Monday, November 1, 2010

Two years!

Time flies... It looks like it was yesterday when I started the blog, I've never expected it to go this far: PC issues, trolls & /b/tards, pay-sites stealing stuff... and still, this keeps on rolling... thanks to support given by true fans ;)

It seems that the time has come to some serious changes. The most important: I'll be moving this blog and all the stuff to my own site as soon as it is finished. About the other changes... you'll know soon enough :3


  1. Well, what can I say ?!

    You were the first 3D-Artist that really interested me, and still I haven't given up hope, to see my dream gal HERMIONE in action some day soon.

    Hope you'll think of a solution, where the fans can still easily access your work.

    Keep up the GOOD work, anyway.

    Cheers, Jess

  2. I look forward to the changes Vaesark. Happy Two Years man, you rule.

  3. Just like jcd, you were the one who got me into hit man, zzomp, all of those guys, and you are definitely the best. Thats why I would be so disappointed if you quit, i've been watching your stuff since your fifth post, so please don't stop now!

  4. Congratulations. It's good to see you're not giving up and letting thieves and haters win.

  5. Woohoo! Thanks for this two long years - piece of amazing work! It's good to know that you want to stay with us. =)

  6. As above, you were my first, and arguably one of the best 3D artists in this specialized community. You got me hooked on the stuff and I would have never have known about all the other artists if it wasn't for you. I shall follow your work wherever you decide to take it.

    Thanks for not giving up!

  7. Congradulations on the 2 years!!! I'm overjoyed to see you still posting and I can't wait to see what you have instore for the coming year :D

    I hope you are well and keep up the great work!


  8. Congratulatios for this two years ! ^^



  9. Congrats on your 2 years.
    JCD and I will have to share Hermione ;)

  10. True Fan #2603


    Glad to see you still alive, been collecting your amazing art since I first found it way back when.
    Hope to see more.

  11. Congrats, Vaesark! We're glad you're perservering! Looking forward to more!

  12. Congrats on 2 years! It's great to hear you're starting your own site. Can't wait to see it!

  13. Hello, Vaesark. Greetings and congratulations from your own country :)

    Glad to see you hitting the road again. I can see you deleted the infamous posts "Dejá vu" and "165". That´s clearly a turning point and a statement of intent. Looking forward recent news from you.

    Please, let me/us know what will you do in the future or what do you have on mind.

    And remember: I offered you my help if you want to be more dark (even). Think on this: The "Demiurge" against The Creator of the Universe (Neoplatonic ideas), Satan versus Lucifer (before the fall), demons (male) against angels (female), women (witches) vs men (wizards), Nephilim (orcs) versus elves, plus succubus, incubus, spirits... and so on, fighting in the air and on the Earth, the Heaven, the Hell... for the world domination or trying to save the Humanity. If you are interested let me know sending me a reply to my email. It´s my nickname here as wrote. A Hotmail account.

    Nothing more. Have a fine day.

    From the sunny Madrid to the less sunny Vigo :)

  14. Well done mate (Raises a beer) and here's to another two.


    Aussie Fan.

  15. Vaesark tambien fue el primer artista que conocí, por internet, aprecio mucho su trabajo.

    Larga vida a Vaesark

  16. Jess, ...someday, never give up hope ;D

    Crazymaniscrazy, well... >_> I'm sure that not all of them will be popular.

    MDTDD, ...I was wondering... MDTDD stands for?

    HV3, #2603? how do you know? lol

    Seba, I saw that you finally included some creatures on your renders :P cool

    Nadia, Ali, Avo, hey gracias, un placer teneros por aquí ;)

    Brujo, lo tendré en cuenta, aunque en realidad suelo evitar escenas violentas o donde las chicas sufran... a mí me gusta verlas disfrutar... sirviendo de juguetes sexuales a sus amos.. hehe

    Thanks everyone for the comments and support :3

  17. 2 years? I've been stalking you for far longer than that. :P

    Congrats on the run so far, and good luck with the new site. Please feel free to poke me if you need any assistance. :)

  18. hi
    good to hear from you again.

    hope i get to see your work soon.

    fan from india

  19. Hello Vaesark. Thanks for your reply, and specially for answering me in your own idiom. xDDDDD

    War is violent by nature, but there is no need to develop bloodbaths, battles, etc. My idea is only a background, a context for a further development of the facts, the characters, the sets of pictures, etc. Anyway, in a world so filled with magic and magical creatures (witches, wizards, angels, demons, elves...) the battles would be magical and spiritual fights where the key factors are the mind, the energy. Brute or physical force has little to do in such a combats. And all of them, as the bad films, based upon "real facts", eh hummmm, well... if we can consider the JudeoChristian bible a "real fact", hehehe... (Genesis 1:6)

    My idea is something similar to your "Darkest Desire" comic. But the summoning of Mephisto(pheles) is rather... poor. :( Behind the creature there is a way to proceed, a legend and even a myth (Faust´s legend), a summoning rite, a sigil, etc.

    There is a Spanish artist called Raulo Cáceres. He created a 2D comic called "ELIZABETH BATHORY". A very well researched comic on the esoteric part. Web page in Spanish:

    Just ideas.


  20. Good luck with the new site.

    If you need any help constructing it, let me know. I'm no programmer, but I've picked up a lot in setting up my own site.

    I would also recommend checking out ZenPhoto, once you theme it it's a really great option for artists.

    - Nightshade

  21. I don't say much, but was one of the first here, and followed you on BF before that. So once your new site is open, I'll be there. Thanks for the years, and I am glad you will continue doing what we all love.

  22. Way to go Vaesark. I've only known your work for a couple of months or so, but it is, without question, the best 3D art I've seen so far. Please don't let the trolls win, and keep making those great pics. And about those fucking thieves: just laugh and shake your head in dismay at anyone stupid and moronic enough to pay for free stuff!

    Respectfully, an anonymous fan. (because he's too lazy to have a Google account)

  23. thanks for the 2 years

  24. I cant wait to see the new site, and you're new works when you start making them again. I'll always chase after you and your art, hon.


  25. horsemount, yeah... like 4 years o.O

    Brujo, ou en français si vous préférez. The idea that you suggest requires too much time... and I'm already busy with the new site and many other projects. I rather stay with smaller and simpler projects for now.

    K'rikka... I recently re-made your character on C8 and I'm rather satisfied with the results, I'll upload some renders of her along with a new small set that I'm working on...

    That new girl is a elven warrior, blue eyes, long blond hair, curvy shape... :3

  26. Can't wait to see what your new site is all about %-)