Sunday, July 29, 2012

work in progress...


  1. Selenium is the most beautiful. I am very glad that you decided to make a set. I love Kate bekinasal :)

  2. WOW, a fantasy brought to life. always thought to myself "What would Selene do on the weekends for fun". Great work as always Vaesark, can't wait to see this Set unfold.

  3. I am disappointed.
    She is fully dressed.


  4. The question you have to ask yourself is this: why do you do art?

    Do you do it for recognition?

    Do you do it for yourself?

    Do you do it for your friends?

    Art, real art, falls on a spectrum between masturbation and intercourse: An artist does it entirely for themselves (like those wretched 'modern artists'), have completely whored themselves out and given up on themselves (like ANYONE who has ever appeared in a fat suit on film), or somewhere in between.

    Thieves will always exist, until all of humanity is joined in a telepathic link that doesn't allow us to hide from each other.

    What you could do, of course, is issue a DMCA notice to 'em, and go through the process of actually take their site out from under them. That's what the DMCA is actually FOR, to protect artists and their works (not for Prince to shut down fan sites!)

    And I would definitely make a strong claim to you being an artist. Otherwise why would they steal from you?

    And hey, if you took their site, you could put whatever you wanted to on there...

  5. /drama

    Anon, "Do you do it for recognition?" I do like when people strokes my ego, but I'm not dependent on it. I would still render even if no one ever saw my stuff because...
    "Do you do it for yourself?" by the most part... yes. I never do anything unless I'm really interested. Interest comes in many forms, not just artistic fulfillment.
    "Do you do it for your friends?" I have no friends :)

    The problem goes like this:

    (artistic fulfillment) + (positive criticism/feedback) + (ego strokes) = X

    (my stolen artwork on scam-websites) + (bullshit/spam/trolls) = Y

    then... X-Y=Z

    if Z is positive the show keeps on rolling
    if Z is negative... I question myself why should I keep doing this.

    DMCAs are a waste of time on sites hosted outside the U.S. And, as you said: "Thieves will always exist", I was always aware of it but there are things that motivated me to keep going. Not always so easy.


  6. The REAL /drama IMHO is that she is still fully dressed...



  7. actually... someone requested that she should keep the suit on while being fucked... so most of the set is with clothes on :b

  8. A new dimension of save sex, apparently...


  9. not really, the werewolf made a hole in the suit to put it in :p

  10. In where ?!

    Ok, I can (hardly) wait.

    But say, now you're doing popular characters like
    Underworld's Selene, what about my dear HERMIONE?!


  11. Well Vaesark, there maybe hope yet for your idea of doing nothing but bestiality, it seems that Darksoul3D is having second thoughts about closing down is Forum site, I have seen some of your great work there so let's hope for the best.

  12. Hermione is... problematic, for different reasons. I still have the files but, even if I did it I wouldn't post it here. Are you registered at Darksoul's forum?

    Anon, "Well Vaesark, there maybe hope yet for your idea of doing nothing but bestiality, it seems that Darksoul3D is having second thoughts about closing down is Forum site, I have seen some of your great work there so let's hope for the best."
    yeah, I saw his post... but there's a lot of people that seems to be unable to access it :/

  13. Yes, nickname is JCDenton.


  14. I'd say get your site out there, advertise, advertise, and advertise some more!!!
    The pay site gets customers because the customer doesn't know the real deal... I mean, why would they pay if they knew we all give this stuff away.
    Sadly, I'm clueless as to how you should advertise a porn site, maybe look into getting those pop-up windows in other sites. Except with advertisements, comes a fee...
    Or just make stuff like mine, I never see my work getting stolen. Perhaps once or twice at most!!
    On another note, did you get your Sanctum art Horde figure recently? If so, where is the site now, I can't find it and am after a werewolf figure myself.
    Love the Selene pickies, really moody!!

  15. Anon, "Well Vaesark, there maybe hope yet for your idea of doing nothing but bestiality, it seems that Darksoul3D is having second thoughts about closing down is Forum site, I have seen some of your great work there so let's hope for the best."
    yeah, I saw his post... but there's a lot of people that seems to be unable to access it :/

    Trouble access it in what way? I haven't had any trouble logging in.

