouble, and who always ends up taking up encounters with CR's way above her own level.


    She's a redhead. Dark grey skin, red hair, green eyes. And she abuses Rings of Regeneration all the time. She sure does end up in a lot of trouble! Fortunately those Rings of Regeneration do make her a durable sort of girl.

  7. A human female offering please.
    I highly recommend the curvy fire goddess of the underworld. She is as sexy as Mongo Bongo's jessica rabbit:


    GO HOT!

  8. WhiteZombieSlayerJune 11, 2014 at 6:05 AM

    I say let that huge fucking beast loose on Juliet Starling. She's young and as hot as it gets:




    That would be epic to see that teenie boppie get slammed by that massive cock beast!

  9. VaesarkIsTheKingJune 11, 2014 at 6:28 AM

    You are the best hardcore sex monster artist and my favorite right now. I just wish you made more human looking girls. I don't mind elf ears but weird colors and no hair just don't really interest me. Mongo Bongo was my favorite but he doesn't do the big monsters anymore you have dethroned him.

    I would really like to see you put this girl vs that super monster you made. She actually fits your art style too in her beautiful eyes and perfect body. Here is the link thanks:


  10. This would be the perfect opportunity for some classy 1920's chicks. Or some flappers.

  11. What part of "original characters" do these idiots not understand?

  12. This hottie.


  13. I'd like to see Vaesark make an "original character" based off the look of a well known character. For instance I'd love to see Vaeark make an original girl with this look without her powers and make her more vulnerable


  14. Vaesark sorry for spelling your name wrong. Stupid spell check did it don't know why? Anyway love your work can't wait to see the next set!

  15. Hello Vaesark my lord you handsome devil....

    I'd like to see a version of one of these two lovely ladies offered up to the great Cthulhu:



  16. I offer my Final Fantasy XIV ARR character for this scene: U'xiae Odh, a Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te who travels Eorzia and ventures the darkest depths in search of knowledge and treasure, with the goal to bring those to her tribe and strengthen them. Naturally, that means she faces off against many opponents, including Voidsent (With Mindflayers and similar creatures falling under that category in FFXIV universe, so its not that far off course for these two to meet). She's strong willed and determined to face any challenge on her quest, and even drive a hard bargain with allies and enemies alike, all for the sake of the tribe.


    -A Fan

  17. Original characters, people, original characters! and preferably human. You should also leave a contact email or send your OC directly to me (vaesark@gmail.com).

  18. it would end as guro stuff knowing Cthulhu passsion for eating the human sacrifices.

  19. What do you mean by original? You mean a character we created? Do we have to have the art of the girl? Or can we just describe her to you via email if we can't draw.
    I'm a bit confused. or can we send you an example of her...thanks

  20. Spanish-English translation
    only as a suggestion. you could put a disney princess, I've seen lately that make much porn with Anna and Elsa Frozen. but if possible could you do a scene with Pink and Violette for this.
    solo como sugerencia. podrías poner a una princesa disney, últimamente he visto que hacen mucho porno con Anna y Elsa de Frozen. pero si es posible podrias hacer una escena con Pink y Violette para esto.

  21. Adam, to tell the truth this is not Cthulhu himself but one of his servants, those that built the city of R'lyeh, also, it was the "deep ones" that mated with humans to create hybrids, so I'm obviously just using it as reference and mixing it as it suits my idea so... no gore ending.

    Mac, yep, characters that you created, a description would be enough. Send it to my email.

    Anon, en esta ocasión voy a utilizar unicamente personajes originales, por lo tanto no pueden ser ni Anna y Elsa.

  22. Hi V its peppermint69 from HF again. Id love to have myself volunteer! ^.^ i sent you an email as requested as well! Take care and i look forward to seeing what happens next and who is chosen!

  23. Have you ever done an east-asian skintone? You should try that - give her a punk look, short dyed hair, petite, maybe a couple of tattoos.

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