Saturday, October 22, 2016


As you'll notice, all 4 sample pics don't show too much and don't show anything beyond the first part of the set, I did this on purpose, I don't want to spoil too much. If there's anything you want to know about the set, just ask.


  1. So, breast expansion and demon girl? This is gonna be fun...

    1. V -

      Personal opinion: Love her face. Love her small breasts and frame. Not a huge fan of the breast inflation. The middle-large ones okay; huge ones not my thing. Personal taste, so no biggie that others like that.

      Lady in Red is wonderful. Also beautiful. Great body. As to her, 22 and 30 are awesome. Could spend much more time with her. [Mouth-impalement of blond girl in 22 a bit of a turn-off, really.]

      Monsters good. Excellent in scene 22 with monsters' height. But flabbiness and cocks a bit odd. One reason the height was great was that you could cut out their faces. Excellent! Monsters are props.

      The backdrop was a bit too dark and too red. Seems to be a problem with the dark-themed scenes where it's hard to get sufficient contrast to see the girls in full relief and dimension. Perhaps pull back on the same hues/darkness level by ten percent. Maybe, here, make the background bluish or purplish, or lighter with a bit less of the glare effect, setting off the lovely red. Then, looking at scene 16, the contrast seems to lose the 3-dimensionality. Could be my eyes.

      Love the pregnant scene. Absolutely love, love the small-pregnant scene (also frame 16).

      When you do pregnancy, it would be great to do 2-3, from 4 month equivalent to 7 month equivalent and then to super-pregnant if you like. Slightly pregnant on a small frame, the best. You can get the same whether it's impregnation of just cum expansion. (Again, modest better than extreme, or have two scenes, one for each taste.) Keyla is a good example of excellent expansion.

      Along with this, much, much prefer the modest cock inflation, which Fallen has (scene 49), rather that they hyper-inflation. This seems to go back to some of your great work (Lilith and the Wizard comes to mind).

      If you like the hyper-stuff, perhaps a handful with the modest kind (showing bulge but reasonably within biological limits).

      Monsters were good but not really into the flabby, and didn't much care for their "equipment." A good sturdy cock does the trick, and huge balls are the way to convey massiveness.

      I did buy this one. Again, a great, great two models. They were the reason.

      Thank you, sir!

    2. The will always be variety concerning breast sizes, so don't worry about that.

      I use the monsters to contrast with the girls, so you probably noticed that they are not really attractive by any common standard lol

      The contrast was between Linneth and both the scenery and the monsters, so it was intentional that they would blend in and only Linneth would stand out, up until the end where she is transformed.

      The way you describe the pregnancy progression is something like in the Yasanna set, right?

      "biological limits", no such thing as biological limits in my 3D world. But don't worry the will be set with not so big cocks in them ( ' -')b

      Anyway, thanks a lot for the in-depth review. I wish more people would tell me the stuff they like/dislike so I can adjust my content/try new things.

    3. "The will always be variety concerning breast sizes..."

      Indeed so, and entirely fair. Funny, I was a big-breast man before. Now much prefer the smaller set.

      "monsters ...not really attractive by any common standard lol "

      Got it. If there's a way to experiment, perhaps it with innovative monsters. For example, aliens in suits (similar to scene at beginning of Green Lantern). Make those aliens the same height as your Red Men, and you've got a winner.

      I guess the point was as to the flabbiness, which goes to the bizarre ugliness of the males, a common theme in this genre. I find it interesting. Certainly not a turn-on. Not quite a turn-off. But interesting.

      If you want to experiment, where I would see the males is either slender and muscular, or thick (orc-like) and muscular.

      Don't care for pencil-dicks, FYI. Optimal cock is probably 2-3X normal, with thickness at 3-4X.

      Big balls a major possibility to add power easily. Of course, that makes angles a bit trickier. But not really: one of your best scene barely shows either. (I forget which one, but it has the Devil in doggystyle with just the girl's leg showing. Large balls hanging. Very good.)

      "... only Linneth would stand out, up until the end where she is transformed."

      Makes sense. I think the question is in whether this would have a more powerful look in a completely different background approach. I'm thinking of V-Labs, which of course is futuristic and very cool. Alternatively, using different hues to set the women off. Not quite sure; will ponder.

      "...pregnancy progression ... like in the Yasanna set, right?"