  16. yeah, I saw his post... but there's a lot of people that seems to be unable to access it :/

    Trouble accessing it in what way? I haven't had any trouble logging in

    You can find the link to the forum here Vaeark.

    I noticed the link is down on the other Blog, hope this info helps.

  17. Just out of curiosity, Vaesark have you tried Hentai-Foundry? I know both Fullytank & Dizzydills are posting pics up over there. Dizzy just put up a whole set with a horse involved, so I know beastiality isn't forbidden.

  18. hey vaesark i was wondering is ur work copyrighted
    see if a pay sight is using ur work just send the a email saying pay up or remove. i live in the usa and i had this problem once. i sent them and email and they paid me 100 us dollars for the use a good
    lawyer is not that much most do it for 30% of winning or settlements. if ur work is copy righted i know their might be a couple doze sight that sells ur work so a few email buy ur lawyer will fix that.

    2 i wish u will do a set of Hermione AFTER Selen doing a dragon or one of ur othier creation as all way ur gifted in way i wish i had.

  19. @ vaesark
    I am huge fan of your work. I think you are one of the best render artists around. Please don't let some scumbag thieves dampen your spirits. If some moron sees something on the internet it MUST be free. I guess it comes with the territory. It is what it is.

    Keep up the good work.

  20. Your art, by far, is the best 3-d adult artwork I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.

    How you draw monsters mating with cute women is like erotic poetry in 3D rendered form.

    They steal your work because it is the best of the best, they know it, and thus they steal it. If only someone here knew a good hacker to hit them with viruses to wipe their hard drives as punishment...anyone have friends on 4chan?

  21. First of all,i agree with what Kendo 2 said.Second,great work with Selene and monsters!Although,it kinda sucks that she has her clothes on,but hey,better something than nothing,right?Anyway,thanks for your effort of bringing us more and more of your artwork.I just hope that you don't planning on goin into retirement anytime soon.

    Keep watching the sky!

  22. agree with post above, shame they steal ur work-.-

    i just hope u continue your work vaesark, its really the best and it would suck if u would ever stop :)
    So i just hope u keep on doing and dont get urself knocked down by this, there are always people who try to get every money they can get...

  23. I LOVE YOU!

    I love your monsters and your girls, and the long drooly tongues some of those monsters have... so please never stop...

  24. love your work, Vaesark! can't wait to see this new set.

  25. I agree with others... You should go to the court with this, get a lawyer. It's your pics they using and the bastards dare not to pay you...
    That's what I would have done, even if I know shit about courts ;-)

  26. Sadly, you could try the lawyer route, but many of these scam sites operate outside of the US (or Europe, or other countries with copyright laws) and can't really be touched by US courts.

    I don't know how feasible this is, but if you wished to continue to share your amazing art with people for free, could you add a "login" requirement that, even though free, would at least require people who want to view your stuff to create an account? That way you could possibly track down who is scamming off of you and block them from the site?

  27. Yeah, but if it's a country outside Euro/US jurisdiction, V's screwed. A lot of these sites are Russian and he'd almost be better off hiring a hacker team to trash the site. He can obtain a judgement (fairly easily, I would say), but it won't change anything.

    For what it's worth, I found out about V's art through a collation website; in this case, there wasn't any charge and the guy wasn't sanding off the watermarks.

    Now I just need to figure out how to break V of his fat man fetish :)

  28. Now I remember where I saw Selene^^ and why I wanted to do her as well

    I used the same outfit as you did at the start, but wasn't satisfied with the breastmorphs

  29. Muddy, I bought the figures before he closed his site, some of them I bought them from , but it seems that hes not there anymore. Such a shame, he did some of the best monsters I've ever seen.


    "By submitting content to this site, you give Hentai Foundry and its administration the right to use those pictures for any purpose"

    Doesn't seem like a good idea.

    eeer everyone else... courts? lawyers? o_O it's not worth the trouble ...and it would not solve anything.

