Saturday, November 27, 2010


Now... posting a full set again... kinda feels like if everything was back to normal, well... of course, haters gonna hate and thieves gonna steal but, it's awwwrite, screw them.

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Download: RS


  1. Woo-hooo, return of the jedi

    Awesome set, bro.

    Any chance of making a full set with Elven warrior? She's soo cute.

  2. So nice to see you getting back on the horse Vaesark. Been missing you/your work.

    I really liked your choice of clothing on this one. Those boots are just... hot damn!

    Speaking of horses, I'd really like to see a new girl-with-a-horse set. Pretty please?

  3. Rock on, man! Good to see you back in the saddle.

  4. Anon1, not so soon, I'm already working on other stuff.

    Sam, one of the sets that I'm working on has a "little" horse ;3

  5. wonderful vae !

    thanks !

  6. Congratulations on returning to the business!

    You know, I do not know about what exactly the haters in question, but is always around there is some truth, I met the haters too, not here though, and you will not believe it could be, but their hatred for helping me to improve, and in many ways I am grateful just such people. Sometimes they are biased, but they say what they see, and perhaps something that you do not notice yourself.

  7. Thank you so much for giving this to us! Glad to see you back, and cant wait to hear what you have in store with your website.

  8. It was worth the wait, great work mate, just one question what made you get rid of the password.

    Aussie Fan.

  9. I love all the pics Vaesark, Thanks again for all your stuff ^^



  10. Hitman_X3Z, you know, the ones that can't stand other peoples fetishes and post like:
    "why it has to be always a monster or a fat ugly guy? fuck you sick bastard, you deserve to die" etc. I systematically delete those comments and ignore their emails.
    I doubt that haters really help you improve your work. Constructive criticisms in the other hand is always welcome.

    KGBeast, didn't worked too much on the website lately XD it's not as exciting as rendering beautiful girls :3

    Aussie Fan, that's part of the migration plan, you'll notice that the watermark doesn't include the anymore.

    thx everyone for the comments :3

  11. until you mentioned it I didn't there you go.

    Aussie Fan.

  12. Good to see you back at work! Like the raytrace mirror and shadows! Nice touch. And props on ditching the password. Never quite understood the purpose of that.

  13. Awesome set! Very nice.

    Do you plan on doing some deepthroat in future sets?

  14. Yeah, Vaesark, that's the spirit! Screw the haters/thieves and do what you love. You know we love your buttocks--erm, I mean--your stuff no matter what you do. :P

  15. Great work, like usual! I love your style of female models, and your POV shots are amazing!

  16. Welcome back, commander...

    And a great return to form.

    I wouldn't worry about the complaints over larger monsters and such. Part of the appeal is the grotesque nature of some of the pairings offset by the pure beauty of the women.

    I look forward with anticipation to the 'little' horse as well, but you probably would have guessed that. :P

  17. Thanks for that. Felt like the good old times...


  18. Hey V
    did you forgot to encrypt the password when you archived the set?
    there was no pass prompt when extracting.

  19. Utterly cool set, and yep, its fantastic to see you back in full form! Love the attention to details, the technical goodies you always make time for and of course your skill in the scenes and renders themselves!

  20. now thats what im talkin bout

  21. Greetings Vaesark,

    It’s great to finally see Leela’s set completed and revealed. The work you’ve done in it is incredible. I’m very impressed with your use of the mirror within the setting of your images. The angles were spot on and the reflections were just as astounding as the images they reproduced. As normal, the facial expressions of your model were just fantastic and the lighting was superb, drawing out her feelings of pleasure. A sucker for tattoos and exotic markings, the design around her navel was still just as enjoyable to see as the first time you used it back in CG X with Nina, then with your Boarderlands’ design character Ruby. As always, I’m anxious to see what your next idea is and how you continue to improve with every passing gift you give us.

    “May your work continue to prosper and your flow of creativity never cease.”

  22. Re: haters

    There are certain partners for the girls I prefer over others, but I'd never go so far to criticize because of it. Not every set has to be my dream set. I prefer to pick out what I like and ask for more, rather than putting down what's there. I enjoy a vast majority of the sets anyway, and even some of the ones that weren't to my taste grew on me over time.

    You're a true talent, Vae. Welcome back -- we missed you.

  23. a good set! I personally prefer actual monsters or animals to the traditional ugly humans, but it came out pretty good.

    Still hoping the draenei rape set will eventually pop up. I remember you saying ages back you enjoyed the differences of the single other rape set, and personally I thought it came out great.

    Glad to see you are back at it! =)

  24. haters gonna hate ...

    but for every hater the people here will appreciate your efforts double xD

    Thanks Vaesark

  25. Hi Vaesark
    I just wanted to say that I love your magnificent renders.And I have one suggestion regarding K'rikka if I may...
    She looks like a dryad to me and I was wondering if you could pair her with some animals...
    I thought about a werewolf or ogre but thats up to you what you'll decide ;-)
    And I have one question:
    Are you going to do another Sarah set?
    Please man do so, I just fall in love with her the moment I saw her.(Im not into blondes usually ;-P)
    I hope you can reply to my question :-)
    Regards from Poland,

  26. What about K'rikka getting gangbanged by wolf pack?
    It would be interesting, because you already did werewolves, horses, ogres...

