Saturday, June 18, 2011


This is a character that I created for xxxelfxxx. The webmaster (and 3Dartist too), in a display of generosity that I rarely see on paysites, allowed me to show you the full set. More coming soon :3


  1. Wow, she's really gorgoeus! :)
    Sady the pictures are a bit smaller than the ones you usually post, but I love them nevertheless. ^^

    She reminds me of your 'Dark Elf Assassin' and of Lilith. Which, of course, is a good thing as they were always two of my favourite characters here. :)

    Thank you very much, and thanks to this paysite dude as well. ;)

    Can't wait for the rest..

    Best wishes,

    PS: Wuhuu, first. ;)

  2. Thanks, and for the allowance, too.


  3. OK but what is going to fuck her?

  4. God damn. I do love a g-string and stockings on those skinny hips!

  5. Nice to see a pay site actually commissioning artists instead of just systematically stealing anything they can find.

    Damn, that's nice work. If she lezzes out, I might actually pay for that.

  6. I love your solo girl catergorie but i think the girls are so lonely. You should include more girls on the same pics : )

  7. I agree with anonymous.
    I have to get my daily lesbian pics ^^

  8. Wait wait, so you didn't create this set? Seems like your work. Or is it that you got permission to use a character from a site called xxxelfxxx, and now you are creating a character from them?

    And from what others say in this blog, you were "hired" to work for xxxelfxxx? I don't get it. Maybe it is my English that's lacking (I learned it as my second language). Can you please explain what happened? Thank you.

  9. Sanders, you'll see some day... or not, it's not up to me :p

    Visis, agreed, the clothing combination turned out really well.

    Anons, BiPo, there are lesb sets on xxxelfxxx, but nothing like that was commissioned for this character (yet).

    HMS, I was hired to do the CGset and, therefore, owns the commercial rights to the pictures :3 but I am the creator of the renders.

    There's a banner to xxxelfxxx on the left side of the blog, if you are interested ;)

  10. Yeah, i know but its a pay site. I cant pay for this.

  11. A gorgeous girl. She needs to get it on with a wolf or a horse - preferably well but not over endowed.

    Love your work.