Wednesday, August 17, 2011


In case that you were wondering what's going on on V's forge...

This is the recycled scene of the previous "Annika's Friend" set:

Two wallpaper sized pics of the town from the comic:

A group of characters from the comic (featuring Kendra and the recycled matron), they are part of the "Guardia Carmesí (Crimson Guard)" I'll unveil more details as soon as I can :3

The continuation of the "Embrace eternity" set:

Those are the ones that I can show a preview at the moment... but there's more actually :3


  1. I think I should go to bed early today, surely I am just imagining things...


  2. I just wanted to say that I like your work!

    And also where can I find these comics you speak of?

  3. Master V, could we have some more about nymph Ila?

    I like very much your art and Ila's series is my favorite one.


  4. God I've missed Matron.


  5. Matroooon!! Send our way some more of her!! Love when she is there, and new style looks pretty hot.

    Cuanto trabajo junto por cierto en estos ultimos dias :D

  6. THE MATRON ALL HAIL!!! and her nice ass and her huge breasts

  7. please make a "recycled" series with the new girl.

  8. That's a cute little magician girl

  9. HAH! Elf collection for the WIN! ^^

  10. Always love the sets with Annika and similar girls.

  11. Every girl there looks fantastic, especially these five xD
    I love then new matron (Shes way younger and hotter then pprevius one ;-))

    Annika's friend looks even better than before but does she have a name?

  12. I'm not sure why, but the last chick on the post has short legs. I initially thought she was a loli, but her face features indicate that she's not. What's going on here?

  13. i dont understand why i could download from MP before but now i cant for past couple weeks?!? has there been some sort of change??? i really wanna see "eternity", but only have couple of shots from blogsite alone! please help!

  14. Suggestion: The little Magician can summon and bind Lilith to her will (Lilith begs to be given commands, since that's the way it works.)

    But, Lilith turns the table on the little Magician, and takes her back to the wizard, where the little Magician begs to be his slave/apprentice.

    Really, young girls lezzing out and then begging to be enslaved. Is that too much to ask?

  15. Hey Vaesark,

    Well, it seems that V’s forge is cranking up the bellows and banging on the anvil, turning out beautiful pieces of work one after another. The details within the scenery for your project are just amazing; I can’t wait to see the beginning of the story itself. It’s sure to be worth all of the effort you’ve put into it so far. As for Annika’s friend, she so deserves her own set. The change in hair color was a nice surprise. She certainly seems at ease with her partner. Her clothes are pretty interesting. (I love the mesh leggings.) The continuation of the “Embrace Eternity” set is looking very promising. I’m definitely anxious to see the different positions those two Asari are going to get themselves into. The little magician reminds me of someone I just can’t put my finger on (not really) and I have to say that the setting is quite beautiful. The reflection of the fire on the floor is impressive. I can’t wait to see her posing next to it.
    Finally, the Crimson Guard…just incredible. Even though this mainly concerns the shoulder pads, (or lack there of concerning the fourth girl from the left) the variations to the armor is top notch. The different skin tones one each of the girls truly makes this group a sight to behold. The Matron’s updated looks definitely give her a completely different attitude. She knows what she’s capable of (her and the entire guard for that matter) and she most likely isn’t afraid to utilize her skills. I would love to see the interactions between these five girls, but I’m guessing that their personalities won’t be revealed till much later.
    I guess I’ve rambled on too much. Thanks for taking the time to read this. As always, your works are among the best I’ve ever seen and they just keep getting better.

    “May your work continue to prosper and your flow of creativity never cease.”

  16. Anonymous said...
    "Suggestion: The little Magician can summon and bind Lilith to her will"

    No way! We can talk about that later for sure, but Vaesark knows what's on my mind. And apparently no one has really understood, WHO she is supposed to be...


  17. My guess is that she's one of the characters from Harry Potter (I've only seen the first Harry Potter movie, so the only person who resemble her is that... the only chick in the three-friends).

  18. @Anon
    Bingo - It's supposed to be Hermione.

