Friday, May 5, 2017

The Nymph


  1. V -

    She's awesome! Love her slender frame.

    Bought it right away. Would buy anything with such a tiny nymph. She's the smaller sister to some of the others!

    A few thoughts for your future consideration:

    The best part about a dog seemed missing here. No mounting. Or knotting. Both would be awesome. Her sitting cowgirl is, of course, not a natural canine position, and in 10 and 11 there wasn't much to see.

    Knotting with the dog pulling then away, driving her crazy and showing a tight knot in her lower stomach and mid-stomach . . . would be full bore.

    Great job on the apes. It seemed you had a lot going on and . . . just an impression . . . the scenes were a bit rushed. I wonder if, had there been one fewer animal, you could have done more interesting scenes with her.

    On a purely personal level, donkey doesn't quite do it. Not a sexy animal. Horse, sure. Centaur, better still. Dragon, why not?

    Want to end on the real note: Awesome nymph and work!

    1. It's a common problem when using multiple partners, you can't do everything with every single one of them, sacrifices must be made.

      Also, y u no like donkey? they fun and horny af

    2. "It's a common problem when using multiple partners, you can't do everything with every single one of them, sacrifices must be made."

      : )

      No worries. Perhaps, if it gives you more artistic room, save one of the extras for a following set. We're happy either way.

      "Also, y u no like donkey? they fun and horny af"

      No doubt. But, sorry, not for me at least. Not sure. Perhaps it's too much Shrek.

  2. Gotta admit, I wasn't overly excited at first. She has beautiful eyes and a pretty face but her boobs were really small. What pulled it through for me was her facial expressions and her beautiful pregnant belly. You did an amazing job with that. I also loved how her boobs got bigger with her belly.

  3. Picture 58 is absolutely awesome for me!

    1. missionary donkey fuck, a classic :D

  4. Scot & All -

    I used to be a big-boob man, but now love 'em small and tight. Not sure why that change occurred. So, this was for me not a problem at all. : )

    The oft-discussed multiple-girl approach will generally solve this, but I propose that we support V with all manner & variety, given we each have our own tastes. If even one out of two is worthy, that's a fine vintage. And I would actually prefer the occasional massive mammaries (which I don't care for but many do) . . . rather than having all of the same cookie-cutter (even if nominally perfect) B-C-D type. Live for the AA-A-Bs, while others salivate waiting for the D-DD-DDD+s.

    I had a slightly different issues with her breasts. Their flatness was awesome (the key being pertness); the areaola might have been a tiny bit darker, rounder, and more pronounced.

    I agree completely that 58 and the last scenes were great.

    1. "the areaola might have been a tiny bit darker"

      problem is... I really like the pink colored ones so, unless the girl is dark skinned I usually go with that >_<

      I can't help myself with some things.

    2. V -

      Actually, I also like pink areola (among others). If not a slightly darker shade, maybe it's that they could have been a tiny bit wider and rounder?