Monday, June 25, 2012

schoolgirls, requests#03


schoolgirls wallpapers:

From left to right their names are: Zuri, Jane, Letizia, Ilsa, Shami and Yuriko.
I can't say much about it but I have some plans for all those girls :3 (I hope that I'll have enough time to do at least half on them >_<)

If I didn't do your request, don't worry, I'll probably do another round of requests in the future.


For Ziggy:

For watx:

For sarge1311:

For shawnob:

For Anony Moose:

For HiddenOne:


  1. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to yoooouuuuu Vae!
    27 already, damn i remember how i first seen your site more than 3 years ago. It all started with drows for me, so could you do one small set with drow? Would love to see this good, old Valsharess
    solo in some sexy pose, or mating with one of her pets like Myrlochar or with mighty Mephistopheles. But her solo act, which would show all of her assets will be best.
    Also maybe League of Legends character, cause there's not much GOOD LoL erotic stuff. Especially 3d in which you're the best.


  2. Hey, Alex here! I made some posts before using the comment as Name/URL option, but it seems I can't select that option anymore.

    Anyhow, I love your girls above! Always amazing! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    I'd like to make a request if that's alright. Its an ERP character I play on a NWN server. She's a feral half-elf (half-fey).

    Here's her description I've had written up for a while:


    This girl's athletic build, the lovely tan of her ageless skin, the brash auburn hue of her hair, and her emerald green eyes all seem to speak to the assumption that she is a wood elf -- at least to the casual observer. Closer inspection, however, reveals something more striking and unusual.

    Her almond-shaped eyes are a touch more vibrant than what one might naturally expect, even glittering slightly in heights of emotion through some mysterious, though no doubt magical, presence in her ancestry. And while her ears are pointed, like all elves, hers are much longer and move back at a sharper angle. Her facial features are more defined and delicate than the cherubic features of a wood elf, the form of her body a bit more exotic.

    Graceful feet lead up to her shapely calves, which in turn trail up to her supple thighs. Her hips flare out a bit, her backside holding more of a defined perk than would be expected, resulting in a series of embellished curves that would defy the typical trim and narrow form of most wood elves. A slender waist and taut stomach give way to her breasts, each enough to fill an elven-sized palm, but no larger, suited perfectly to her petite form.

    All of this suggests an ancestry that is more than just elven and were a well-schooled eye to observe her at length, it would be apparent that the girl possesses both wood elf and fey blood. The result is a girl who appears ageless, looking as if she were just taking her first steps into womanhood, though her true age is impossible to gauge.


    The young girl is wild in nature, carrying herself with all of the grace and caution of a feral cat. And the curiosity. Around crowds she seems ill-at-ease, and indeed, in any trappings of civilization she appears out of place and uncomfortable. She seems almost perpetually alert and studious of her surroundings, though never quite to the point of being tense and ready to spring. Her movements are fluid and smooth, her young form looking more than capable of speed, agility, and flexibility.

    By simply observing her, it could be questionable as to whether or not the girl could even speak.


    A fine leather collar is around the girl's neck, the metal clasp holding it in place severely dented and scratched, as if someone has made many rudimentary attempts to break and remove it. Those with an eye for magic might note that it may have once been completely functional, but now the tampering has broken the controlling and dominating properties and that only magic remaining on it is the magic keeping it clasped to her neck.

    The name 'Rhyn' is embossed in the leather, though it has faded a bit with time.

    So, the basics:
    Emerald-green eyes, dark red hair (similar to the girl in the background on your main page) worn in a pony tail with bangs hanging in her face, tanned skin (like Pandora, your cat-girl). She wears knee-length brown leather pants (meaning her calves aren't covered) which are low-cut around the waist, a green top with an exposed midsection, and lots of bracelets on her wrists and one on each ankle. She's always barefoot, too.

    I don't know how detailed you can get, but she wears a leather collar (plain black) and as several ear piercings in each ear and a naval piercing.

