Monday, July 22, 2013

So glad I don't live in the UK.


The last set that I published at HF would be illegal (as well as a lot of the HF content) because it features rape as a erotic fantasy. but hey, some strong independent liberated womyn may get offended by it, or some children with negligent parents may see it.

To any parents that may read this: how about you start doing your job as a parent instead of demanding the police state to police everyone's lives?

To any  Radfems and fundamentalists Christians:  how about you stop telling people what they can and can't fantasize about? 

Similar thing coming to Iceland soon,  Canada and Sweden are probably next. 


Anyway, go and check the set that I mentioned on HF, the download link is on the pic titled:"Double anal-ballsdeep-horsecock penetration" hehe ;)


  1. Thank God I live in the United States, all we have to worry about is our Government spying on everything we do online.

  2. Finally you've put update here, I was really surprised when I found out that you're doing new stuff but don't let regulars know :/

  3. Haven't I seen something like this before.....?

  4. As far as I know, there just will be an opt out option for everyone in the UK to do. I don't know if the whole country can't take care of their children, but but particularly the UK does have a serious problem with children beeing influenced by pornography. (sexting)
    Maybe overall it will become more unconvenient to access adult material, but nothing invincible. Maybe it'll work, but maybe they'll use this pretence to establish a wider infrastructure to restrict the net. One that may be able to cut off access to unwanted content, like copyright infrighting sites.

    Fingers crossed it'll not turn into the great firewall of china.

    Also Vaesark, thanks for fixing the blog banners! Btw: Was your HF account unavailable sometime this weekend?

  5. The U.S government have been trying varies things in the past or claim they are going to try to enforce something to restrict and control the internet but always falls short do to the U.S constitution and the whole they are trying to take away our rights.

    Our trade off is the Government,FBI and other law enforcement can spy on anything we do online. :/

  6. I live in the UK. The people that pass the laws are all old and fucking stupid. They'll be dead soon and we can rejoice.
    If they restrict what I do on the internet, I will be very upset, and I shall write a letter telling them how upset I am. Haha. :D
    We need mass non-compliance!

    But anyway, nice to see a new post here, V. Gonna go head onto HF now and observe, :P

  7. One step closer to Sharia law.

  8. Hey vaesark, love your work man! Could you please do more on Jeanette? That would be awesome. I hope you don't get shut down :(

  9. Noooooooooooo! I live in the UK. MongoBongo; love that film and yep looks like it's going that way. parent should put the filters in there routers or computers not the isp's. This also reminds me of pirate bay, but on a larger scale, maybe that success gave them the idea.

  10. Weak-minded people will always exist and unfortunately for the rest of us, they will always power-trip whatever and wherever they can. It's an avoidance tactic they use so they don't have to look as closely at themselves and see just how hypocritical and immoral in fact they really are. The Most immoral thing anyone can do is to even attempt to force others to adhere to their own morals.

    (Shades of the Inquisition)

    There are ofc a few common morals we should all adhere to such as not injuring another person or their property and anything non-consensual is obviously wrong. Obviously I luffs rape-play as a fantasy Very much, but abhor anything non-consensual in reality. Both of those are and should be unlawful ofc and forcing others to conform to morals that are not their own otherwise, well, this is breaking both of those common morals... see what I'm driving at? Ik ik, no need to preach to the choir, lols.

    Anyway, thankies again for all the awesometude Vaesark! ^-^


  11. John, they spy on everyone, not just US citizens.

    Sanders, it's mostly beast stuff that I can't post here.

    MongoBongo, funny enough those with the Guy Fawkes mask wont complain, if anything they'll support it since it's for the "protection" of womyns and chyyyyllldruuun.

    Anon, "Was your HF account unavailable sometime this weekend?"

    No one mentioned any problem o.O

    KV, they'll be substituted by radfems and it'll happen like in Iceland, a full ban on pron and not just a limited access and selective banning.

    Anon, "One step closer to Sharia law."

    heckell, remind me the next time that I open for requests.
    I don't think that I'll get shut down, but Brits will have to call their ISP to allow them to see porn.

  12. Vivi, yep, but there isn't much that we can do about it. Enjoy freedom while is still ... well, free.

    Anyways, back to the gang-bang, I'm working on some more girls and then the show can start ;)

  13. Great set, love the heavy focus on anal. Wouldn't have minded more images as each of the different creatures doesn't get that much time, sadly.

  14. All I ever see any time this issue comes up is people instantly attacking Christians. Guess what... it ain't the Christians blowing your fucking families up for showing more than ankle skin, so why don't you include the real threat against freedom? Islam. Oh, are you afraid to? Yeah, that's what I thought... Attack Christians because you know they won't kill you for it. Pathetic and cowardly.

  15. I agree with you bro. People need to back the fuck off and let people be people for good or bad. Police the people after they've done something wrong. Also I agree with this dude. islam is the real threat to progression of civilization.

  16. @Vaesark
    That's not what I meant. You could post an update here that you're doing sth new. No images needed, really.

