Monday, June 21, 2010


This is my first character rendered on Carrara 8. I still learning about most of its features, I didn't even finished reading the manual, so there should be improvements as I get used to the new tools and possibilities.
Still, I'll probably do nothing at the moment, I'm not in the mood nor motivated at all. I know that this sucks for those who were waiting for the Draenei set but, I just feel like nothing is worth the effort at the moment. We'll see in a couple of days (or not).

The character's name is Lua (that's Moon in Galician)




  1. Omg! Loved the new render. The lightning looks awesome. Definetly looking forward to see what you can do with your the program.

    BTW, just out of curiosity, will the Draenei set be done with the new software?

  2. The image quality looks better. And no worries, sometimes I feel like that too. Take a break if you need it.

  3. shit, i'd much rather have her than the draeni, can you make a set? 0.0

  4. wow, a very tasty bird if i don't say myself. Looks a bit like a girl from a comic book my roomate used to read. Cant remember the name though.

  5. Hmm her suit, eyes and boobz are nicely detailed. Keep on that
    PS: can't wait to see some elf in this carara

  6. Great pic! Love that look with the purple/blue hair and pale skin. Been working on a similar character myself.

    As for pumping out more stuff. Definitely take a break if you aren't in the mood. Art is a hobby not a job. We all love your work, but I think we'd all prefer quality stuff done by happy Vaesark, rather than rushed crap by a burnt-out Vaesark.

  7. There is one dilemma. Carrara, Cinema 4D, 3DS Max, Vue, Cinema 4D, no difference in what way do render, but you do export from Poser, Daz Studio, and every time you have to alter material for the local render ...

    The exception of course of 3DS Max with vRay, you have to change only the skin Vicky, and the scenes, other material is for him very much.

  8. @Vaesark

    Interesting exemplar. Despite my skepticism about the works of sci-fi, this character is definitely looks tempting. Hopefully an interesting story with her participation is part of your long-term plans.

    I also wanted to ask about the fate of the Nymphs? Can we expect contemplate continuation of this fascinating story?

    Regarding state of apathy, this sometimes happens with everyone. Take break. In summer much more pleasant breath of fresh air and bask in sun on beach than sitting in a dusty, stuffy room on computer. And your girl, sure, in turn, will make so that you would not have experienced lack of inspiration and innovative ideas in new work *^_^*

    Kind regards, Jul

  9. Oooh, shiny. Looks good.
    It's a bummer that you're not motivated right now.
    Hope you get your mojo back after a good break.

  10. Anon1, I don't know, maybe I can give it a try and see how it looks.

    Pandemonium, yah, perhaps thats what I need ._.

    themagicwomat, probably yes, ...when I feel like doing it.

    Ziggy, Lua was meant to be an elf in the beginning, I even did a render of her with pointy ears, I may upload it later if there's people interested.

    MongoBongo, thats true... quality is often related to the mood that I have when I'm working on something.

    Hitman X3Z, cinema 4D - $595, 3Ds Max - $3,990.
    ...I'm not poor, but I cannot afford such prices.
    Yeah, I know that I could just download it from some sharing site, but I like to keep it legit, same for the models and other stuff.

    Jul, about the continuation of the story of Ila the nymph... not at the moment, but it's the same for all the other stories: Darkest Desire, Inala...
    well, thanks for the cheers.

    Sam, don't worry, it's not the first time that happens and it won't be the last but, somehow, I always overcome it.

  11. Wow, this program seems to add wondrous effect to your art, the skin texture on her boobs sent shiver down my spine, and her hair, just magnificent !
    It's sad to hear you're feeling so down, but I can understand, I was way down in the bottom of my mood level for the past 3weeks lately so... I totally understand and wish you better times to come, just take it easy man. We all need our times of darkness, and usually, the artistic minded people come out of theses with a new wave of creativity. Well that's my case, I'm a zero when it comes to images but I'm a musician, so I can only hope you get the same effect and come back with the wave soon.
    Take care.

  12. wouaa really very impressive
    promises for later ^ ^

    Good luck and good continuation


  13. me encanta el resultado con éste nuevo software que usas, ojalá apañes práctica pronto, no puedo esperar para ver los nuevos torsos descubiertos jeje, especialmente con la bella lua, ñom ñom

  14. I love the hair, but I guess it was obvious that I would really, eh? :P

    Sorry to hear about the creative slump. I'm sure it will come back eventually. The important thing is to not force it. :)

  15. @ Vaesark

    It was just an example! I wanted to say that wherever you are not doing the final render, the volume of work will be the same. So Carrara is a great choice!

    I remember the X-Per a lot of their girls renders it in Carrara -

  16. What's wrong with her elbow?

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  19. I wish your next one would be the asari from Mass Effect.
    I admit this is mainly an egoist wish of mine, but I also sincerely think if you lost interest, doing this character and especially the setting (high tech interior or strange planet landscape with red earth and 2 blue moons, or something...) would maybe be a nice change from the fantasy setting. Also the monster(s) she could fuck could also be very surprising. Maybe even humans lol. Anyway good luck and take your time. I prefer waiting for good stuff than getting mediocre art every day. Until now you never disapointed me.

  20. This new software looks fantastic, it takes the detail to a whole new level!
    I agree with you, keeping things legit is for the best. I'm just excited by it all, with you at the controls of this software, well, who knows where it could go!
    I agree with the others, take a break and relax, and wait until you really want to render.
    As always, thanks!

    P.s. Loved Siari's second set, particularly images 34 and 51.

  21. amazing work as normal, just seems to improve and improve. i found someone elses work as well that resembles your older style of work, still pretty good stuff, i wondered if anyone knew the artist. here is a page of some of his/her work.

    any ideas?

  22. You already know how I feel about Carrara. ;)

    Nice render, I like it a lot.

    Sorry you're feeling down. I'm occasionally on MSN if you want to talk. :P

  23. Why is her skin looks like paper (especially on breasts)?

  24. finaly got myself a account too =P
    always loved your art
    and i never become disapointed at the new samples =P
    sad to see you down again
    but life is like a rollercoaster =P
    take some time off relax and enjoy yourself
    and if you ever need to talk you know we are all here to lisen "pet"
    and offcourse thanks for all the great art so far :D