Monday, June 14, 2010

Siari's tale (part 2)

This set took me longer than usual, but I think that there are some nice poses and good shoots. Enjoy, it's an order!

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Download: RS


  1. Holy shit this is so awesome OO!! I voting for more dragon stuff in future ^^

  2. I think it's one of your best works.
    Thank you very much!!! And yes, I really enjoyed it as ordered XD

    Really loved the expressions, the belly expansion caused the massive cock in her... man, I love the fact we have the same perverted toughts XD

  3. Wow, so she was able to take in all that. About the last picture, is it just shit load of dragon sperm in there, or did she get preg? (after repeated copulation for x months that we didn't see)

    I loved the tongue parts. And she looked very satisfied.

    I shall jack off well tonight.

  4. WOW. That was worth waiting oO Can't believe, what genius you are Mr. V. Congratz!

  5. Nice job! Really love the expressions in this set. Very well done!

    Have you considered upping the bump levels on the textures? Would make the dragon skin look fantastic.

  6. Wow, very nice. She's a realy cutie. Love the bulge. =)

  7. I never thought I'd say this... I think the dragon's dick is too big. lol

    I love the set, though I'm torn. I prefer the 'balls deep' penetration of the ogre in the first half of the set, but I prefer the sexual positions of the girl and the dragon in the second half.

    Either way, they're both awesome. I love the belly bulging a lot.

  8. I liked how she was completely naked to begin with. I know some people get turned on by the "stripping" part, but me, I like girls completely naked to begin with.

    If she keeps taking things too big for her, her pussy's gonna rip sooner or later. Troll was already too big to begin with. Now, a freaking Grand Dragon. Looks like she loves it though (and apparently, very happy to be impregnated by the dragon).

    This whole belly bulge reminds me of Black Lilith stuff.

  9. Oh! thank u! i really tired of trolls and that dragon is really cool, hopefully ur next sex monster will be a scorpion or bee or smth ;)

  10. I have one huge favor to ask of you. Could you do a Siari's picture for that last pic, but w/o being preg? (same pose, but her left hand is on the ground behind/besides her, just like her right hand) I think she'll look REALLY sexy like that.

    I'm putting together a group of pictures of hot naked girls who aren't having sex, and if I can get that one picture, it'll definitely be my #1 pic. I'm not kidding.

  11. @Vaesark

    I think was wrong to leave heroine naked from outset. Process of gradual, partial exposure is no less erotical and exciting than sexual act itself. This adds excitement, passion and the anticipation of further developments. As it was, example, in black guardian set.

    However, this is only my humble
    opinion. In general, set turned out interesting.

    Kind regards, Jul

  12. As expected, this is a truly amazing set... and quite a technical achievement making a female elf breeding with a dragon without having the penetration looking odd.

    I hope we'll see more sets like this one in the future. Thanks for sharing it!

  13. The penis size is fine, but isn't the shape somewhat irregular?

  14. More drow please :)

  15. @H

    I don't think she is pregnant. That is simply the conclusion of too much dragon sperm in her, imho

  16. @Asura

    Why not? Precedent was in Interspecies set. It was truly unique, impressive and eerie sight, leaving a strong emotional vibrations and ambiguous impression.

  17. Anon, don't worry dragons are some of my fav creatures, there will always be more ;)

    Asura, I'm glad that you liked it :3 I also think that most of the ppl that visits the blog regularly also likes huge things inside tiny elf girls.

    H, yup, she's not really pregnant yet, she was just filled with dragon love... maybe she'll lay some eggs later :b
    I do like the stripping part, but this was supposed to happen just after the troll leaves. Also, I fukken love all that Black Lilith produces, both games and hentai movies.
    And here's your pic: *Siari*

    HYP82, I'm no genius, just crazy enough to look like one :b

    MongoBongo, I've already done that, but it's not so evident unless I took closer up shots :/ Thanks for the tip anyway :3

    Visis, yup, I love them too :b

    NovusAnimus, lol if the dragon puts all that inside her, the tip would be coming out of her mouth XD And thats a little bit too much, even for me lol

    Tony, the next monster would probably be a Minotaur... for the Draenei. But some other creatures may abuse her too :3

    Jul, actually I do love the stripping part but, as explained to H, this was supposed to happen after the troll leaves her, naked on the floor, craving for more...

    fullytank, yeah, posing the dragon in a position that looks... comfortable for his tiny partner and that looks hot at the same time is actually harder than it looks, for me at least. And... there will always be more :3

    Pandemonium, well... I don't really know, to be honest, I've never meet a dragon before, do you know of any that would let me take a look and some notes from his penis?

    Anon, I think that I already give enough attention to the Drows and dark elven girls (they are my favorite females after all). More would be too much...

  18. Well, a very nice set once again, good job ! Still I like the part 1 a lil' better. What you did with the dragon and the nice poses is just great, her facial expressions are once again stunning. Though I am not much into the pregnancy (or bein' full of "love") thing. The facial scene with the troll could not be replaced in my favorite ending. Maybe if we could see her unload that dragon's juice that would earn more sexy points. I don't know, for some reason I can only say "the end" when I see some goo ! What would be too hot, is maybe a couple of scenes after the dragon filled her, where Siari's could be lickin' off whatever dripping leftover lovejuice from the dragon's cock. Add this and I think I'd love dragon's part better than Troll's.
    Well keep on, this set is great anyway, Siari is definetly one of my favorite. She can handle dragons like a pro !