    I'd love to see how you choose to pose her if you decide to do it. If you'd like to make some of her without clothing too that'd be fine. :P

    Thanks for considering it!

  3. That was a lot longer than I meant it to be >_<!!! Sorry!

  4. Feliz cumpleaños!!! te deseo exitos, es tu cumple, pero el que siempre nos regala eres tú, muchas gracias por todo ¡¡saludos!!

  5. HB indeed...
    Don't have any projects?! What about paladin, drow sisters then? Cancelled?
    Nice that you're doing requests again, now that you're rolling on B stuff again I might want to ask for something. Don't have nothing in particular now but maybe I'll think of something... Is it possible for me that you'll keep the line for me while I think or is it "rat's race"?

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  7. Happy birthday!
    Hey remeber that scene when they escape from dungeon under pawns guild?
    Meaby one of the pawns got captured by those tentackles :)
    I was kinda hoping that my pawn will get into your renders but i gues not :(

  8. Hi Vaesark and congratulations

    My request is very simple and kind of disturbing

    What I like the must about you renders is the stomach and throat bulges which one day made me think maybe and girl taking it so deep in her pussy that she can give a titty fuck though her skin.

    The girl:
    I was thinking maybe a redhead with her skin color similar to your new Letizia character or maybe little a brighter and of course tits big enough to give a titty fuck.

    The beast:
    Maybe a bipedal elephant or horse.

    Riding or lifted of the ground from an angle that makes the bulge clearly visible.

    I really hope you will aleast try this.

    / pppqqq0147

  9. Oh wow, Vaesark. Your schoolgirls are so beautiful. I love Ilsza, then Letizia.

    Requests? You know I love your rendition of K'rikka, and will probably continue to ask for such things.

    Say, you had made a pretty impressive looking dog-beast a couple months back, some sort of hellhound with big shoulders I don't quite remember that didn't get fully used.

    Mind making them frisky with our little goblin lass over on Darksoul? I love your point-of-view renders of her when she 'looks at the viewer' .. something like that with a finish cumshot on her face would be nice..perferrably with the beast's cock between her tits while it's happening. But I'll leave it up to you if you're interested!

    Alternatively, you could have the little thief sneaking into a wizard's study, but before she can escape his homonoculi or experiments catch her and she has to 'wriggle' her way free!

    Homonoculi are somewhat impish constructs, fyi with wings and horns and teeth - a bit wirey but definitely beasty. They'd be thinner than you could use multiple if you desired without cluttering the picture. Feel free to make them endowed to your preference.

  10. By the way, Happy 27th, Vae. I'm 29.. will be 30 (ugh!) this coming October. I feel so old!

  11. By the way, Happy 27th, Vae. I'm 29.. will be 30 (ugh!) this coming October. I feel so old!

  12. Malcanteth, damn this name reminded me of her
    I'm dying to see some action with her made by Vae.
    Maybe lets spread the word around other artist that its your birthday, most of them was inspired by you so maybe they'll make some gifts for ye :D

  13. How about a set with your girl Sheila getting fucked and impregnated by one of your creatures (horse cock maybe)? Yeah, I know it's not very original of me, specially considering my last requests, but I can't help it. You do this kind of stuff so awesome.

    Maybe for a change you could make it look like she was "selling" herself to the creature, as a mere vessel to carry his child? Well I'll let this part up to you.

    And before I forget, Happy Birthday Vae!

  14. Anything from that Trill / Alierans story I sent you back during your story contest would be neat :)

  15. I just want to see the girl from "The Ogre" set and have her pose in some natural environment (so no partners or anything). And of course, I would like her to be completely naked right from the beginning. If you cannot bring her back for whatever reason (loss of HD, maybe?), then the chick from your school girl list will do (left one of the middle - the tall one). Anyhow, these are the two scenes I would like to see. (the setting is more or less bright)

    1. Her taking a shower in some forest meadow from water fall (that means the background art is very important). Her feet should be in the water (maybe up to her knee, or maybe lower), and maybe she is washing her hair, unaware of the camera focusing on her from her front/side view. Maybe she just noticed the camera.

