Sunday, January 26, 2014

Skyrim babes

Today, complementing the previous post about Skyrim, I bring you a list of my favorite mods for sexy companions, most of them are standalone and can be installed with  the NexusModManager :

- *rk Followers*

- *Serana*

- *Skyrim Beautiful Followers*

- *Bijin Warmaidens*

- *Kamille Shy*

- *SR Elf Followers*

- *Dawn*

Feel free to share your own favorites on the comments.


  1. You left out Vilja in Skyrim (from nexus)

  2. I haven't entered Skyrim, but worked Oblivion to death ... a cute follower (an ass to watch) makes the miles slip away. :)

  3. No mention of Loverslab's Alicia?

    A bit of a warning in regards to modding: Make sure to have a backup. I already messed up the walking animation twice, so be warned.

  4. I didn't know you were such a fan of Skyrim. I am, too. Have over 600 total hours in the game... over 300 with my main player character, a male Imperial.

    Good selection, and in my opinion the "Skyrim Beautiful Followers" that overwrites all vanilla followers in the game is an absolute must-have. Goddamn, Aela and Lydia are so gorgeous with that mod! Half a million downloads of the mod, so you know it's good.

    My recommendation for non-vanilla companions would be "Girls of Skyrim" by basskimm, which adds four gorgeous girls to Riverwind.

    Also, if you play as a female player character, my personal preference is the CBBEv3m body with vanilla armor replacers for CBBEv3m by MAK07, then the XPMS (player skeleton) by XP32, 50% larger skeleton by Dragonfly0124 (even bigger breasts and ass), and finally the Hdt Physics Extension (for actual real breast and butt physics, and no 'crush' bug on skeleton). When your character walks around nude, it is a jiggly thing of beauty :-)

  5. Anons, I based the list on their looks... Alicia and Vilja aren't anywhere near my favorites. That said... i wish the mods that I selected had the back story and interactivity that Alicia and Vilja have >_>

    joeannie, if you liked oblivion you should get Skyrim, the legendary edition for PC is only around 30$, much less during steam sales.

    Epoch, 600? damn, I have "only" 267, the second most played game that I have. I'll have to check "Girls of Skyrim" by basskimm, the preview pics look hot. As for body types I always use variations of DIMONIZED UNP,

  6. Have you gotten Bathing Beauties Luxury Suite that is quite amazing player home, aswell wanted to ask what enb are you useing atm i am on perormance and realistic but it doesn't look amazing as your screenys look

  7. Since your original post I have spent far too many hours fiddling with mods but the result is pretty amazing. I'm using defeat instead of submit as it allows both creatures and people, so no need for the separate beast mod, in conjunction with sanguines debauchery plus prison overhaul and estrus chaurus, so my supermodel nord adventuress risks assault if she loses in battle to humans, elves, wolves, draugr, chaurus, bears, sabercats, gargoyles, trolls, etc, plus with the people she risks being bound, gagged, stripped and enslaved, if she commits a crime she is bound, gagged, stripped, marched off to jail, handed over to a jailer, taken out into town and placed in a pillory where she is punished though the day, taken back to jail, assaulted thru the night and released in the morning. Crazy stuff. so thanks for the post, got me interested in skyrim again, heh.

  8. I love Esmeralda, Falmerbanes series of NPCs, (Ysolda is a really good one.) Look for the Saadia replacement, she can become a follower to... Oh.. and absolutely don't forget Mjoll the Lioness from Riften.. There's an excellent replacer for her from the same person who made the Lydia one you posted, Vae..

    I also like this one Dorcey.. I prefer the unp/unpb body to cbbe or sevenbase... So it limits which NPC's I use..