Sunday, December 13, 2015

The priestess of the order of the Red Circle of Eternal Relief

I'm trying out imgur, hopefully this doesn't fill your web browser with adds and shit, I've set the gallery to hidden but I'm not sure if they'll be 100% ok with adult content, I guess that I'll find out.

This is Abby, a 20 years old elven priestess of the order of the "Red Circle of Eternal Relief", commonly know simply as "Love priestess", they are dedicated to healing one particular affliction: blue balls. Any male who, for whatever reason, had not properly ejaculated for a extended period of time may come to any of the priestess and ask for their help. Their offer extends to any male creature, regardless of their species, appearance, size... The only "payment" required is the sperm itself, the males must absolutely come inside the priestess, to not do so will carry an immediate penitence, Whats the penitence? no one really knows, no one wants to find out. It should be noted that the priestess take their vows for life so, for and elven girl such as Abby this means that they do so for all eternity. The ritual that acolytes pass to become priestess is a very well guarded secret, but it is said to grant incredible powers to the girls, such as immunity to all diseases, extreme elasticity on their bodies and the ability to live solely on the ingestion of great amounts of sperm.


  1. Replies
    1. I was bored and felt like writing some silly shit lol

  2. I use Imgur as long as it's not publicly avalible they don't give a damn. cause I've uploaded adult pics and such there for 4 years and they never ever took the pics down or shut down my account. stuff down.

  3. Can you tell us which creatures will have their way with her? :3

    1. Humans, wyvern, Spider, Unicorn (the one from Seldanna)