    2. Her having a sun bathe on a field of short flowers. She has her eyes closed (maybe a little smile from relaxation), and she has her arms and legs slightly spread apart. There were some good sun bathing poses in google images. Obviously, some work better than others. I'll leave the pose and the camera angle to you for this one.

  16. Heh great idea man but ... first of all happy birthday dude. I watch your blog for quite a long time and i really enjoy lookin at it. Tons of great renders ,hope the future will bring more awsome stuff made by you. As for the possible request .. damn don't have any :P Or at least i'm not sure about it but the reactivating project about that paladin chick called Yvonnette would be epic ;) Oh and i also think that the making a few more pictures for the cute templar girl in the post called "Requests, round two". Still its all up to you, if you would have any spare time could you make a few renders of the templar girl or Yvonnette (or best if about both of them ? ).

    Yup that would be legend- wait for it ....

    -dary :D

    Anyway happy birthday man ,have a great day ^^

  17. Ps. best if most of their armour will be on them ,just they will be missing the panties and their breastplates ^^

    Happy birthday man.

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  19. I've got to say that I have appreciated your artwork for several years now and am very glad you have kept up the stellar work. As flattery rarely comes without a request, how about Juliet Starling from lollipop chainsaw? I'd love to see her getting it rough from one of the many monsters in your stable.

  20. Happy birthday! What sort of present would you like?

    And my vote would be for... a sexy cyborg elf ninja... having sex with a... zombie camel monster... underwater!

  21. Happy birthday! I'm actually pleased to see that you're so close in age to me, I feel slightly less creepy, hehe.

    Your last set (with Nala and the two ogres) was probably a singularity of your style for me, I think I mentioned it before... kudos on a job well done, and more of that any time you please!

    I always enjoyed your delicious drow matron, and the past two times I've asked for anything, I've included her... so again, I'd like to travel back to a swollen, heavily pregnant matron... "introducing" the lovely Aria (from your April 20, 2011) to the bearded troll which got her pregnant to begin with in my original request... and playing along as the troll pumps Aria full of copious amounts of cum.

    Whether or not it's a loving tender introduction or not I'll leave up to you... I'm not sure if such domination is something you prefer, or if you'd rather the girls kissing and fondling each other as much as the troll is banging the puss out of Aria.

    Once more, happy birthday, and many more to come! :D

  22. Cool - you finally discovered XRAY GLASSES, dream of any school boy (and working boy ... and retired boy ... :) )

  23. I'm a bit late, but still, happy birthday!

    Another round of requests... you know that you're uber-awesome? I mean the request "series" is always so great, people come up with their sexy dreams and you're fulfilling them... it's your bday, but I'm/we're the ones to say thanks, really! Hope you had/have a blast on your special day. :)

    About the requests:
    I'm heavily in favor of the ones mentioned by pppqqq0147, watx and HiddenOne, really hot ideas imo!

    Mine would be the following (please no TL;DR ;) ):

    Idea #1:
    Girl: Tia Halibel (Bleach)

    Male: A Hollow, example picture would be here:

    Neither Tia nor the hollow does have to be detailed or close to the original. Basically a dark skinned/tanned girl and a muscled/scaled/horned creature with a long tongue (that's the important part) will do. He's very well hung, maybe a scaled/dragon-like cock and bigger-than-normal sized balls?

    Basically a follow-up to the picture. After the group had had their way with her, the red one suckling and fondling her breasts wants to have Tia for his very own private pleasure, without the other "guys".

    The pleasure would divide into the following parts/pictures:

    1) Both standing. He's giving her a very deep french kiss, part of his tongue still outside and maybe a small bulge along her throat. While kissing he's fondling her boobs (or whatever you desire him to do). Tia has one hand flat on her belly, like she would feel his tongue or his saliva in her stomach. She looks like she can't resist him much longer and has almost fallen. His cock is soft and yet of really impressive size, hanging between his legs.

    2) Kinda a 69 position, Tia on top. He's parting her legs, lifting them up in the air a little (hopefully this can be done without looking too akward). His long tongue is licking her snatch, again quite deep, though no bulge necessary as this should be reserved for his cock later on - which is at the moment quite visible as she just can't fit much of it inside her mouth.

    3) He's standing behind her and has lifted her up, his hands lifting her hips, her legs are spread wide. Tia's face and body look/point towards the camera. His cock is resting on her belly, reaching above her bellybutton (maybe almost to her tits) and having an immense girth (like he'd spread her legs quite a bit by simply having his cock pushed between them). Tia gives a look somewhere between eager anticipation of the upcoming ecstasy and the fear of getting her tight lovehole penetrated by something so big.

    4) Same position as 3. He has buried his cock inside her pussy, a huge bulge can be seen along her belly, together with the shape of his cockhead showing just how deep inside her he is.

    If possible, his cock could be transparent or invisible in this picture, showing Tia's wide open gaping pussy. <3 I'd even love the classic black-hole or a semi-transparency. Any attempt would probably be awesome.

    Shot of the result: Her being pregnant - that would be smoking hot! Maybe from a point of view displaying her still gaping slit, which just couldn't recover from such an ordeal (like a frog perspective in front of her spread legs - if "only" one of the two gape-requests are possible, I'd prefer the one of picture 4).

    But four pictures are already great, so I won't push this any further, would be so awesome if you consider my idea, though there are many other hot ones out there as well!

  24. The last one really came out longer than I expected... sorry for that much text. :/ This one is a bit shorter, hopefully at least.

    Idea #2:

    Girl: Tifa or any girl of your own liking.

    "Male": Not a male partner, but a herm: Nailkaiser from Angel Blade. Or in other words a dark skinned/tanned herm with twin cocks. Alternatively and if prefered, any double cocked creature would be just as suitable.

    Set-up: We don't know how she managed to do it, but somehow Nailkaiser was able to get hold of busty Tifa/one of your girls... and surely she won't let her go without fucking her brains out, erm, having some fun with her beforehand.

    1) Tifa/Girl kneeling, giving Nailkaiser (who is standing) a BJ, either sucking one and stroking the other or taking both inside her mouth and fingering her pussy. Nailkaiser should be very dominant, grabbing the girls head with both hands / or with one hand while pinching her own nipples.

    2) Titfuck, either with the girl on the floor or still kneeling. Both cocks are rubbed between the girls boobs, the lower one even shoved into her mouth. Upper one maybe cumming all over the girl's face.

    3) Doggystyle, seen from an angle where both cocks are visible, penetrating the girl's pussy and ass at the same time. If it's somehow possible it'd be incredibly hot if you could somehow make the cocks transparent / or not visible at all and just show the gaping holes, sort of an internal view.

    4) The girl sitting on Nailkaisers lap, her belly heavily swollen, either from being knocked up or from all the herm's cum stored inside her womb. Nailkaiser is having an evil smile while the girl looks like she had her mind broken, her hands touching Nailkaisers' who is caressing the big belly. Alternative version would be with the two kissing, same position of bodies and hands.


    Again it would be so awesome if you consider any of my ideas. Either way thanks for reading my smut and for the request offer, it also gets the perverted mind-fluids going! ;)

  25. Happy Birthday Vaesark, and thanks for the many great sets you've given us over the years. I'd like to request two image sets please and thank you.

    The first is based off the following She-Hulk cover page:

    Have She-Hulk wearing a similar bridal outfit, but with thigh-high white stockings as well as her garter and gloves going all the way up to her biceps rather than elbow. If props are possible, then have it in front of alter.