  17. Christian anons, what are you doing looking at a porn blog? don't you know that masturbation is a sin? Jesus dies for your sins and that's how you thank him?
    But seriously, if I only mentioned Christians and feminists is because they are the ones that I see more frequently pushing for these laws on western countries, that said... I'll speak against any Muslin (or Jew, or atheist,etc) that tries to push that kind of agenda, as far as I can see they are all enemies of freedom.

    Sanders, true... somehow I didn't thought about that o.O

  18. At this point it makes no difference. Most of the stuff here would already get you thrown in prison under the UK's Extreme Pornography laws (see the case with an animated Tony The Tiger having sex with a woman).

    I'll just accept that in the government's eyes I'm a vile criminal and continue to hope I don't get caught. Besides, the new Rape Porn law will most likely be like the Extreme Pornography law - they won't actively enforce it but if they're investigating you for something else and find some illegal porn on your computer they'll add in some extra charges.

    Ultimately all they're succeeding in doing is diluting the law, and there are now so many laws that I violate on a daily basis that I've stopped paying any attention to the law.

    Anyway Vaesark, keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to more bestiality and simulated rape. Fuck the government.

  19. Anon, I thought you were kidding, then I googled it...

    "Man could face prison over six second 'extreme porn' clip"


    Well, enjoy it while you can bro. There will be plenty of beast and raep on the set that I'm working on right now ;)

  20. This is not some liberated women action. Feminists have gotten all neutral about it in recent years, since there's no consensus on that front between matriarchal feminists (porn is prostitution is evil) and sex-positive/egalitarian feminists (porn is artistic expression, as long as we are not treated like scum in doing it), and they're still smarting from basically getting co-opted by Jesus freaks. Iceland is an outlier, don't let your paranoia deceive it stands, online porn is something they're having a hard time determining whether or not to ban, and whether or not it's plausible.
    It's really typical "for the family" mucky-muck, since PM Cameron is spearheading this. (Why else would he support gay marriage? The keyword is "marriage")

    First Blogspot, then Tumblr, now this. The hell's going on?

  21. Also, should be noted: The porn ban in Iceland was enacted by a right-wing legislature in 1998, and said legislature was also responsible for subsequent revisions in 2000 and 2002. The feminists had nothing to do with that one.

  22. ???, regarding Iceland:

    Right-wing people started it, no doubt about that, feminists/left-wing expanded is later, to deny it is absurd and ridiculous.

    Regarding the involvement of feminists in all of this... are you familiar with the feminists in UK, take a good example from them:

    Lads Mags with a hot chick in the cover? OPPRESSION! RAPE CULTURE! HURR DURR!

    As far as I have seen, all the articles, posts on forums and youtube videos were feminists have talked abut this particular ban, they all have applauded it, specifically when referring to the outlawing of "rape fantasies", usually arguing that it's a good thing to end "rape culture".
    Can you find me one single group of feminists that directly and actively oppose this? (with links if possible)
    pro-tip: you are an individual, not an organized group.

  23. Just saying as a kid who was introduced to porn since he was 8, lol I dont think im corroded in any way. They should crack down more on drugs and whatnot, I've seen some shit when I'm younger but im not running around in the streets raping people. Hell, I'm living a successful life and all. People just need to simmer the fuck down and look at what actually happens and not what they think happens. Hundreds of years ago kids would have seen there parents in the bed (since you know, majority of houses were like 1 room) doing it. Don't think everyone back then was a rapist or anything

  24. @V
    I forgot to ask you yesterday, so Im asking this now... Why rape all of a sudden?
    I remember you were only interested in doing consensual encounters in the past? Wanted to try something new or you just don't dislike rape anymore?

  25. Anon, it's impossible to find a teenager that doesn't have seen porn, but this is all like the "1st person shooters turn kids into murders!", in the race for control and autocracy anything seems valid for these people, claiming to defend women or children is the easiest path, if anyone argues them they immediately accuse you of being a misogynist, rapist, child abuser, etc.

    Sanders, I have done such sets in the past, most of the time suggested/requested by someone. Just like many other fetishes/fantasies that I'm not really into but I don't mind doing once in a while.

  26. This isn't purely a UK problem and this site is essentially illegal under the US Obscenity laws, which cover pretty much anything. I think a lot of juries would deem Vaesark's work to be obscene under the Miller test so possessing it could easily result in a 20 year prison sentence.

    The whole world is going mad with regards to porn. Christopher Handley was sent to prison in the US for loli manga. John McEwan was prosecuted in Australia for Lisa Simpson porn. Simon Lundstrom was prosecuted in Sweden for translating loli manga. Japanese politicians are trying to pass laws that will see hentai manga and anime classed as child pornography and rendered illegal. Canada and other countries treat cartoons and computer renders as child porn.

    Ultimately, if you think you're safe because you're not in the UK you're very wrong. Well you're sort of wrong, because like the UK police aren't actively enforcing these laws. Occasionally somebody gets dragged out and made an example of, like the people mentioned above, but tens of millions more are downloading illegal porn without any consequences. Most of them probably don't even know what they're doing is illegal because any no rational person would even imagine that you could be sent to prison for possessing some drawings or CG renderings.

