Thursday, February 7, 2013


To be honest, the idea of mixing the renders with in-game background looked better in my head ó_ò

Anyway, on to the next one.   


  1. Yeah. I can what you did there. But it does'nt come off.
    The figures need to be much bigger. But that would probably loose the in-game look you're going for.

  2. Looks very nice :) The characters could be little bit bigger but if you're going to continue it i know that you're gonna change it a bit.
    The concept is good ,hope you'll get an another great idea soon :D

  3. I think that was a clever idea, though Diablo might not be the best game to do it in since the characters in it are so small. Otherwise they just look a little off since you didn't match the lighting. I'm not sure how you WOULD match Diablo's lighting though, since I'm pretty sure it doesn't use a particularly accurate lighting model in the first place.

  4. Plz to the Spider caves from Diablo3 next whit egg laying pregnant pics :) your fan thomas

  5. Lol, I like it. Although I would prefer a zoom-in look now. That hottie needs to be looked at ;-)

  6. Nice Vaesark, very original. I play all these games except i gave up WOW as Pandas are to fluffy and cute to take seriously :P

    Keep it up, love your dark side to you 3D XXX images

  7. Awesome idea V,well executed. The and angles lend the image an element of immersion for those of us who have played the game. Good job getting the lighting to match.

    You could have more fun with the GUI as well. