Monday, February 23, 2015


Since the Seldanna set was so popular I decided to make another one focused on huge penises, in this set all the males will have troll sized dicks or bigger, to make it more effective I created a particularly petite girl: Neera, 1,50 cm tall, skin smooth as silk, intense red eyes, take a look...

The "Dämonenstein" set is progressing nicely, I'm using a few new cool creatures. Also, I'll probably be making some renders with a updated Catwoman and Ace, so check HentaiFoundry sometime in the near future :3

One last thing... how do you feel about goblin girls? very small (around 1,20m) green skin, large ears, long tongue, lustful and insatiable.


  1. It's great to know that another large-cock set is coming up. And a petite girl would only make it better.

    However.. I think this particular girl doesn't look as hot as your other girls. For example, Keyla, who has a similar skin tone, hair and eyes, looks a lot better. I generally like your girls with lighter skin color, although Zahra is one of my favourites.

    Sorry I just find it hard to call this girl hot.

  2. I really liked that set you did way back when involving K'rikka, I don't like the rather flabby depiction of Goblin Girls that seems a tad popular, but your depiction is quite splendid.

    And given there will be very large insertion in the upcoming set, will you be involving any form of cum inflation?

  3. Rnd suggestion:
    -Please change Neera´s Hair
    -No Goblins
    -Focus on faical expressions too :D
    -Your awesome!

  4. I think Neera looks ok, but u create some hotter girls ;)
    Goblin Girls yes, if the don´t have a flat chest
    Your art are really awsome by the way^^

  5. Hell yes to a female goblin set!
    K'rikka was a sweetheart to behold.
    Maybe with her longue tongue there could be a role reversal image where the monster comes in for a kiss and she jams HER tongue down their throat.
    Sucks about Google. Have you ever calculated if traffic is better from blogger or from HF/DA?