Saturday, February 26, 2011

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Engine and Story Trailer [HD]

I know that it's not what you were waiting for, I still working on Ila's set and Ivalee solo shots but... damn... I was browsing videogames at youtube and suddenly found this video of Skyrim, at first I thought that it was the teaser trailer and thought that... "well, I've seen it over 9000 times... lets watch it again!" but then... "HOLY SHIIIIEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!11!1" *jizzed everywhere due to over-excitation*

Back to topic, expect updates soon :3

Also, anyone else is unable to access Zzomp's blog? o_O


  1. Nice... But I like morrowind more.
    And I don't understand why "not for children" in the beginnng...))

  2. Anon, lol, wait to play it before saying that.
    The "may contain content inappropriate for children" is the industry response to those that think that their children will get traumatized if they see any blood of little bit of a nipple, so they put it in almost every single game...

  3. Well considering they brought kids into Fallout 3, we might see them in Skyrim, I just hope they make it very Norse in style and theme's.

    Also I too can't access Zzomps site.


  4. WOW I didn't knew that you're so hot for this game, I thought that Im the only one xD
    This is trailer from X360 but PC version will be far greater than this one.Did you to had a shiver down your spine when you've heard Morrowind theme chanted by a choir? I have it every time I hear it.
    I think that it will be RPG of the year...
    only 9 months remaining...

  5. Does that means all my Oblivion 4 Mods will not work on this one when it comes out? :D

    I want my cute elves!

    Also, blogger says:

    Blog has been removed

    Sorry, the blog at has been removed.

    But last update from it on Google reader is from yesterday 2/25/11

  6. At least Zzomp's deviantart page seems still active.

  7. on deviant art he has a post saying it was deleted without him knowing. He hasn't received any notification as to why it was deleted. Says he'll start another if needed.

  8. Anon, judging from the trailer I think that it will be indeed very Norse in style and theme. About kids... it's kinda strange to see a world only populated my people 25+, although, it's not a key factor for me.

    Sanders, You thought that you were the only one? I personally think that 11.11.11 the world will collapse due to the epicness overload. About the Morrowind theme... yes, I had a shiver down my spine... every time I heard it.
    "only 9 months remaining"
    "only 9 months"
    only!? ಠ_ಠ

    LoneTiger, I'm sure that the Japanese mod community will produce sexy/porn mods in a couple of days after the release :b

    hmnn I hope that Zzomp will be able to restore the blog. It sucks that they never give any warning nor any reason why they delete blogs.

  9. Hilarious video about the Elder Scrolls trailer

  10. For a moment i thought you started doing 3d movies. Well, that's a lot of work for just one person.

  11. Looks like Oblivion btw.

    I thinks as game, yes, i mean rpg, Risen 2 will be better, but Skyrim will rock as base for sex mods, like Lovers with PK for Oblivion.

    However, Oblivion can deliver a lot of fun with FCOM. Perhaps in this variant it is even better than Morrowind. But I do not think that console gamers want Morrowind or something more thoughtful.

    It's awful that a modern PC gaming is dependent from puny consoles ...

  12. After that epic trailer, You KNOW that someone's going to make a sex mod for screwing dragons (already heard talk of it in some modding commuunities.)