    I have been begging Mr Vaesark for years, and finally my prayers are answered...


  19. Anon, the comic is a project that I'm working on... it's far from release I'm afraid.

    Klaus, that set is "on hold" at the moment.

    tentahenta, if you are talking about the girl on the first pic... yes, there's a full CGset in the production queue.

    Sanders, I didn't thought about it, do you have any suggestions?

    HMS, you know... I'm also not very convinced by her face... I may actually try to do it different... not sure >_>

    iberios, try, I think that all my CGsets can be found there.

    SS, I love the mesh leggings too, stockings and lingerie in general as well :p

    Jess, if I remember correctly you said that her partners would be a hairy big guy and his boar-hound, right? by the way... I'm thinking about re-doing her to make her face less... angular, maybe retouch her clothes, any suggestions?

  20. Hi.

    Concerning Hermi's Partners. These were mere suggestions of mine, but I would like you to stick to the HP-World in 1st place. That could mean for example hairy Hagrid & his boarhound Fang. I am in favor of this combination, as it includes some serious beastiality.

    About her looks. I am still quite fond of the previous version you have done:

    I might as well quote myself, "Apart from that I think that a few FRECKLES - I simply adore hers - would do the trick, and improve it even further. And of course we need a suitable Harry Potter surrounding, if ever you create a series."

    The clothes should be more schoolgal-like, just as in the Movies. And another Quote of mine:

    "Hey, HERMIONE seems to be pretty popular. That's kinda cool, for it was my idea to (ab)use her, after all. And here's a cool link for everyone interested in the HP-world:

    It might even serve as further inspiration for our favorite artist."

    Just my 2 cents.

    Cheers, Jess

  21. @JCD:
    I like the previous Hermi render as well, but the pose and background are so different, is it even a different figure?

    In that case, she should also have a house elf, who will beg and plead to serve in every demeaning way possible:

    including helping her study for Hagrid's special exam on proper animal handling.

  22. @Anon
    They do look different, I agree, but the idea behind it is the same.


    And concerning house-elves, if you stick closely to the HP-world, this is something Hermione would have never ever done.

    But then again, come to think of it, she probably would have never ever thought of mating with a boarhound...


  23. I vote for a ginourmagantuan girl on girl orgy with the Crimson Guardswomen lol

  24. /\
    Ill go for this also.. should be interesting

  25. @V
    What about Yvonnette?
    I found a nice site that is containing various female fantasy names...
    Thought that it will come handy when you'll be naming all these new girls you've rendered ;-)
    Here it is:

    I have 2 questions for you...
    1.The second blonde elf is the one who was fucking with a horse while ago or it is someone new?
    2.Is there gonna be some lesbian action between the girls in you upcoming comic?

  26. Hey Vaesark, glad to see you're updating the Obedient Bitch follow up. Love those girls!

  27. Jess, I'll try to make that Hagrid, even though the hair will be a problem... not sure if I can get it to look right :/

    Sanders, 1. yes thats the same girl, kendra.
    2. probably, yes.

  28. @V
    Ok what about that name I proposed?
    And do you like that fantasy names book?

  29. Sanders, I like the name, but I think that it would be better for an elf girl. Same for the other names on that web, they all sound cool, but more fitting for fantasy girls.

  30. @Vaesark
    Hey, I am so happy that you have finally decided to do her, so please, please, please do not let hairy old Hagrid ruin everything.

    There are lots of other fantastic beasts, creatures & schoolmates in this magical world that might be easier to use.

  31. Awesome pics, but aren't you going to put Siari into the comic? That would be more awesome :)
    Anyway, keep up the good work, i love your artworks.

  32. Gakuen, indeed... Siari will appear on the comic, just a little bit different. I'll try to show her on the next update.

  33. i luv that 5 elves too...
    nut.. the darcelf... are her boobs bigger then all the others? xD

  34. whats the name of the darkerlf? shes really hot :D

  35. I miss the matron shes got meat on her^^