    Anon, "Now I just need to figure out how to break V of his fat man fetish :)"

    Sir, I must thank you for the best laugh of the day. :D The only thing that can compete against fat ugly old men are beasts ...and i can't post that stuff here.

  30. Then how about contacting the Anonymous group?
    The cause is noble so maybe they will deal with it...

  31. That sucks that people r ripping you off like that
    i agree with quite a few people your stuff is the best

  32. Sanders, That's a stupid idea. This is not big enough for a group like Anonymous, also they repeatedly tell everyone they're nobodies personal army.

    Vaesark, you could try hosting your content on other websites, and use this blog to link to the site you upload on. You keep your views or might get even more.

    I recommend g(dot)e-hentai(dot)org, or exhentai(dot)org

  33. I've said it before: hentai-foundry allows bestiality :P

    But they have a 3 image per day upload limit for some reason. Oh well.

  34. Yeah those guys over at AE are pretty annoying with the pic stealing. But they make money off it because you aren't. If it's free on the internet they are gonna take it and charge some poor shmuck to see it. Btw, notice how you don't see much of your XXXelfXXX there. Why? Cuz it ain't free.

    To a certain extent I can understand your outrage at them making money off your art. But then again, they aren't really taking anything away from you. You're not running a paysite, and you don't have ads - so they aren't impacting you financially. It's just the emotional toll of "it's not fair". I'm not saying they are right or defending them. Just pointing out how things work from their rather flawed worldview.

    Also, keep in mind that we break copyright law all the time too. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you are not the person who created the Underworld franchise, and you don't own the copyrights on Seleene. Yet you are creating a set of her without the owners permission. Course you creating the set does act as advertising for the franchise. It keeps people interested in Underworld, and makes it more likely that at least one or two people might pay to see one of their terrible movies. So it does work both ways. Same with the guys "thieving" your free art.

    Sorry to play devil's advocate there.

  35. MongoBongo, mmmnnnn nope, I think it's totally different:

    1- make fan-art and share it for free

    2- steal stuff, rip off the watermark of the artist, mark it as if you made it and charge people for viewing it.

    Somehow... you think that it is the same thing?

    But you know what? you are right about the XXXelfXXX thing, perhaps I should only do stuff for legit pay-sites. At least I would be filling my pockets :3 BRAWHAAHAHAHAHA (*evil laugh*)

  36. Yeah, totally get how there is a diff btwn free fan-art promoting somebody else's franchise, versus taking somebody else's copyrighted art and making a profit off it. But once again, it doesn't impact you in any way other than on a non-quantifiable emotional level. You haven't really lost anything by them doing it. I agree though it does suck ass and they are evil vermin parasites. But in the end, it is still copyright infringement both ways. Just one is waaayyy more fucked than the other.

    And I would give you a huge thumbs-up to doing it only for pay-sites. When you are producing what you want to, and getting paid for it, you find it ALOT more rewarding. Downside is that you'll find that alot of your "die-hard fans" and "viewer friends" suddenly stop thinking you are so great. Funny how that works. :-/

  37. mmnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nope ^_^ most companies and huge ass corporations do not consider it a copyright infringement, in fact, most of them allow it and even actively encourage it, with fan-art contests and similar initiatives. It's only a copyright infringement if the copyright owner says so.

    On the other hand... this "non-quantifiable emotional" stuff is quite important to me, it's the foundation of this blog. I would not have started it if I just wanted to make cash.

    But anyway... those that have been here for years know that some times I just need to RAGE and make some drama, having a break... to then go back to normal. This method have worked before, maybe it works one more time, ya know, like when you are stressed and just need to shout: "FUUUUUUUCK THIIIIIS SHIIIIIIIIIIT" and then everything seems to be better.

    Concerning doing stuff for legit pay-sites... I know, everyone would be all like: "I knew it!!!", "fucking sellout!!!", "he's whoring himself", "Not a true artist!"

