Saturday, May 10, 2014


Lyorelle was the name that I choose. Also starring the jungle elf girl and another surprise guest :3

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Download: MEGA

 More coming soon.


  1. Nice set, thanks!

  2. Holy hell, going ham with these updates. Jungle girl has to be one of my favorites. Awesome stuff

  3. Loving this set, some amazing stretching round that giant cock, but somehow feeling the gorilla was lacking in that department. Ah well, was a nice surprise. Still waiting to see if that "mega-stretch, cock as big as her waist" is going to happen. Would love it if it did *fingers crossed*

  4. I always like the sets where you can see actual penetration (oral, vaginal, anal) better than the ones where it's just implied. Nice BJ shot in this one!

  5. "the gorilla was lacking in that department."
    That was actually quite big for a gorilla ;)

  6. Awesome Art! A new set so soon what a treat!
    I would have bought ten sets if you had put that blonde hottie in the set your did on mongo's site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyway not a fan of two females in a set. It gives them comfort and I'd rather see the one hot babe straining as the beast attacks her but great job.

  7. Damn, I was looking forward to a new set from you and I can't seem to download from this MEGA site. It gets to 10, 11, or 14% then stops :/

    Looks hot though. My request for a set would be something with a Centaur and a hot blonde girl like the most recent teaser.