    First picture is She-Hulk getting groped from in front and behind by two large demons, both several feet taller than her and very muscular. Second is her on her knees, jerking one of huge cock off while she sucks on the other. Thid picture wuold be of her bent over the alter and getting railed by one demon from behind, possible blowing the second if perspective allows. Fourth picture of her clinging to one demon's chest, arms around his neck, legs around his waist as she fucks him, the second demon stroking himself off and looking impatient. Fifth picture of him having grabbed her hair and hauled her backwards, so that she's now suspended between the two demons, legs wrapped around one while he fucks her while the second demon pounds her throat as she tries to hold on to his waist. Final picture of her on knees again, taking their cum on her face and tits and smiling at her white wedding.

    The other request is for Tsunade and Sakura from Naruto. Have them both wearing somewhat slutty versions of their normal outfits, with Tsunade making out with Sakura, one hand slid in to Sakura's top to fondle her tits. Second image is mostly the same, only with Sakura's chest after getting bigger and Tsunade pulling on an exposed nipple instead. Third image of Sakura, her top barely holding in her new tits, as she gasps, flush with arousal and Tsunade leans back a little to admire her handiwork. I'm pretty sure you don't like doing futa, so while I'd like to see it as futa Tsunade titfucking Sakura and cumming on her to finish off the set, I'll also add that it could instead have the fourth picture being of Sakura kissing the head of a large slug based creature as it stands up on it's tail, with the fifth being her on her back, the slug now fucking her by sliding it's body in to her slit, as Tsunade sucks on Sakura's new tits. The next shot then with Tsunade gasping as the creature emerges from Sakura's mouth, it's tail still poking from her cunt. The penultimate shot is of Tsunade blowing the creature's head, her mouth nearly meeting Sakura's as the slug continues to fuck her, and the final shot of Tsunade and Sakura making out while the slug monster crawls away, his cum dripping from them both.

    I'm not sure if 6 or 8 pictures is too long, and if it is, then I apologize and leave it to you to trim as you see fit should you consider doing the sets. Regardless, looking forward to seeing what you do, and thanks for reading the post.

  26. Oh, and forgot to add, on the off chance you decide to do my She-Hulk request, then can you please make her lipstick purple rather than green. Thank you again.

  27. Happy Birthday!

    pppqqq0147 said something about a horse or elephant. It would be great to see tiny elven or goblin girl having sex with exotic animals. Elephant, rhino or even a whale would be great.
    There is only a few pictures of this kind in the internet so it would be great to see something new!

  28. I have a character or two that I already have pictures of, but that I'd like to see your interpretation of...

    the half-Troll Warrior Queen Emily Knight is one.
    My werewolf Jillian is another...
    although I DON'T have a picture of the elven Sorcerer Sol Kada for some reason (probably because of his gender :p)

    Tell me which one you'd like to do (if any) and I'll give you the info~

  29. Well first off I'd like to say Happy Birthday and thanks for the pictures and the chance to put in more requests :) I hope you have having a great summer and a wonderfull birthday!

    I would like to request (I hope you don't mind my requesting more pics of a character I've asked for before) picutres of Caitlin Fairchild with the Troll. Caitin dressed in the school girl outfit you used with the sexy new wallpaper above:

    1- Caitlin standing smiling shyly with the Troll looking on with an erection. Camera view looking head on. Background simply a white area or same background as the school girls above, your choice on what looks best :)

    2- Caitiln and the Troll kissing with her top and tie missing but skirt, socks and shoes still on. Her hands on the shaft of his prick and it pressed against her stomach while it's fists are clenched at it's sides. Camera view looking from the side with Caitlin's head tilted away from the camera, exposing it to full view.

    3- Caitlin being held up by the Troll facing him and slowly being lowered on to his cock. His hands hold her sides. Caitlin still dressed the same as pic 2. Caitlin's expression either biting her lip or looking a bit nervious. Her feet resting on his broad shoulders. Camera veiw upper side looking slightly downwards but still mostly side view. Caitlin looking towards camera, Troll looking at her bare breasts.

