Monday, February 8, 2016


Princess Adeline, protagonist of the Valentine's Day set, instead of the usual this will be 1 on 1 tender lovemaking, with emphasis on the foreplay :3


  1. She's lovely, absolutely lovely.

    Will this 1 on 1 love-making still include your signature belly bulges? Also, can you hint us on who will be her lover? :3

  2. I want the long story of the bigger guys

  3. u sure she's not gonna get a migraine & call the whole thing off halfway?

  4. "this will be 1 on 1 tender lovemaking, with emphasis on the foreplay"

    Oh yes, finally! It's great to change the usual "beauty meets multiple beasts" pattern once in a while.

    And the girl is absolutely beautiful, especially har hair and smile.

    I'm looking forward to this set.

    And one last thing, that's been on my mind for a while: a few years ago you made a set with a green-skinned girl called "K'rikka". How about re-making it or using her in a new scenario? Krikka's design is pretty original and your skill has greatly improved since then.

    1. I do have something in the works with goblin girls, but I haven't worked on it for a while, I'll get to it eventually, probably, most likely, some time...

  5. I agree! K'Rikka has always been my all time favourite

  6. She's so beautiful!
    I'm also glad to know it'll be 1 on 1.