Friday, December 23, 2016

The Ice Princess

The Ice Prince takes the ice troll as her mate, he has a peculiar quality, his cock enlarges every time he cums (only goes back to normal when he's sleeping). This allows for some deepthroating and progressively bigger penetrations... for her enjoyment (and yours).

Have fun, fuck, fap and pray to Cthulhu or whatever you guys do for funsies these days.      


  1. The shape of his dick scares me.

  2. It shhould have been ice giant, not troll.
    Anyway, thanks for the set.

  3. Vaesark, man this set is amazing! I love that you added her having pregnant sex. That's a huge turn on. Keep up the awesome work!

  4. I never understood the whole deepthroat thing. Seems dangerous, to the point it is kinda turn off. And preg sex is a bit... I don't know. Although the girl getting preg is an awesome ending (really feels like a happy ending when she's preg and smiling). But having sex while preg is... just no.