Tuesday, December 10, 2013

CG downloads updated.

Just a quick post to inform you that the downloads have been updated and files from A to Z are available again. I'll upload the rest as soon as possible.


  1. Thank you so much for the effort your putting into this, but i went back to try to get some of your older sets that i couldnt get before and the links still do not work, are you posting the links somewhere else im just not looking?

  2. yep, on the main menu of the blog, the 4th tab "CG downloads".

  3. I was browsing e-hentai and I found some of your work that doesn't seem to be on the blog. Stuff like:

    CG 56 - Vivi
    CG 57 - Gang Bang
    Images of Egyptian girl and a crocodile

    Where are the uploaders of these sets are getting them from?

    I don't want to miss out on any high quality porn :)

  4. These are on HentaiFoundry, there's a link on the right.

  5. however, the rapidshare links do not work and go to desktop download thing. Can you put it on another site to make it more convenient and easier?

  6. Anon, I'll upload all the sets to MEGA.