    4- Caitlin fully impailed on Troll's prick her legs now around his sides. His hands on her thighs. Leaning forwards his long tongue snaking out towards her breasts. Her hands cupping her breasts and her head tilting back in extacy. A slight bulge visible in her stomach with a camera side view equal with Caitlin.

    5- Now only wearing socks and shoes. Caitlin on her knees with the Troll behind her taking her doggy style, near hand resting on the small of her back, far one hanging at his side. Caitlin resting on her far arm's elbow and forearm while hand of near arm is carressing her own nearside breast. Head up, eyes closed and mouth open like she's panting. Missing clothes laying on ground in background discarded. Slight bulge in stomach again if impailed or flat if you want to show a length of Troll cock not inserted behind her. Camera view front quarter looking at Caitlin's face and body from that angle. Troll only visible from mid-chest down.

    Thanks for taking the request even if you don't decide to create them :)

  30. Sorry I forgot to add that I kind of picture Caitlin looking much like Letizia in how she fills out the uniform except lighter skinned and a sexy redhead of course lol.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.


    Any request posted below will be ignored.

  33. Whoops, missed that we can request beast now. Disregard my canned comment, I have another idea. ^^;

    If you would be so kind, I have a request involving a Nord and a horse...

    Character: and

    Obviously I don't expect you to get her perfect, but I thought visual aids might help you with that "quality over quantity" you're trying for. Any armor will do (she wouldn't be wearing it more than one or two pictures anyway) and the body shot is just a guideline.

    (First shot) Somewhere in the deep woods along a forgotten trail, our pictured heroine and her trusty steed stop for water. The weather is great, but she's uneasy. It's been so long since she's been to town, had a man...

    (Second shot) She decides to take off her armor and rest. Knowing she is quite alone way out here, she strips naked. She splashes some water on herself, but her eyes drift to her horse's dangling sack. It had been weeks since she'd seen a cock... Could she? Did she dare? The thought of it excited and terrified her. And no one would ever know if she...

    (Third shot) She kneels beneath her steed and coaxes its huge cock out, stroking it nervously. Curious, she attempts to suck it, but can't fit it in her mouth. Instead, she licks the underside teasingly.

    (Fourth shot) Bending over a boulder/ruin/something, she beckons the horse. He mounts his master, and she moans in delight. She'd never had anything nearly this big, and it felt incredible!

    (Fifth shot) The horse soldiered on as she came three, four, five times. Finally, she made him get off, as she couldn't take anymore, but her friend hadn't yet finished. She bent down beneath him again and grabbed him, mushing the tip between her ample breasts.

    (Final shot) The horse cums, the shot drenching her face and tits in the white fluid. Our heroine smiles, licking away the fluid at her lips as she smears it onto a breast with one hand.

    And, thanks for this opportunity. I really appreciate the chance. :3

  34. lolololol just my luck, literally seconds before it went up, he closed the requests. XD

    Oh well.

  35. Huh, is that it?!
    I still haven't thought of anything and the pool is closed.. I guess it was rat's race after all xD
    I will let others have fun and write wall of descriptions for you to read. Im fine with whatever you're doing so...

  36. Yohoho! Sexy, dark, just like in my vision. Stunner absolute stunner. Thank you and good day, sir.

  37. Late to the party as usual. ~w~

    But happy birthday! Hope you'll have a good one. c:

    >>; and just a quick big huge puppy eyed prod at you to look back in time and see this:

    Pretty please more info about this one? I'll love you forever if you do~

  38. Happy Birthday V :)
    You the best on the Net!

    I have a little request too.. As you know u addet Vanilla toongirls months ago to your WebLinks. It seems that he has gone o something... Now... It will be nice if can make a little Tribute to him if you make a Picture with IIsa and Troll, playing with her as with Princess Ea. ^^'

    Hugs, Bloody

  39. I just now realized I mixed up my characters.

    Sol's a mechanic from Ganymede, not an elven sorcerer. ^^;

  40. It's... beautiful! You're the most awesome person I know! Thank you for doing this, I'm forever grateful. :D

  41. happy birthday vaesark

  42. Love, Love Love the New two Schoolgirls wallpaper. And almost my size. Wish they were 1920x1080, But heck - close enough. June 28th? Hey my birthday too. Happy Birthday to you.

  43. Amazing work as always Vaesark.

    Of COURSE I missed the reqest post again XD

  44. Oh Vaesark, you goddamned tease. Love the Lolipop Chainsaw mini-set, but not a bit of flesh on show? How very coquettish of you. Would love to see more of Juliet at some point.

  45. Lollipop Chainsaw set? Awesome. Whoever chose that, thank you, and thank you Vaesark!

  46. Jane and Letizia too hot!

  47. Bloody amazing!! Thank you so very, very much for another awesome Caitlin set Vaesark.
    Valsharess looks extremely sensual, just the way I picture a Dark Elf. Oh it's so good to see Sheila getting right fucked :P I want to try out Lollipop Chainsaw game just because of you pic lol. She looks right yummy! Wonderful job as always :D I hate to sound greedy but would you be willing to post a solo wallpaper of Caitlin in that outfit? Then I can put it on my pc at work haha. No matter what, thank you very much for the pictures! I'm very happy that you have kept posting so many wondrous pictures and amazing creations.

  48. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! :D

  49. Hey V i would love to see Sheva from Resident Evil 5 being fucked by maybe Uroboros tentacle monster regular majini or virtually any monster found in the game :)
    Cheers, Clutch

  50. Oh man these are great sets... I'm particularly fond of the She-Hulk! Your rendition's got it goin' on there. XD

    Hope your birthday celebrations went well!

  51. Hi, I'd really like to see your drow matron, pregnant,getting groped by two or more ugly monsters, kissing them, licking ass, and taking a DP. She's my favorite character of yours, and I'd be thrilled if you could do this request.

  52. Funny thought, I just imagined Krikka as a naughty exchange student teaching all these girls about what being from her world is like with naughty alchemy, sex toys or weird summoning scrolls!

  53. Hey V!

    Since I was searching for some Mortal Kombat 3D erotic art and I wasn't really able to find any, I was wondering if you ever considered creating such a set. Just curious :)


  54. Vaesark,

    Thank you again for doing my request! Next time I promise I will be more original! :P

    Happy post-birthday, as well! And many more to come.


  55. @HiddenOne
    Maybe next time give other people a chance, hm?
    You've got your request and you still want more?

  56. Sanders,

    Vaesark is perfectly capable of deciding whether or not to do anything any of us request, and he decides when to shut the door. Like anyone else here, I just ask for what I like when he offers, and I'm very pleased that he's open to all our suggestions. Not a lot of any sort of artists ever do requests.

    I'm not "trying to be greedy", and I'm sorry if I came across as such. My words weren't intended to be taken that way. I have sat out of his special request offerings before, and it seems I'll have to do so again for fear of being seen as a hog.

    Be well,


  57. Hm... I can't get onto Darksoul's forum, and I registered. Admins won't get back to me. Vaesark I input myself as Malcanthet over there.. I wanna see your beast work too!

  58. Having the same problem Malcanthet is having. Registered as CyCaDeLiC a few weeks ago and awaiting account registration. Maybe it just takes some more time, would definitely love to see the beast sets.

  59. HI There,

    I have just re-enabled automatic registration to the DarkSoul3D Forum. This will stay in effect for two weeks. After which time it will go back to the manual process.

    Those that have registered for the board before but have not gained access, please try again now, as access will be guarantee'd.



  60. I especially liked the shawnob pics.

  61. the black elf is very hot