Monday, August 25, 2014

Octane for Carrara

 Aw yisssssssss, mother fucking Octane. It was about time.

I'm going to buy it this week and start experimenting on the weekend, it will probably take me a while to get used to the changes on texturing and lighting but I think that it will be totally worth it, I've seen some octane renders that look so damn fine...  

You can check *Zen's works*, he has been using Octane for a while and has produced some truly beautiful renders, testament of what a skilled artist can produce with this rendering engine.


  1. Hi Vaesark

    This may not be a very popular opinion, but I don't think the more "realistic" renders like those Zen's works make look better then the more crude you make.

    I will still look forward to your next work like always and will not judge it before I see it, but I hope you will not throw away your unique style because that is the reason why I keep an eye for your renders and no other 3D renders.

    Best Regards

  2. Cube, do not worry, I'll will keep my style, I will simply take advantage of the rendering engine for faster rendering and more impressive effects.

    You'll have to trust me on this one, but I'm fairly sure that the change will be for the better.

    In case that there is some confusion... the main changes will be the looks of the textures and the lighting, everything else is the same.

  3. Indeed, I've seen a few artists transition to Octane, and the results have always been for the better. I don't use the any rendering tools myself, but just as a consumer, I have seen a lot of excellent styles evolve and improve through Octane.

    I am really looking forward to this, lol.

  4. Holly shit new Set's in this quality and with Horse/Dogs? Can't wait.

  5. Can this software make animations too? Will try them again?

  6. gvfhnji, no, it's for rendering only.

  7. Been looking at this for a while, but my god 450 Euros for the license. T.T With that kind of buy in I'll have to stick with my old version of Lux.