Saturday, July 18, 2015

hell yeah

It was a lot of work but I really like how this character turned out. I'll be having a lot of fun working on this scene.

I'll probably also do another version, with no tattoos and wearing skimpy armor, more appropriate to go on adventures with Seldanna or some other girl ;)

I've also been working on the alien set, it will feature exclusively non-anthropomorphic aliens:

These are the V-Labs, Dr. Aileen supervises the impregnation of one of the volunteers: Jane.
Dr. Aileen is very passionate about her job and she doesn't mind getting her hands(and other parts) covered in sticky alien fluids.


  1. each set is setting the level higher. good work there :D

  2. Shes looking great! Im loving the outfit.. And i sure hope she keeps it on aslong as possible :c

  3. You've had me at 'impregnation'. Looking forward to this set! :D

  4. She surely is sexy ;)

    The whole space theme reminded me of the Fifth Element movie, which features a hot girl and some ugly aliens. That's like exactly what you do :D

  5. The new girl looks really good. Any hint at what her set's going to be about or do you plan to keep it under wraps for now?

  6. I love it, I hope coming soon xd

  7. n_n con el pelo largo no se por que, pero me recuerda a Avril Lavigne :D

  8. !k si! son muy parecidos Avril y ella

    curious about the aliens... it's like virgin territory.
    well not entirely ofc but as far as i remember V has never been there, except for maybe some vaguely alien-like creatures in some short requests

  9. i think she would make an excellent dark cult high priestess or so

  10. will we see a "all the way through" in the alien set again, how we saw in the Mika and Akim set? I think it would fit well on the alien theme :)

  11. nisse, definitely, after going though the trouble of fitting, adjusting, texturing it and all it would be a waste to take it off. I'll try to leave most of it on for most of the set ^^

    watx, certainly, several impregnations and the consequential birthing/egg lying.

    kulogo, if I only had time I would do a scene with Leeloo and some of the Mangalore aliens :3

    welshie, it's a secret.. for now.

    YmomY, krassomat, este personaje es completamente ficticio cualquier parecido con cantantes Canadienses con un tatuaje de estrella en la cadera es mera coincidencia, palabra!


    Dragen Ghost, nope, not this time, I focused on alien impregnation/birthing.