  38. But you already did some renders for money for that xxxELFxxxx site, so why not to continue doing so?
    As I see it you have 2 choices... Either you stop rendering, shut this blog down or continue what you're doing and watch helplessly as these motherfuckers ripping you off.

  39. I had mentioned in a past entry about Aradd the black unicorn's website. The guy collects zoo art from different artists.

    He gives credit to the artists in his galleries and does not rip-off the watermarks.

    He asks for donations though.

    Or you could try the booru boards. I found one called beastsandboobsbooru which like the name implies it, it's about beasts and boobs.

  40. I'm pretty sure all sites have no restrictions on pretty women doing erotic things while kicking specific paysite managers in the nuts. Just a thought. ;-)

  41. It's disgusting how people take your work you get for free, and somehow make money off of it by just putting it under a pay-tab. Wtf?

  42. Hi Vaesark! I don't have much else to add to the copyright and legality issue, but I hope you wouldn't shut this site down! Your work is amazing and it'd be a huge shame if you had to stop because stupid people are stealing your work and not giving you credit for it. Just know that your true fans love you and what you do and we really appreciate it!

  43. Personally I love your work Vaesark. I have shown it to friends who think its absolutely great. I come here about once a week to see your new work done. You are after all one of the few 3D render artists that do classic Drow, and do it well.
    There are always going to be those sites, but this is 2012 only a moron pays for porn on the internet. The upside is your work is getting seen in both places. I also like the fact you don't slam your copyright across the image face 'to prevent the others from using it' cause then I cant really use it for my personal use (like wallpapers of my favourite scenes) and the occasional erotic story I write and use your girls as inspiration for the characters.
    I always credit the work to you and here and I don't charge for it. When friends come over and see Inari or Lilthrae on the screen, its 'where did you get that picture' and I point them here. Thus you get the traffic and the credit, and I know I'm not alone in this.
    Thoes pay sites are always going to exist, there fly by night stuff, and only idiots trust them. Even iff a half baked idiot saw the picture and bothered to use google to search out more, and found the real source that may even pull one or two, when they realize your giving it away for free, that other pay sight will loose money, especially if they have some sort of forum and you get posts of 'Well Vaesark is the real artist, and gives it away free here:....'

  44. Unfortunatly,there are way too many assholes who are just waiting to rip off some great artist like youself,Vaesark,only to earn few bucks.What's even worse,those people are probaly way too stupid to at least try to make something on their own.And another thing;if we can watch all your great art on this site for free,then why would somebody think that he could steal your work and then started to charge money from anyone who wishes to see it.In my opinion,that is one real example of bad business.As for copyrights of charaters like Selene from Underworld or Lara Croft - we have at least 10 000 pictures of Lara Croft in many porn scenarios all over web,and probaly few hundred pictures for every other movie/video game character.Not to mention that in last few years we got these XXX Porn Parodies of famous movies and video games,and i'm sure that none of them are having any problems with copyrights,so why should you?

    Never give up from fight,and always stand your ground!

  45. Vasark,

    Even if you started a paysite, people would eventually steal your art and disseminate it for free. It's up to you what's more important to you, but from your above comments, it sounds like you've got a damn good handle on what you want out of doing this.

    I'd be sad if you went pay-only, since I wouldn't be able to see your work as easily anymore (I'm not made of money!), but I'd understand your choice. You've been pretty straightforward with us from the beginning, willing to do requests now and then, and that's more than I can say for a lot of people putting stuff up on the internet.

    That said, I'm going to go back to oggling those lovely black-PVC-encased curves.

    Take Care,

  46. Vaesark, I was wondering where you got those glowing blue eyes you are using on Selene?

  47. Vaesark, I will enjoy your work as long as you continue giving us cute girls having sex with beastly monsters. I don't think you can do anything about someone else taking your work. Even if you make it harder for them, they will find a way.

  48. I never did get my approval to darksoul3D forums. ^^;

  49. Art is obviously a personal thing, so I am not going to tell you how you should feel regarding people stealing you art. But you can rationalize some of the issues at hand.

    1.Why are people paying for work that is freely given?