      Now you had me looking. : )

      Yes. If you look at scene 55, as to the stomach, that's perfect. Even better might be a more realistic bulge lower, such as a 4-5 month pregnancy. (About half the pregnancy from the pubic bone to about the belly button.)

      Scene 58 also good. (By the way, I'm not a fan of the double penetration, and especially not with the firehose-sized appendages.)

      Scene 59 is a bit much, but in keeping with the idea of different-spokes-for-different-folks, no worries.

      The cum is oddly colored, however, And consider reducing the volume by about 90 percent. If you show the cum dripping out because there's just too damned much there, that's probably going to be much sexier than a, well, firehose effect.

      Also, as you had me looking again at this set, this is what I was thinking of with regard to color. I'm not sure it's just me and my eyes, but the contrast in many scenes is so low it's almost impossible to see. The other example is Young Drow Lust, a set I love but it's almost un-seeable. Had the background been grey instead of near-black, that would be awesome. Perhaps take that set and re-issue it (for more money!) as a new version with a lighter background. I would buy it.

      " "biological limits", no such thing as biological limits in my 3D world. ... "

      Got it. But consider that biology is actually an ally here, not a competitor.

      If you sense where the possible is, taking the art just to the edge, the effect is powerful. For example, a cum explosion with three gallons is pretty much comical. But change that to 64 ounces, and a bulge that is noticeable but slight, and what do your viewers see? A "session" where they're saved up for a day or two, and have a powerful load. That's believeable, and connectable. More powerful, not less.

      Or, to borrow from the nearest Buddhist: Less is more.

      Or, from Yoda: Strong with the Force, he is.

      "Anyway, thanks a lot for the in-depth review. I wish more people would tell me the stuff they like/dislike so I can adjust my content/try new things."

      You are most welcome, sir. I look forward to your work.

    4. Actually 16 ounces is probably more technically accurate (about 32-64X normal), but you get the point.

      A pint would be a figurative bucketload, sufficient for one very nice bulge.

  2. We have a story going on.
    Great! ☺

  3. Awesome. And awesome red girl!

  4. This was, undoubtedly, one of your best sets! If not the best ever. Loved the story, the scenes are beautifully set-pieced! (loved the gradual colour change...) Congrats!
    If there's one thing I would have liked to see it was more interaction between the 2 girls after corruption. A la Mika & Akim... ;)

    1. I plan a continuation that may have some more interaction between the girls :3

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  6. Magnificent ! This is the best set in terms of history and progress! It has everything I like:

    - The red devil woman is a girl born of the relationship of a monster and the Elf (name ?) and it gradually deviate dark (which norcices hair and red eyes) before fully converting the dark side.

    - She gets pregnant and gives birth. Belly size is perfect, we can see that it contains something!

    Excellent set, I would like to see this kind of thing more often in the future!

    1. I'm glad you liked the story, I do think that I'll do a continuation of this very set.

      ( ' -')b

    2. This is very good news, I look forward to it!

  7. Ok, got bought this set about a week ago and now it's time for a proper feedback.

    Things I liked:
    -Corruption theme in general
    - Linneth's model in general: her slim body and beautiful eyes.
    - Her shocked face expressions on pics 07-14. Ahegao in the end was nice too.
    - Pregnancy & birth scenes
    - Breast expansion
    - Tentacle-shaped dicks & tongues, entering girl's throat
    - How Linneth's "partners" & dark environment emphasizes her pureness and how she eventually blends into it. And it is not too dark.
    - The contrast between Linneth before and after corruption makes really strong effect.
    - The Red Girl, especially when she gives that villain smile, like on pics 20 & 22.

    I believe that it's a groundbreaking set. The only thing that turned me off was a "thing" that Linneth gave birth too: it resembles a dead human or monkey baby, who's skin has been ripped off. Please don't use it again.

    Closing thoughts:
    In my humble opinion, you should make another set with corrupted Linneth and Red Girl. Or a story about how the red one ended up in this state.

    By the way, have you ever thought about making something like "reverse corruption"? For example, when Pure and Brave Paladin Warriors of Light (LOL) capture filthy & impure female dark creatures and, well, "purrify" them? (The process of purification may involve multiple sexual intercourses with humanoid & non-humanoid partners. Positive outcome is not guaranteed.)

  8. And may be the corrupted girls have so much dark powers in them, that they could even turn their pure partners into monsters.