Friday, September 9, 2016

Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!

Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!

Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn! Ph'nglui mglw'nfah Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!


  1. Ftaghu hirii k'yarnak stell'bsna lw'nafh.
    I hope I got it right.
    It's been since I graduated from Miskatonic University.

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  3. wow!!! smasher!
    with the neat teasers and the whole Cthulhu theme i had quite high expectations, but the set totally delivers the goods!
    Amanda is still super-cute with her petite body and sweet sweet face (love the facial expressions, too!)
    and Jenna is exactly the kind of strong beauty Amanda needs to guide her through the process.
    (btw. i like Amanda better in this nu set, but i think it's mainly to her suitors;
    the ape set just didn't push my buttons the way the Cthulhu thee does.)
    the monsters here are totally up my alley, the slippery deep ones as well as the impressive Cthulhu spawn.

    the whole scene is wonderfully set and well-lit and the action is once again outstanding.
    great egg-laying (love how Jenna gets the wedged last egg from Amanda's butt); great intrusions (the spawn rocks hard!);
    also the 'gradual' pumping the gal's bellies full of cum (and/or eggs or whatever) you've been doing a lot lately is really marvellous,
    imho you should definitely keep that up!!!
    i would have loved to see a deepthroat with a deep one, but well it looks they really tried but it just wouldn't fit (see pix #15 & 16).
    can't argue with that :)

    it's a bit of a pity how the spawn crushes all the eggs in pic 46, the gals have been workng so hard for them ;)
    i like to think Jenna went to get some straw and a basket for the eggs and told Amanda to keep an eye on them while she's gone,
    but Amanda was so whacked she dozed off and only woke to the spawn's thumping approach...

    1. I'm glad that you liked it so much :3

      I do intent to do more of belly pumping action every now and then.

  4. WHOOOOAAAAH! THIS SET IS AMAZING !!! Everything is set is perfect! Amanda and Jenna are very sexy. Jenna enters my top 3 best model Vaesark! The role played by Amanda and Jenna were excellent! Amanda is determined to call Cthulhu starting to call one of his bribed with his piss (I'm not a fan of piss but I enjoyed in this set). The monster is also excellent and I really love the passages where he uses his tongue to lick the body of Amanda! I love the see Amanda gradually become pregnant and continue to have sexual relations with monsters.

    Jenna is excellent in its accompanying Amanda role. She shows him the path to follow to call Cthulhu, especially that it is very sexy. His clothes make it even more beautiful and that she fucks dress is excellent.

    The zoom on the faces of Amanda and Jenna are excellent, this allows us to appreciate even more beauty. This is what was missing from the set of Rayne.

    The scene where Jenna birth eggs is wonderful, same with that of Amanda where Jenna helps remove the last egg. On accustomed I do not like to see arms in the ass or pussy but here it was very well led and very sexy.

    Then the arrival of Cthulhu is excellent: Amanda extended eggs with just born like to call Cthulhu. This last is excellent! The fact that Amanda grabs with his tentacle is very sexy and especially when he raises with his hand. I have much love to see suck a finger Cthulhu at that time. The only small downside is that I find the body of Amanda was too distorted when Cthulhu squirting into it (page 58) but the view is emptied of sperm to the next page is excellent.

    Finally, see both pregnant at the end is perfect. Now I have a question: When Cthulhu puts pregnant Amanda, it's eggs or so is this child? Another question: I notice that in different set, you see the different pregnant models but have not seen Given birth, why? I think the view birth as in V-Lab is really sexy!

    1. My idea was that Cthulhu would plant a single big egg inside them instead of many small ones.

      I usually only do birth scenes with aliens and this... would technically qualify but I was not sure how to do it... Amanda gibing birth to a huge egg? now that I think about it could be cool and quite original, what do you think?