    Most likely because they don't know its free. You can help alleviate this by allowing greater exposure to your work. But of course you lose more "distributive control" when you post on sites that aren't yours.

    2.The illusion of control.

    Obviously the second you take your beautifully rendered image from your computer and share it with the world, you lose control of your work. It is a tough pill to swallow, but its part of what makes the internet so great(free open exchange).

    Is there at dark side to it? Of course, people will abuse your generosity and hard work for their won gains. But at the same time you brighten the lives of fellow pervs everywhere you who enjoy your work. You even inspire a soul or two in the process ( :D ). But at the end of the day its up to you to decide if sharing you work is doing you more harm then good.

    As for the hentai foundry thing, I was a little wary myself when I saw the TOS for posting. But I got to thinking. What is the likelyhood of the owner of HF doing something crazy with our images?

    Worst case scenario he turns it into a paysite. Which as you just pointed out wouldn't work so well as he would have to remove all the beast/loli content from the site. It also doesn't suit him the long run either has he would undoubtedly lose all of his contributors as a result. In truth anyone going to HF currently is expecting to see free work. Most would balk at having to pay for something that was free yesterday. He might make a few bucks doing it, but it would hurt him more in the long run.

    So I decided I wasn't going to get caught up on "what could happen". I could die tomorrow in a horrific car crash, am I going to stop driving? No.

    As for copyright issues on things like Underworld, US copyright allows for Parody. You could argue that what your doing is an erotic parody of an existing work. Its how those corny porn movies based on blockbusters are legal.

    Personally I think the best way to avoid frustration is to just be honest with yourself.

  50. I make amateur porn with my wife for free and it gets stolen all the time and reposted to free sites and the odd paysite. I looked into creating a paysite for it, and planned to charge very little. I think you should do this. While I like that your site is free, you need some compensation and motivation for your work.

    Oh, I also used to write erotic stories, which were also stolen and published on paysites under other author's names. I know exactly how you feel, but honestly your own way to combat it is to legally copyright your works and set up a paysite. I'm sure if you charged very little, people would pay.


  51. Ah one more thing I forgot to mention. Not only did I start watermarking everything, but I also watermarked my wife. I put the address of our free site in a semi-transparent text anywhere I could. Usually on her leg such as this photo:

    That way if someone steals it and removes the obvious watermark, they may not go through the effort of editing out the hidden watermark on her leg, and people will find their way to us.


  52. Well...

    yeah, you could sign up with someone. That would put you in little italy's stable. When you're in a stable you don't have to worry about third street, west side, little ireland, or little armenia.

    But if you do that you have to be very careful to cover your ass because when SHTF with government and/or law enforcement you're the first ones they let hang.

  53. Arachnaas, eer... it's just a texture glow effect... I assume that poser has that property on the texture edition tab, I can't remember. (I use carrara)

    Kai v4.0, by the looks of it the only ones that made it through were spam-bots XD

    Dizzydills, yup, I have to agree on everything, I never thought that much about HF but I think that you are right. A possible solution is forming on my head :3

    Direwolf, I dunno, maintaining a pay-site of my own would be time consuming and possibly troublesome, but I think that there are alternatives that could work, like you have mentioned: include some hidden watermarks.
    BTW, you have one hot wife :3

  54. Unfortunately it does not seem that DAZ has the capability of adding the texture to the ambient node.

    So I guess I am out of luck.

  55. Arachnaas, I've just checked it and you are correct, It will be obvious in a close up that it's just a plain color glow but it won't look too different if it is a distant shoot, it's hard to tell even on the pic of this post.

  56. hey vaesark i was think of a watermark for u when i save ur blog on my favorites is a red circle with a v in the middle it will look nice on ur girls lower back as ur trade mark. like a sexy tattoo grrrr:3

  57. Yeah, signing up for h-f would at least let you post preview images, as well as allowing you to link to your sets on rapidshare or whatever.

  58. DS3D's site is getting resurrected - look forward to seeing you there

    Your long-time admirer


  59. What do you mean, Dobbin?