Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Elven warrior

This is one of my latest characters. I haven't planned anything for her yet... and she doesn't have a name neither.
Also... I'm working on the new version of k'rikka, it was already finished but I decided to do some improvements :3

A couple of wallpapers:




  1. I like how soft and clean her hair and face models turned out.
    Not so crazy about the leg armor, but everything else blends together very well.

  2. Hi.

    Yes, the good ole smooth V-style is recognizable, indeed.

    Thanks for that.

    And a name?! Maybe Bianca, Blanche, Blanka or even Fiona, due to her rather WHITE appearance.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Cheers, Jess

    PS Simply LOVE the LONG hair.

    PPS As a counterpart to her somewhat innocent looks, she needs a hairy and/or scaly monster-mate. I have a weakness for dragons and werewolfes.

  3. Fantastic work, hands down - I have to admit, I think it's one of the best I've ever seen.

    Glad to see you're doing stuff again, keep up the good work and don't let all the idiots out there get under your skin - I have seen a lot of work out there and you are top tier.

    Two thumbs up *nod*

  4. woooooooooooooooooooooooo THIS IS REALLY CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!! I vote for a white horse for her!!!! keep going with your awesome works! and many tnx!!

  5. ¿Vaesark esta de vuelta?


  6. Hello, Vaesark. Another incredible beauty made by you. Unfortunately you are not God: real women would be... unreal :)

    P.D. Sprechen deutsch? xD

  7. I like her hair. Her torso in that last pic looks a little off, but this is a fine job. Good to see you working again!

  8. Amazing!!!!!! she is beautiful! Thank you soooooo much for the resume of your posting, you don't even know how happy I am!

  9. Me encanta Vaesark !

    El cabello esta super logrado, creo que es lo que mas me gusta de ella ^^

    Sobre el nombre... me gustan los que ha propuesto JCD, aunque le sumare Kendra ^^

    Besos y gracias por estas nuevas creaciones ^^



    I love her Vaesark!

    Her hair is great, I think is the best ^^

    The name... I like that proposed JCD but I propose Kendra.

    Kisses and Than you so much for this new stuff.


  10. Honestly, I like the light in Nelena, and background too, it was not as blurred.

    I really like your first picture, from which you started. They had their own atmosphere, and very harmonious lighting. Thereafter, you began to make them brighter and brighter, I do not know, maybe the backlight in your monitor severely degraded?

  11. MOA, now that you mention it... I agree, the legs look a little bit overloaded with metal >_>

    Jess, I like Fiona, because of it's Gaelic origin mostly :b About her possible companion... I haven't decided anything yet but.. It may be a scaly creature, not necessarily a dragon...

    Asura, the white unicorn is reserved for Eve, ...once I get into that of course (not any time soon I'm afraid)

    Avo, ¿Es que había alguna duda? ;3

    Brujo, INFIEL!
    por otra parte... Nein! pero falo galelgo se o prefires :3

    horsemount, well, but yours are real, so I can squeeze them, hypothetically speaking... :b

    Nadia, me gusta el nombre que propones, aunque tambien me gusta Fiona, de los propuestos por Jess, aunque para una guerrera kendra suena más fuerte... hmn tendré que pensarlo.

    Hitman_X3Z, it looked less blurred because it was over bumped, the textures are a too small compared to the size of the building and I'm too lazy to re-size them and give them more definition XD
    About the brightness... the scene lighting and postwork values are the same o.O

  12. gorgeus, maybe a bit to slim(thin) but still wonderfull :P

  13. You want her to mate w/ scaly being? Then how about an oversized merman? Not the merman from "The Little Mermaid", but I'm talking about the merman from Castlevania type of creature. It'll have to be big though.

    And of course, no raping. Only consensual intercourse.

  14. Great as always! I'm glad you're back.

    A couple of ideas for her name: Deirdre, Lvella. Or you can take something from Quenya))

    Like these:

    Lérië(Freedom), Amaldië(Gentle), Mirimë(Free), Elvëa(Starlike).

    P.S. Hello from Russia =)

  15. Love her, its great to see you rendering again. :D

  16. Wow, she's freaking gorgeous. I absolutely love the long hair. Her with a dragon would be incredible. Although I do hope you haven't given up on the dranaei and new Eve/unicorn sets quite yet. =)

    Good to see you back in action again, Vae.

  17. Oh my, this woman...! She's so gorgeous! Her eyes, her hair, her facial features and her.. remarkably large breasts for your persuasion of art! I think she's marvelous, and the platemail boots are a nice touch. Her hair is quite long, but I absolutely love the tangly, wild nature of it (which would look fantastic even short, I love the tangly, wavy haired look). Here eyes are not as intense as Siari's, whom will always remain a favorite.

    Maybe she's a Paladin, and would do well with a griffon mount... MOUNT. One does have to service their 'steed' after all.. keep them in top shape! Griffons are quite intelligent too if you catch my drift. *wink*

    And what was this? You had another picture of K'rikka? I'm overjoyed to hear it. I cannot wait. It's good to see your renders again Vae.

  18. Adore the new character! She's utterly charming and those boots, damn -- just fantastic!

  19. hi man

    good to see you back in action.the elf is sexy. look forward to seeing your future works. thanks for the comeback. we missed you.

    a fan from india

  20. Yo Vaes,

    Nice to see more than one pic ;).

    I love the detail and the lighting. I can't wait to see what you have in store for her, and even if you don't do more, we are happy you are still doing something :).

  21. :o I just noticed she's got super long toes. they almost look prehensile.

  22. Looks so great! I am so happy that there is new artwork of you out there :D

  23. droool, miss when u put them with some less humanoid like beast, plz put her with some....

  24. hi why not try with futanari? :P

    greetings and welcome back

  25. Nice that ya back.

    Like the way her eyes shine through the hair and how delicate her skin looks.
    The leg armor may seem to be a bit much but then again she looks fragile, she needs heavy armor for protection.

    Btw, how did you like the written story about "Darkest Desire"? Hope it wasen't too hardcore.

  26. A little bit broader hips and legs would be nice. From a frontal view, her arms look almost as broad as her legs. Still nice though

  27. It's like nostalgia look at his set, that the same background as Sophia right, great work man.

    Aussie Fan.

  28. I would name her Vedrana! She is beautiful by the way.

  29. Do you make a new set with a monster? Please, do it!

  30. Wow I really can't wait to see her in action ,

  31. wow i cant wait to see her sets... she s a real beauty. would like to see her fuck an orc tribe :)

  32. Awesome model.. I love the wallpaper - the pose and her smile is simply amazing. I am not too fond of the other renderings of this elven warrior, but the wallpapers are really epic.
    I'd wish you made a series with her too :).
    Thank you very much for making this :D.