Saturday, January 1, 2011


Another character that I've made for a friend... Spero che vi piaccia :3 
The character is Annika, a horny slave bitch... always hungry for big black cock :p I think that she turned out pretty well,  I'm also making a modified version of her to be the new Amelia. Working on K'rikka as well, but I want to improve the worg so... it may take a good while. Happy new year by the way.    



  1. Nice girl Vaesark and happy new year to you too...
    I have one question.Can I request that you create a girl if I ask you to or you're only doing this for your friends?
    PS:Also can't wait to see K'rikka with worg or two if you its not a problem (my suggestion from before) ;-)

  2. Muchas gracias Vaesark por todo el buen arte y que tengas un prospero año 2011

    Saludos desde ..

  3. Very good stuff. Please keep it up! (Literally, and figuratively... ;) )

  4. Slave? She certainly doesn't dress like one. Then again, I wouldn't know much since I never saw what sex slaves dress like.

    Nevertheless, her boob's kinda small, and she looks like gothic. I don't mind gothic, but for some reason, this one doesn't quite fit the mold. I don't know why.

    Btw, what's the chicks name in "The Ogre"? She's hot, but I don't see anymore of her.

  5. Simply Beautiful!

    Love her!

  6. Sanders, I usually only do it for friends and, sometimes, If I like the character a lot I may do it too.

    Avo, prospero año para ti tambien :)

    H, sex slaves dress like their masters want them to, as simply as that. The girl from "The Ogre" doesn't have a name and I don't plan on bringing her back anyway.

  7. Really very pretty girl (the abiamce disgusting shit too) ^ ^

    I wish you a happy new year and good luck for your other work. (I hope for us) ^ ^


  8. Hmmm, yes that's what I call cute. Thanks and a Happy New Year to everyone.

  9. That's a pretty girl indeed.

    She sorts of reminded me of Natalie Portman.

  10. Poor girl looks a bit out of place in that mucky place. Still, I get the whole contrast thing, and I've seen this scene before from your earlier works. :)

    @Sanders You'll be lucky. I've been trying to get Mr V to do a character for years. ;)

  11. horsemount, hope is the last thing one loses.
    I just get easily frustrated when trying to do characters based on real people >_> And if that happens I probably go all like: "AW FUCK THIS SHIT!!!1" I can't help it.

  12. Wow she is very cute.. I like her face. Her breasts seem slightly disporportionate compared to the rest of her body but otherwise no complaints.

  13. Malcanthet, disproportionate breasts? ...I think that they are accurate for a young character, the rest of her body is also slim and tight. If you wanna see something disproportionate go check Ricky Java, that's what I call disproportionate XD

  14. Greetings, Vaesark. first of all, my congratulations for your new (on the way) piece of art.

    But this time I must criticize you. "H" is right; I don´t see nothing on her showing she is a "slave". I guess she is really a "sub" (submissive). There is a HUGE difference between a sub and a slave. Whatever she is, I don´t see chains, leash, collar, cuffs, bracelets, tattoos, brands, etc. In your own world, she is an "ordinary" girl. As perfect as the rest, but just one more.

    I think you don´t know nothing about BDSM world, Vaesark... And the friend this character is dedicated to, I suppose he has never owned a sub. My apologies to both of you if that is not right.

    By the way, I would like to ask you for a bit of information. I want to start creating my own designs, drawings, gif´s, short movies, etc. in 3D. So I would like you to answer these two questions:

    1) What program are you using?

    2) It seems that the best program (or at least the most famous) is "3D Studio Max 2010". I would like to know your opinion in that sense (a brief one), if you have worked with that program.

    That´s all. Thank you, and greetings. Happy new year to all the world.

    The formerly blogger known on this blog like "Brujo" xD

  15. satan666, there's an usual misunderstood here, many people usually like to call their subs "slaves". And, well... even if she IS wearing a collar I don't think that such ornaments necessarily define if she is a slave or a sub, one can have none of these and still be a slave and other may have a shitload of chains, leash, collar, cuffs, bracelets, tattoos, brands, etc and still be only a light sub with a looooong list of restrictions, limitations and rules, I'm just saying... el hábito no hace al monje. Es su dedicación y su voluntad(o ausencia de la misma) lo que los define.

    Therefore... yes, she is a sub, but he will still like to call her slave. And, honestly, I don't see any problem with it... although, I prefer to refer to my subs as pets :3 and I'm usually very gentle and generous, hehehe (not always though...)

    Also, are you assuming that I'm a complete ignorant about BDSM based solely on such a little detail? ._. I would be offended... If I cared enough about your opinion on this matter, offense :)

    1) Carrara 8 pro, affordable suit with modeling, rendering & animation tools. Not the most potent at all but, the alternatives have exaggerated prices.

