Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Lexi and Christine

I gave those girls impregnation, girls love getting impregnated.


  1. Very good set, the x-ray was very good(Would have been nice with more;D ). One of the coolest sets you've made so far. All in all a very good set

  2. The set is great, but I don't like their deformed bellies. Pregnant girls looked cuter in your earlier works, like those that were released back in 2014.

    1. I LOVE stomach bulge, although I have to agree with Derp, to a certain extent - some of them are abit too much, even for my taste.

      But you are my favorite 3d artist, Vesark - by far. I'm a long time fan and I can't begin to explain how much I (my penis) appreciate your work :)

    2. i love bulging, too, am in fact a total sucker for it! i'd just like it (even) better if the bulges were more smoothly surfaced sometimes. same thing with the preggo bellies. it might add a certain degree of realism when the bulges are a bit uneven due to e.g. the girl's underlying muscle structure or so, but imho it looks sexier if they're very smoothly rounded. jm5c

  3. I'm not so a fan of this set. It was a mistake to buy it. The bellys are to extrem for me and i will wait for your next work. But i'm still a fan of you.

  4. Contrary to what others have posted, I love huge insertions and stomach bulges. The bigger the better. There is a plethora of "vanilla" 3DX work out there, and I'd hate to see you become just another one of them. The extreme-ness and impossible-in-real-life parts of your sets are what sets you apart from the rest of the genre. So please, don't ever stop rendering telephone pole-sized dicks for your girls to ride :)

    That being said, I really enjoyed this set,even if it was a bit tamer than some of the past sets. Though I'd personally really love to see another set on the caliber of C18 or Powergirl.

  5. Huehuehue, bit of criticism here from the other site. Obviously it´s impossible to make everyone happy. :)
    I´m very much into the bulging bellies too, preg belly is okish for me but when they ride the big ones, thats my thing. However a set that consists of one or two pics in only one position of that does not justify the purchase for me.

    This set in particular was to fleshy for me.
    As always, pic 26 is practically screaming for deepthroat. X-ray looks good, would love to see the bigger ones, especially since it`s harder to pull of your little shrinking-cock-trick than^^.

    Keep it up!

  6. Very very sexy and loves the x-ray. Please keep going down this track :) would love to see more of them oral. Maybe with cumshuts showing? Well just thinking loud :) Thanks a lot for some good sets.