Sunday, August 14, 2011


These are the last pics from this set.


  1. I like the ground : well rendered

  2. Squall Lion...

    For some reason... I started thinking about this vid...


  3. you silly drow, that's not a dildo, it's a dagger. It's a instrument of pain, not of pleasure.

    (haha just kidding, awesome work!)

  4. At least you are the artist who is using an excelent ideas, not like other one I know of...

  5. shura forever alone T_T

  6. /\ @at anon

    Would be great to see a scene with Shura and another girl. Then she would'nt be so alone ;)

  7. Anonymous said...
    "you silly drow, that's not a dildo, it's a dagger. It's a instrument of pain, not of pleasure."

    Maybe she originally wanted to shave her pussy, but thought better of it and shoved the handle up into her box.

    Good gal.


  8. Not that I don't like Shura set, but whatever happened to that Embrace Eternity set? Wasn't there suppose to be part 2? Or was it dropped?

  9. Hey Vaesark,

    Nice ending to a great set. Shura is a great example of your work and how it has been increasing in quality over the years. It’s always interesting to see a dagger used in ways that aren’t intended. (Well, it is been used to “stab” her, just not in a normal manner.) As I’ve mentioned before, I really love the shadowing and shading you’ve done with this character. The way her skin melts into the darkness is incredible, justly fitting for her dark elven species. I still think her hair is one of her best attributes due to the two-tone coloring. Shura easily ranks as one of the most beautiful of your girls. xxxElfxxx Sexcraft has truly been honored to have this creation for the site.

    “May your work continue to prosper and your flow of creativity never cease.”

  10. Gaz,

    are you... a wizard?

    HMS, nope, not at all, the continuation of that set is my priority at the moment, although... I have to admit that I expected it to be more popular, only 14 comments minus my own comments and unrelated comments...

    SS, that was to fit the character: Dark, dangerous, tough mistress. Not the kind of girl to mess with.

  11. Vae..

    Yes, I'm a wizard ;)

  12. seems like the quality is going down recently. The eyes and hair stand out more to me, and the setup of the scene seems to be without an outline on some the new sets.

  13. I'm guessing the reason there's so few comments is that they're all saving comments for when the set is complete. I know I am.