  19. Once again a great set.
    Especially liked her facial expression when she gets filled up in pic 51. But if she´s so filled up, as seen in the last pic...shouldn´t there be at least a bit of cum be dripping out? (just my 2 cent)

    Anyway, already looking forward to the Draenai/Minotaur :)

  20. Definitely loved the tongue action, especially in pics 33 and 34.

    And the expressions she has, when she "gets it" in 42 and 51 are just divine.

    Kinda feel bad for the dragon though, since he can't fit the whole thing inside her, haha.

    Have you desided yet which girl you're doing next? You mentioned the draenei.

  21. Yeah, crazy is the right description for people, like us :D

    Especially the way Siari loves to be abused in any way the creatures like her to. For some reason it was a little bit funny for me to see her wondering while he shots his juices into her. It seems she didn't reckon the amount of such a big Thingy hihi

  22. Marvelous. I loved watching her cum on his tongue.

    Still working on finding time to draw more... will post when I get them uploaded!

  23. markosorius, I don't plan to continue the Siari's tale so soon but, if I ever do more, I'll considerate your suggestions :3

    Barjel, hmnn... true, my bad >_>

    Sam, yup, the next full set will probably be about the Draenei.

    HYP82, well, it was a huge load you know ;)

    Malcanthet, what girl could resist such dedicated attentions? :3
    Can't wait to see more of your K'rikka :9

  24. Mmmm, epicness. :D

    I love this set. I'm jealous of her, bigtime. :|

    Perfect ending too!

  25. Mmmmm super yummy set ^^. I love her! She is so cute and, ugh! Deff almost my fav girl : p. hehe. The whole thing was super sexy, something to think about you know? I totally wish I had a dragon pet haha.everyone focuses on the sex but obviously the dragon must be lonely lots, rushing into sex like that. Poor baby :'l. He needs more friends *giggles*.

  26. I've always liked your work, but I keep finding it odd how these small girls can take dicks wider than their necks without some kind of injury.

  27. @Anon
    It wouldn't be very sexy if the girls were in horrible pain? It's fantasy, there are ogres and trolls and dragons, why not girls who can take massive cock?

  28. @Novus. Nice comparison. It's obvious that there have to be girls, which can take huge cocks ;)

  29. This model is really cute.
    Good job. ^^

  30. I thank you for that picture. Seriously, you're awesome.

  31. I love it! Thanks, man!

  32. Oh yeah! I love it :)

    The tongue foreplay was very sexy and Siara looks splendid. Especially when his mouth almost encloses her pelvis as he inserts his tongue. I just love dragon-on-woman!

    As always, great work on the expressions and positions. Typical Vaesark quality ;)

    What I really missed was the obligatory kissing scene at the beginning. It looked so sweet and hot when your old black dragon was kissing the thief.

    The new dragon is also quite well-hung. Wouldn't mind a size or two smaller, but as long as the girl's arousal and climax (and her eventual "filling" :P) are the story's focus I like it. Having downloaded every single set so far I believe we share that taste!

    I don't believe I will ever get enough of seeing dragons making out with girls...

  33. Hola Vaesark, una consulta hay alguna manera de poder trabajar con los modelos sin necesidad de pagar por ellos no me malinterpretes no me refiero a usar material ilegal, sino, a que ¿hay que pagar por un permiso para poder hacer p0rn sin tener algun problema a futuro?, ya que la verdad ahora estoy corto de $$$


  34. Avo, depende... si lo haces para uso privado y no publicas nada, entonces nadie te pondrá ninguna pega, si publicas sin tener los derechos de uso de los modelos pueden exigirte que borres todo el material. Si haces uso comercial de los renders sin tener los derechos entoces puede haber prolemas más serios. Dependerá de ti :/

  35. ah carambas, bueno hacer uso comercial yo lo dudo, ya que lo que me deseo hacer es publicar como lo haces tú y los demás artistas 3D, pero ahora estoy muy ajustado y no se nada de pagos por Internet. Esto si que será una gran traba.

  36. Haven't commented here for a long while but I have to say this dragon set is truly the best you've done so far. Well done indeed...

  37. man i just paied 35 bucks to see what i now know was your chick with the two unicorns,and whats worse other then the sample pics there wasnt any thing of that set ><,but at leasti found this sight,nowi just gota figure out how to get them pics.btw theres another sethere called the stalillion it seems to haveonly 4 pics is there any more?

  38. Well I just find ur blog and I got to say, ur artwork is just FKING AMAZING!! It puts other render sites to shame. Hope you have the inspiration to continue! :)

  39. Siari is my absolute favorite of your characters
    Hope to see more of her in the future :)

  40. is there a reason i need a password to download this file? im using RP and all the files are locked... anyone have this happen to?

  41. i like this gallery, along with others with preg/inflation in them should do more with it.also does he do videos with them because another person with very similar work does.

  42. Thx for the great set,and another thx for the sweet extra picture made after H's suggestion!
    Since i dont like the 'bulge'-thing myself,i perfer this 'ending'.;)
    Originally i wanted to ask you to include it in the set-but on the other hand,maybe bonuses like these might be a reason for more people to comment...;)

  43. Only plight is dragon cock doesnt look very "dragon cock" like IMO.

    Still very awesome!

  44. Can't open the files when DL'ed says I need a password?

  45. This open and the ones before this one, the links are dead :( Could you re-upload these files please ;)