Monday, August 24, 2015


C18 is one insatiable android: C19, Dodoria, T-rex and the dragon, despite their magnificent huge dicks... she still craves more.  See for yourself *here*.


  1. One question, Is that dragon as big as the one who fucked Elina? ;33

    And yeah, I'm a bit short on funds right now but I'll get this one as soon as possible. :D

    Also, speaking of Elina, do you have any more busty elf sets in your plans? Those were the best!

  2. I think this is probably one of my favorite sets by you, Vaesark. You really blew me away on this one. I would call this one my favorite, but Insatiable and the Seldanna sets beat it out, just barely. ;)

    I was going to point out my favorites, but really, I like the whole set. Some of the more extreme (Sparrow-type) bulges aren't really my style, but they're not a turn-off either.

    Good stuff!

  3. I love how great you've gotten at huge insertions. :D I'm a fan!

  4. I know what il be doing after work today.. this is gonna be a long day. .

  5. I really love the facial expressions you make on these girls, but feel like we've been seeing less and less of them. Any chance you can show some more of these girls faces while they're getting fucked?

  6. Wow this one was totally worth buying! Keep em cumming!

  7. watx, no, but almost as big. About busty girls... I have one in the works, I'll show her soon, it's not a elven tho.

    Gorreci, I'm glad that you liked it ^_^

    Aerev, there's always something to improve.

    nisse, or long night, depending on how you look at it ;D

    joshua, I'll try to focus a bit more on that.

    kulogo, thanks!

  8. It´s hard to properly explain, but i feel like especially the second half of the set is a little ill-paced. I know it´s hard to make different positions and stuff with creatures without hands, but still. The Dragon seems more like a filler to get the 60 pics.

    Don´t get me wrong, i really like the set. The bulgings are nice, especially with the dinosaur. It´s just that it feels like the climax of the set is somewhere in the middle instead of the end.

    I know you have already talked about it a lot but i really think she could have throated the first guy. I would absolutely love to see something like that! Making her throat bulge, maybe even down to her belly and make it bulge too.

    One last thing, it may sound a bit strange but your old sets did kind of tell a little "story" and i miss that. The newer ones are more like one guy finishes, next comes in etc.

    Hope i didn´t do overdo it here :)

  9. jonnybegood, I understand what you mean, but it is a bit like that, after so many sets, thousands of renders... is hard to come by new poses that aren't weird or forced >_> I still try to do something original now and then.

    About deep-throats it's really hard to make suck big dick go into their tiny mouths without severely deforming her faces, I've already tried.

    Story? like I kinda did with the Nazi girls x Demons set? I'm doing another one with similar level of story.

    1. Hopefully vaesark is reading this. As a fan of deepthroat I've been thinking about it. One way you could do it is to have "suggested" deepthroat. That is, have the unnaturally stretched face cleverly hidden/obscured in some way, with only the stretched neck and bulging belly clearly visible. I think it would look good and still be hot as fuck.

  10. Loved this set, great work as always!

    Something I've noticed a lot and always wondered about (and its not really a complaint its more just me wondering why this happens)
    Ive noticed that big cocks usually sort of get smaller when they're inside the girls..

    Alot of the time when the monster is next to the girl, you look at its cock and it looks like if the monster went balls deep the bulge would reach the girls head or go further, but then the monster goes balls deep and the bulge only reaches their chest. Or a monster will have some of his cock inside the girl, then put all of it in and the bulge doesn't grow as much as it seems it should. As I say its not really a complaint its just me being curious.

    Like in image 12 of this set the cock goes from where she is sitting down and it reaches up to her mouth, but then in image 16 she is sitting on it and the bulge only reaches to the bottom of her tits, almost as if 14 inches of cock have just disappeared.
    In image 31 (one of the best by the way) the cock penetrates all the way to her head, and it looks like theres about 10 inches of cock left that hasnt gone in yet - however in the next image the whole cock is inside her but the bulge only reaches her shoulders..

    Another example is in the Lianna and Seldanna set, Lianna is standing over Grull's two cocks that look as if theyd easily reach above her head, then as she sits on them the bulge reaches to her tits with about 25 inches left below, and then she goes down another 15 or so inches and the bulge only reaches the top of her tits... it just doesnt make sense..

    Anyway, one of the best sets so far :D

  11. Stephaniereed, clever girl... yes, I cheat a bit when the guys go balls deep, you can assume that the cocks are getting a bit... compressed, when they push in... yeah, that explains it ^,^

  12. Have you thought about adding more life to your sets by animating them? 1-2 second loops would be interesting to see.

  13. Ahh thanks, I suppose that makes sense, have you ever thought about making the bulges more of an 'accurate' size?

  14. kulogo, someday... in the distant future >_>

    Stephaniereed, yes but, I don't really see it as an issue, I think that I make the bulges big enough already.for extra large insertions you should check sparrow on hentaifoundry :3

  15. its not an issue, I just love big bulges! And aww thankyou I'll check them out :)


    you'll need to create an account and activate the beast option on your profile, otherwise most of the cool stuff wont be shown.

  17. First of all, Android 18 is beautiful.

    Now, I can only speak for myself. I find belly deformation to be rather sexy to a certain point. However, when it is at a totally crazy level like pic32, I find that rather disturbing, and not in a sexy way.

    Perhaps you can tone down the deformation a bit. This is far too crazy.

  18. I can only speek for myself but i am here to see beautiful girls taking big cocks that make their bellies bulge. Of course i don´t want just the same thing with a different cockholder and girl every set but i don´t think you should make yourself crazy about constantly doing something new.

    I like Zzomp. He´s stretching the lips and jaw in a way that i don´t consider to look strange. Of course thats up to personal preference. That she can´t deepthroat a cock as big as her head is absolutly clear but i think the first guy would have been manageable.

    Kinda like Dämonenstein but maybe "story" is the wrong word. I just feel like the older sets where less generic guy one finishes, generic guy two takes his place etc. Of course it´s possible that this is just a consequense of 4 guys instead of 1 or 2 or the change of the place the action took place in this set, so maybe just nevermind.

  19. Not exactly related to C18, just as a general idea:

  20. I'd be more than willing to help with animated pieces, problem being that I don't think my animation skills would be that suitable for the level of detail in your pictures, that and I doubt we use the same program! Haha