  27. MongoBongo, HV3, surely a lot of people will be glad that I got rid of the password XD ...change! yes, I can too.

    Anon, deepthroats? yeah, I like them, the problem is that the cocks are usually too big to fit in the mouth >_>

    Visis, let's be honest... if you missed something... it was my renders, not me. lol :3

    ciderapple, certainly, I enjoyed it but,'s like girls with long hair, only once in a while.

    Sanders, she's a goblin girl, the original character designer is malcanthet, so she's the one that will decide her partner(s) ...if I ever get to do a full set, of course. About Sarah... I dunno, already started too many stuff and I have to work on the web site too >_> It's gonna be too much work...

  28. WB to this. Thanks.

  29. Well Vaesark, thank you for reply and I hope that K'rikka will get some hardcore set... Since she's a goblin then maybe it would be better if goblins were gangbanging her ;-)

  30. Hmm. First, let me express my gratitude for your great works. I truly appreciate your art, and you are a master at rendering. Make no mistake that I love your work, and I hope to see more of it.

    Now, for your Leela work. Make no mistake, I don't want to be categorized as one of those haters. But I figured I had to say it. Honestly, I thought this was one of your... below average workpiece. Majority of your other characters were much hotter (esp recently), but for some reason, Leela just didn't cut it. I'm sure your other fans will flame me, but I wanted it out in the open w/o beating in the bush. I am truly your fan, so I want to see your work w/ least shortcomings.

    First of all, I thought there were way too many repeats. Sure, the same picture from different angle is good, but having too many of same picture (from different angles) is not. I mean, didn't one of pics have 4 of same shots from different angle? I honestly think there should be less of that (2 good angles are enough imho).

    2nd, I thought Leela's eyes were way too big. To a certain level, they are good. But I thought it was too big in her case. In addition, her eyes were way too sharp. LIke some whore went through a real bad job of plastic surgery. Literally like \_/. That can't be good. Maybe it's her hair that makes her look that way.

    3rd, her skin. I thought they were WAY too white. It's as if she was burned alive, and somehow she managed to cure her skin very well (but you can't see her "burn mark" because her entire body was burned. I mean, even her nipples were too white. I honestly don't see any "hotness" in that. Maybe it's just me.

    I don't mean to be a jackass or some sort of critic, but you did say you'll welcome suggestive criticisms (or something close to that) that may help you improve in the future.

  31. Soooooo hawt. XD

  32. Lovely set. I do agree that her skin seems just a little too white and not enough shading.. but perhaps the milky white look was what was desired.

    As for K'rikka, Worgs are giant evil goblin wolves and she's prone to liking those.. they are intelligent too. Usually goblins ride them into battle... but no on is to say they don't ride their riders every once in awhile.

    THAT being said, I don't mind her being paired with whatever Vaesark likes.. krikka is a frisky horny little thing (goblins breed as fast as rats..) and wouldn't mind any combination of partners.. multiple or singular pairings aside.

  33. @Vaesark or Malcanthet
    So please pair K'rikka with these Worgs if possible.I would love to see some hardcore gangbang with wolf creatures ;-)

  34. As soon as I draw the pic ill post a link, should no one mind. :)

  35. Hello

    What a pleasure to see your new work is really beautiful I still can not get enough ^ ^

    I wish you good courage and good health in this year end


    PS: the Elven warrior is really beautiful ^ ^

  36. It is great seeing you posting again and I think you are dead on with the thought that f**k the people stealing the reposting your stuff for money. We can only hope that karma is truly a bitch for them.

    Thanks again,


  37. Vaesark, do you planning to do in the future some vampire girl character like Rayne from Bloodrayne?
    It would be nice to see such a girl being fucked by giant bat creature :-)
    If you played the game then you know what Im talking about ;-)

  38. H, thats ok, even if I disagree, that's not "hate". The eyes and the skin look exactly as I wanted them to look like. About the angles, well... the alternative would be to release the set with 15 pics or delay it more.

    Malcanthet, waiting for that pic :3 I also think that a worg can be a suitable partner for her.

    edyrn, thanks :3

    Sanders, yeah, thats the kind of girl that I like to see having fun with monsters but, about Vampire games, my all time favorite is "Vampire: the masquerade: Bloodlines" it has a lot of possibilities too... Jeanette, rewarding the bartender of the Asylum, Yukie defeated by the Hengeyokai, Damsel raped by a werewolf.... aw fuck, I'll have to replay it one more time XD

  39. @Vaesark
    Yeah, that was a great game :-)

  40. Great your back!
    And btw, will the lovely Moon Lady Lafianna return? She's the cutest...

  41. Anon, I don't plan to bring back Lafianna for the moment... but I can change my mind any time... I wasn't going to do a set with the elven warrior so soon and it is most likely to be the next one...

  42. Thx for the reply, although I'm sad now... :(
    Hope you change your mind then. ;)
    Keep up the nice work! :D

  43. So glad you're back with us, Vaesark. Your work is fantastic. The horse here looks absolutely enormous compared to the girl... which isn't a bad thing. >:D

    Any chance of you doing that Draenei girl after all? I adored those couple teaser pics you did. Even another single shot of her would seriously make my day.

    Anyway, welcome back! :D

  44. Alright, full set! And what a hot one it is too! I'm very glad you chose to ignore the haters and thieves, Vaesark. After all, they are sad, pathetic little beings, and your fans still love your work. I know I do.

  45. HiddenOne, perhaps, I still have done a preliminary version of her on C8 but wasn't completely satisfied. Keep reminding me about her and, eventually, I'll do it.

  46. Love this one..Damn hot..
    Would u do another set of her again?