Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Today's lesson: How to get pregnant. (Note: although oral and anal sex is also depicted it does not result in pregnancy, such event is the result of vaginal intercourse).


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    1. Wonderful, beautiful students and ugly creatures, great!

  2. Four gorgeous blonde lollipops, the taste was greatly envy those tongues, what's taste. I can not wait to open my entire CG set

  3. It turned out to be quite a nice set, even though I prefer when you use larger cocks ;) I like how you kept their skirts on during some action

  4. Final (60) As always amazing, especially with four pieces at once! And although there are many other wonderful (The global 59 and 44, 19), especially those with Daisy and Jenny are great! (34, 45 and 46 is definitely one of my favorites) (56 is too amazing, just a little too much copies Seldane) I guess I'm in love with Daisy, I hope to see her in the next CG set! Anyway, great set!