    2) I didn't tried it. but I don't think that it's a good choice to a first approach, not just because of it's price, but also it's complexity.

  16. She has such an innocents about her that adds to the nasty sexy theme.

    My only gripe is that your models feel like they keep getting skinnier.

    None the less it will be another great set to add to my collection of your art

    Aussie Fan.

  17. Dude, you're doing fine. Keep up the good work. If those critiquing your work were any good, they'd have their own blog. Fuck 'em.

  18. Nice ^^, as always you do good work.

  19. I too prefer a bit more flesh on the bones, but your models and setups are still very appealing.

    Have you attempted underwater scenes? The most obvious setup that comes to mind would be dolphins, but some "horse play" in breast-high water would be interesting, too.

    Happy New Year, btw. ;)

  20. Wow I hope she get gangbanged in the bathroom that dirty girl.

  21. certo che mi piace =P

  22. Thank you for your response, Vaesark.

    I must recognize I was almost sure you had some BDSM knowledge. Experience, I don´t know, but a certain BDSM taste is denoted between lines in your image sets.

    I don´t want to start out a BDSM discussion, this is not the place. The question don´t turn around of what are the key factors in a REAL BDSM relationship (mind, will...) or if sex, external appearance, outfits and paraphernalia render a sub/slave as one. The question arisen is summarized in this paragraph:

    What are you in this blog, Vaesark? A 3D artist. Why? Because you manage a 3D program. And what do you do with that program? You create IMAGE-based characters, situations, sexual encounters, etc. In a 3D image the IMAGE is the key factor. And that´s what I was refering to. Let we see the final set, but up to date what I see is a black cock slut, and not a black Master´s sub.

    We are not talking about real life, Vaesark. We are talking about images, perhaps based upon real facts. But in a picture the key is... the image, the way the girl is presented to match with the rol she has to deal with.

    I hope you can understand me now. Yes, she wears a collar, but I had to check each image out one by one until I could see a small ring denoting that collar as a BDSM one. That´s the only trait showing her as a sub. And an almost invisible one.

    Anyway, I want to write constructive opinions. I have my own tastes (and I never talked you about bloodbaths...) but I never say nothing in that sense and I don´t complain about you work; the artist render and in this occasion your friend choose. And that´s all.

    I´ll spend several weeks gathering the chosen 3D software plus tutorials, videos, etc.(finally 3D Max Studio; for what I have in mind is the best option) but I´ll take it easy and with time, step by step. Thank you for your information, anyway.

    Para acabar, esto prefiero escribirlo en español. Se trata de una petición, pero si decides no hacerlo no pasa nada e incluso lo entiendo, yo no lo haría, jejeje... Se trata de que un OVNI se apodere de la torre de control del Aeropuerto de Barajas, El Prat o el Faro de Vigo, que me da lo mismo, que los marcianos de turno rapten a una controladora aérea de buen ver suponiendo que haya alguna (mira que lo dudo), la violen, la dejen embarazada y en x meses den a luz denuncias por sedición militar de colores diversos y variados. Mola, eh? Jajaja!!! A ver cómo le explicas eso luego a tus seguidores no españoles, me gustaría verlo, jejeje...

    Eh, hum... Greetings. xD

  23. Anon1, well, I like them both, skinny and curvy, but I'm sightly more inclined to the skinny ones, and the fact that most of the 3D artists do ONLY big booty bitches make me even more inclined to the tight skinny bitches woooooooooo! :)

    Blast, thanks, but there's always something to improve. By the way... I love to boy on your profile pic lol

    Mefisto, that has been mentioned time ago and yes, that's something that I would like to try but, not enough time/motivation...

    mike, eer nope, only one dude, but a big one ;)

    Brujo, -__- demasiado cansado para traducir... XD Comprendo tu argumento, ciertamente me limito a insinuar un poco aquí y allí sin llegar nunca a mostrar nada 100% BDSM, esto en parte es intencionado, pues prefiero que cada uno interprete las imágenes como guste. En cualquier caso he leído en numerosos foros/blogs de BDSM discusiones sobre el tema y, seamos honestos, podríamos debatir durante días y no nos pondríamos de acuerdo ni en el color de la mierda, tal como sucede en dichos foros/blogs XD

    ¿Baños de sangre? ahora entiendo por que te gusta el comic de Raúlo Caceres sobre Elizabeth Bathory, aunque personalmente preferí la escena con el lobisome, por razones obvias. Un día haré mi propia versión de Romasanta... a fin de cuentas, casi todas sus víctimas era mujeres y tenía fama de hombre culto y seductor...

    Con respecto a tu petición... LOL Es coña... ¿no?

  24. Nice girl, very petite. But it looks like somebody forgot to flush...

  25. I don't know what it is... I just think image five weirds me out. The other pictures look fine.

  26. Saludos, Vaesark. Demasiado perezoso para traducir... xD. Además son comentarios fuera de tópico que no tienen nada que ver con el carácter tratado aquí.

    Sobre los baños de sangre, vamos a dejarlo, que tampoco importa tanto el tema. En tus imágenes denotas claramente lo que te gusta y lo que no. Te comenté lo del cómic de Cáceres para que vieras un ejemplo del magnífico trabajo final conseguido tras la fusión de un excelente artista gráfico y una historia bien argumentada si querías seguir la línea del cómic “Darkest Desire”. Por cierto, hablando de este cómic y baños de sangre... ¿qué es lo que le ofrece el personaje principal a Mephisto en la pág. 6? Hum, veamos... pone “bloodshed”. T´epillao, jeje. Para una vez que escribes un cómic con texto... O_O

    Mi petición pues claro que es una coña, jaja!! Lo siento, no me pude reprimir. Pero no me negarás que si te lo tomas así te ríes haciéndolo y tus colegas cuando lo vean se descojonarán de risa. Si tuviera tu nivel gráfico todo el tiempo que esta gente me ha hecho perder estando tirado en aviones, aeropuertos y hoteles fuera de España lo habría invertido en dibujar algo como esto:

    Futura presidiaria: Buenos días por decir algo. Al habla la torre de descontrol aéreo de Madrid-Patadas. OVNI posicionado en xyz, estás invadiendo el espacio aéreo español y yo soy la puta ama. No te doy permiso para hacerlo, así que te me piras pero ya.

    Capitán Zapaterus: Saludos, despreciable terrícola. Soy un marcianito cabrito al mando de la nave Gobernor, y en mi planeta estamos hasta los eggs de que nos mandéis vuestras vetustas sondas espaciales, que lo único que hacen es eso, darnos por culo. Os vamos a invadir, exterminaremos a los machos y esclavizaremos a las hembras. Y de paso reorientamos a la opinión pública hacia otras cuestiones, que nuestro gobierno está en horas bajas.

    Futura presidiaria: Oye, pibito, no me des lecciones de esclavizar y manipular, que yo ya tengo esclavizado a mi país. Y eso cansa mucho y es muy estresante, así que deja de tocarme las balls. Además, como mi gente se alíe con los pilotos aéreos y nos de por hacer una huelga a la japonesa, no vais a poder poner tierra en la Tierra ni siquiera en el cielo.

    Capitán Zapaterus: ¿Es que no lo entiendes? ¡¡Vamos a destruir tu planeta!!

    Futura presidiaria: pues te vas a joder, que no te doy permiso para aterrizar. Empieza por Francia, que está aquí al lado.

    Capitán Zapaterus: ¿Cómo? ¿Qúé ha dicho? ¡Sargento Rubalcabus, llame al traductor!

    C3PO, invitado especial de Star Wars: Pipiripi (repetición en Marteniano).

    Capitán Zapaterus: Estos terrícolas aéreos no son famosos en la galaxia por su “habilidad”, ahora entiendo por qué. A ver quién se jode más, que os vamos a invadir desde el aire.

    No me negarás que es una vacilada, Vaesark XDDDD. Antes de meterme en estos fregados empezaré creando teteras y vasitos en el 3D Max. De aquí a 6 meses espero poder empezar a renderizar cosas más concretas.

    Y con esto me despido. Me paso poco por aquí, pero con frecuencia requiero de ti un tiempo, espacio y energías excesivos. Que tus dioses te bendigan y protejan si tienes alguno. El mío, que según el Concilio Vaticano II no existe tras más de 2.000 años de existencia (???) no puede hacer conmigo lo mismo. :(

  27. @Brujo
    Can you write it in English?
    I bet this is very interesting but I dont understand Spanish :-(
    I translated your text by using google translator but its not perfect and I can't get the whole meaning of your statement...

  28. Your art is completely amazing, keep it up! Best wishes for the new year.

  29. Greetings, Sanders. My apologies for writing in Spanish. There were off-topic comments, you don´t miss nothing really interesting under my opinion, except perhaps a very rare conversation (not interesting at all). I decided to write it in Spanish because it was more funny than in English (a very hard Spanish level, I must recognize).

  30. she looks way creepy...

  31. Happy New Year & THANKS for celebrating the holidays w/the new series and character! Superb stuff!

  32. OMG! She is so very sexy! I love all the little details especially her eyes and facial expressions, they really do a intoxicating job of adding to the ambiance of the scene. Awesome work as always darling!