Tuesday, June 21, 2011

more Erelae

7 new pics courtesy of :

7 more left, coming soon :3


  1. Thanks, and I really like
    the hand-between-thighs pose.


  2. Seems like she's playing w/ herself. Not bad, not bad at all.

  3. You definitely have a knack for the elf girls, Vae.

  4. I never played warcraft and such, so I don't know much about elves (I only know of wood elf, high elf, and dark elf, based on Record of Lodoss War anime), but there are elves w/ dark blue skin?

  5. Cris "El cuervo"June 22, 2011 at 2:38 PM

    Excelente el trabajo como siempre!!!! Trabajas con Poser /Daz, no es así? Yo humildemente hago cosas con 3d studio max y tenía ganas de empezar con Poser /Daz, alguna recomendación de donde bajar librerías? Un gran abrazo!!!

  6. As someone who just discovered your blog (and this whole 3d erotica stuff in general) I'd just like to say that your work is simply excellent. At first I happened on a few of your pics posted on another site and viewed out of context, ie not as part of the set, I kind of shrugged my shoulders, but as various pics by you kept popping up I decided to look up the artist himself and found your blog. So I downloaded a few of your CG sets and viewed them as a slideshow and... thats when I got it. From poses to pacing to facial expressions your images tell a story, no words necessary. You models are drop dead gorgeous and your pacing of the story is generally near perfect. (I have looked at some of the others linked from your blog and -- no offense to them, some of their work is decent -- I personally think your work is the best of them all).
    My favorites so far (if I had to pick a few) are Insatiable, Dark Elf Lover, Aria and Obedient Bitch, but I think they are all either good or frikkin excellent. Indeed I think it would be awesome of all those were 60+ image sets (and another 60 for Insatiable!). My favorite single model is Aria as the level of detail is phenomenal, as is her look. Secongd would be the Insatiable girl and the dark elf lover girl (oh and this Erelae girl, superhot for sure) but it really is tough to pick as most of your girls are pretty damn flawless and hot as hell.
    Anyways, after having now reviewed pretty much all your work I can only say thanks and keep up the good work, I am now a huge fan.
    Incredible stuff,
    thanks again

  7. HMS, it's not like everything has to be copied directly from somewhere else you know XD although... I admit that the dark elves from Lineage 2 are... inspiring :b

    Visis, There isn't any trick... I just do them the way that I like them to be: skinny, short hair, cute/innocent looking face and still, very seductive and provoking :3

    Cris, en realidad uso carrara8pro. Respecto a las librerías, la mayoría de mi runtime está compuesto por material comprado en:
    y alguno que otro de:
    Para freebies suelo visitar:

    G, you are welcome :3 I'm glad that you like my renders so much. More coming soon as always.