Tuesday, June 9, 2015



I really stretched the limits with this one... get it? stretched... like... she, you know... hehe.

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  1. Another wonderful set and happy customer. I especially like her expression on page 3. A suggestion if I may. Perhaps some shots of her rear as she's about to be entered, showing off her beautiful pussy/ass. I mean, she *does* bend over quite a bit in this one.

  2. First I was a bit concerned about 60 Pics for 4 Beasts, but it was realy nicely paced, and filled to give back the pun^^

    Best set so far imo. I´m looking forward to future sets.

    Elina and Vivi gangbanged by Minotaurs... <3

  3. AMAZING set Vae, and the dragon... HOLY SHIT the dragon... Thanks for your awesome work, I can't wait to see with what you'll come up next.

    Also, she's even more stunning when knocked up, seeing her like that gives a sense of a job well done. Do you have any idea of whom the father may be? haha!

  4. Hell yeah :D
    Loved the part with the dragon!

  5. Zelas Metallium, I'll take it into consideration for future sets, although I'm not a fan of close-ups.

    Oliver Schmidt, I'm glad that you liked it ^^

    watx, if the amount of sperm is taken into consideration... I would say the dragon is the father, but who knows... lol

    kulogo, it seems like he is quite popular :)

  6. I am speechles. It is awesome how you improve with every new set. The lighting, shadows and everything. Especially image 39. Lovely work, keep it up Vae.

    Are we going to see Jeanette anytime soon? :D

    Cheers mate!

  7. Ziggy, I'm glad that you liked it, I always try to improve and try new tricks in my sets :3

    As for Jeanette... I had plans for her but I just don't have the time >_> I can't say when I'll be able to give her the cock(s) she deserves.

  8. What a fantastic set, though kinda would have liked just a few more pictures but hey, cant have everything ^^
    Am a happy customer.

  9. Great work! As allways V and even bether.

    BUT I am kinda confused...

    So... I realy dont know how you want to increase this level of penertation... because you did in the last sets.
    I am a little bit afraid but I still love it.

    The second thing is the time interval of your latest releases.
    Slow-Mode: Fu**ing why is there no new release? I want more!!!
    Fast-Mode: Fu** yeah! Give me more, every day, please! Take all my money. But... it feels so wrong xD

    Help T_T

  10. @Zellas and maybe Vaesark to, Dont have any info on Damn3D do you two?

  11. As always, wonderful wonderful set. I especially love the dragon and the horse sections.

    One thing though is that as you go for bigger cocks and deeper penetrations, have you considered showing more "extreme" sets? Perhaps ones where the girl tries to resist or where she's in pain from taking too big a cock up her tight little ass?

    I think those (different facial expressions and body language) are things that we haven't seen you try tackling in awhile.

  12. I realy like the looks of these cocks shoved up between her awesome tits, but it´s making me wonder if there is room for a little bit more.
    They aren´t going all the way, would one of them realy not do that? It´s kind of a wase isn´t it? ;D

    Anyway realy like the way you´re taking with your sets and i´m looking forward to the next ones.

    What do you think about making it visible in some way that she just took a heavy load? Because she just looks like nothing has happend with the next one taking his turn.
    Are we going to see them deepthroat one of your big ones at some point or does is look to strange when their mouths are stretched like that?

  13. @Vaesark - Thanks for the consideration.

    @Dianaranda - Sorry, I don't. I've been trying to contact him but no response. I'll give it another week or so before posting something on his blog asking for some help.

  14. Bloodyangel, I'm not planing on going much deeper with the penetrations, I think that the averages will go between troll and horse sized dicks, with the occasional super big dick or some normal sized ones when I want to include oral action.

    Dianaranda, haven't heard of him for a good while, sorry. I hope that he's ok.

    welshie, whenever I did some of that was always by request, it's not something that I like doing. A little bit of pain is ok, but in the way that a sub would enjoy pain inflicted by their master, it has to be consensual, she has to like it.

    jonnybegood, I did some all-the-way-through in the Mika and Akim set, but it's not something that I will include in every set. About Deep-throats it does make their faces way too distorted, there's too much geometry on the heads to make it look right.

  15. Thk!!!

    I Need more bigger cock!!!


    Please also Lustful vampire part2.

  16. Holy ballsack, this is definitely one of your bestest sets so far!!

  17. Potato Mad, Bigger? o_O The dragon was not big enough!?
    The Lustful vampire set got... abandoned >_>

    Ubeacco, thanks ^^

  18. Do you plan on ... "finishing" it? If not you could... uhm... I dont know,,, upload it for free, maybe? The stuff you already rendered I mean?
    ... or did you delete all files already?

  19. A marvelous set indeed.
    It has a sour taste to it though. Ever since we decided to add a 3d artist to our list for our characters (damned3d went missing and) ol'vaesark's is still not in the mood for commissions. That is kind of depressing

    With that said. If you ever change your mind about large private commission bundles there are some grands waiting to be happiliy tossed your way at a moments notice ;)

  20. Ubeacco, I didn't delete the files, but I didn't rendered anything more than the stuff that you already saw >_>

    Sedlina Sera, I haven't been in the mood for commissions in a very long time, doing only the stuff that I feel like doing it's a lot more gratifying.

  21. damm!!! this is one of your best works man she is sooo hot and i never think say this one day bot im happy to xpend my mone with a man jajaja thanks for your art vae

    by the way im sill waiting the day that your work becomes into a full length movie hooo yea IM STILL WAITING!!!

  22. Sorry Im late to the party...
    Another sweet girl & set. Really dug Elina's makeup.
    Liked the over stuffing, but I think I prefer more subtle horse size belly bulges.
    The lighting is great on this set, so definitely improvement there.
    The frame where she puts her hand on her mouth prior to the cum volcano was super. Could picture her thoughts going "uh,oh."
    A+ brother!

  23. Gerardo Medellin, I'm glad you liked it ^^
    Animations are something that I'm not focused right now, but thats the direction I want to go someday.

    KGBeast, I think that you may like the next one better ;)

  24. Well now you gotta give me a hint bro.....

  25. I really like this set!!!
    One Question, had you ever think about a set with a giant horse, with an cock like the dragon in this set?
    <3 your art master vae ;)

  26. I pretty much mirror HGBeast's opinion on this. I love stomach bulges, but too much is too much IMO, lol.

    Regardless, this is a really good set. I still enjoy it anyway. I don't think there's a set I -wouldn't- buy.

  27. KGBeast, it involves 2 girls in latex and several dogs (and one man with a huge dick).

    Dragen Ghost, the dragon is probably the biggest that I'll ever go, thats not to say that I won't do a giant horse, I'll probably end up doing something similar eventually.

    Gorreci, as I mentioned, that dragon is probably my top, the average for big insertions is something between the trolls and the horse you have seen on this set.

  28. I love the expression change between 26 and 27. 26 obviously enjoying, 27 kind like "Ulp, That's deeper than expected..."

    Excellent work as usual.