Thursday, September 11, 2014

Latex, lights and stuff

After some more tests with octane I got confident enough to start doing some actual renders instead of just random stuff, I'll probably turn this into a full set: 


  1. Will you have put the worries I had two posts ago too shame, very nice.

    / Cube

  2. Very sweet! Looks like a good investment.
    Hey, I though there was no sex in the champagne room...!?

  3. Oh wow, that is one seriously hot outfit! Too bad she has to be out of it to get a good fucking from that dog.
    This already looks amazing, V. Can't wait for the full set.

  4. Oh man, I LOVE how that latex looks! Please make her keep those gloves and stockings on during the set?

  5. Cube, told you :)

    unknown, Randall, she will keep the gloves and boots (thigh high boots)