Monday, March 7, 2011

Drawings by Master Oki Akai

These are sketches drawn by MOA based on some of my characters. You can visit his deviantart page -here-

I still working on some more renders about Ila the nymph so, expect updates soon.


  1. I like your renders better ;-)

  2. Vae, do you have any recommended DAZ3D packages/mods I should take a look at? I'm trying to get an idea what it would take to start rendering images and what resources are available. I've been looking at the reference list on MongoBongo's blog and it's helpful, but I'd like recommendations from the master as well, if possible. =)

    You could really go broke buying all these addons. And where's the genital addons? No point in rendering if my models can't get busy. =P

  3. Sanders, but you won't deny me that these are excellent drawings. :3

    Visis, sure, send me an email and I'll reply with a list of the ones that I use.

    heh looks like a lot of people is getting into 3D rendering lately :3 great.

  4. @V
    Indeed they are. I reccomend you to check Reiq artworks, dude is drawing game, anime, manga female characters and he's preety good at this too. His site is but if you want do download his art you'll have to search for it...

  5. No no man, you need to add those finished pieces I did as well. Right now all people see is unpolished crap.

    Also, remember my comment earlier about adding some prestige? Well I forgot about the part where your fan base comes from, which has more to do with the renders. I'm coming from a different angle, so it doesn't surprise me that these haven't gotten a better response (hind sight and all).

    I would have thought you had some fan art from other artists to show as well though...or are you waiting to put those in a different update?

  6. i actually love your art, MOA... its just that you don't share a whole lot of it ^^;

    im following you on DA and FA... but between the two you've posted just over a dozen pictures in the past year. do you have a different gallery up somewhere?

    no bad on you, though... i know that losing family (and the time leading up to it) can really do a number on people

  7. Anon-
    No, no other galleries. I work for Drowtales so a lot of my time and effort goes to my work for them. And I can't share that work because it's in a members only section for subscribers.

  8. you work on drowtales? which storyline do you draw for?

  9. I'd love to see the one with the Matron from Darkest Desires finished!