  27. Anon, but I don't live in the US or Canada or any of those places, I live in Spain and, as far as I know, there isn't any "obscenity law" or stuff like that, no one has been sent to jail for a Naruto X Sakura hentai doujinshi. That said I know that if they want to fuck me they'll find a way, but the chances are the lowest among the western countries, so I'm not safe, but I'm safer here than in almost any other country, for now at least.

  28. Vaesark.. I do hope you havnt got any source on sweden going for such an idiotic law or.. Whatever it is.. I will.. Go on a killing spree if this ever were to happen in sweden... And i mean it..

    I do remember the case as Anon above said.. That an swedish man was prosecuted for translation loli manga.. How can.. That even happen.. What idiots are in the goverments.. There are no laws about fantasies as long as you keep it a fantasy..

    Blahrh.. Needed to say something and.. Vaesark.. I love you.. Your work i mean.. And you.. I dunno.. I might love you to.. I do love your work tho.. Never stop.. And.. more.. beasts..

    Hearts hearts.. xoxo.. Peace out

  29. Nisse, not yet, but I mentioned Canada and Sweden because of the influence that feminists have on those countries. Remember that it was feminists the ones that tried to ban all porn in all the European countries:

    The ban was struck down, but that won't stop them from trying. Eventually they'll get their way. And, even if it is for different reasons, they'll have full support of ultraconservatives on this.

    I'm glad to know that you love me... my work I mean.

    And don't worry, I won't stop, and now I can post the beast stuff again (on Hentai foundry).

  30. Hey you! You can't think about bad things or lewd acts! That's somehow like actually doing it!


    It's not hurting anyone. It's just fantasy. "oh but kids see it" then parents shouldn't let them see it.

    Politicians are so out of touch with reality and common sense.

  31. Hi Vaesark like your work, btw I cant see your link in HF nor any of your other work, it says you have 19 pics but I only see 2 whats wrong?.

  32. @Anon
    You probably have censoring mode switched on...
    Switch it to "warn" and you should be able to see everything.
    Links are usually in the description, hope that helps.

  33. respect from russian fans)))

  34. @anon, are you logged in as a user? I know I can only see a couple of his pics on Hentai Foundry unless I log in.

    And yea, it's barbaric and pathetic what these people are trying to do. For one thing, cartoon and 3D characters don't have an "age", to say they represent any age is an absurd argument. Plenty of things are represented and yet that's okies as long as it doesn't have anything to do with procreation. So what is Japan gonna do now, make some idiotic guidelines about how big a characters head is compared to their body? Or how far apart their eyes can or can't be and say that's the law? Can a toon or a 3D image actually be raped? No, it cannot, the same as you cannot kill one with a pixel gun.

    Most of humanity has it's head shoved so far up each others asses, it's a wonder they don't starve to death.. oh wait, they eat... umm, nvm.

    Oh, and lets not start up against drugs, there are plenty of drugs just as bad for us (with the exception of krocodil :/) that are perfectly legal and prescribed by doctors, yet they do just as much damage. Prostitution and drugs being illegal is every bit as bad as porn being illegal. In fact, my grandma was just telling me about a drug they had back in the 50s that they prescribed to some women that caused their babies to be born with no legs and no arms. Sure they took it off the market, but what sort of crap are they feeding us even now... irradiated food is legal and it's even legal to not mark that food as having been irradiated.... umm, that's food that has been exposed to radiation purposefully! And it is perfectly legal.

    No, the reason ppl are so messed up is from repression more than any other factor, other than being abused as children (but that also is another form of repression actually). Studies show that people who are repressed sexually are far more liekly to commit sexual violence. Just look at how common it is for priests to be caught molesting young children.

    And pointing fingers at Islam and implying they're the only religion that has factions committing random violence is no good either, you don't know much history (even just modern history) if you even go there. Look at Northern Ireland until just a couple decades ago. Or look back to victorian times (not much more than a century ago) when a woman actually wasn't allowed to show her ankles in western countries where christianity was prevalent.

    Sure, the middle east has more problems than most areas of the world by far, but then look back into history again... what is now jeruselum and palestine was largely a home to arabs, mostly moslem until world war one when the british took over their land and after the war decided to "give" their land to the jewish. Actually, it wasn't theirs to give though, so what should we call it then really? Go back further and read about the crusades... simply because the christians savior was from there, that somehow gave them the right to invade that land and start a holy war? I'm not saying that Islamic factions have any right to kill or even so much as belittle westerners as a whole for any of this, but then neither do we have any right to belittle them as a whole.

    The problem is as I stated in my last post, human greed, plain and simple. And you can find it in any religion, government, country, school, place of work and quite simply... to a lesser or greater extent in any person.

    Yea, in me too. I am not afraid to look inside and say greed resides within me also, but as long as I can see it, I have a good chance of keeping it in check. That's why introspection is the single greatest attribute a human can have imo.

    I think Vaesarks single line already summed things up pretty well for all of this...

    "you are an individual, not an organized group."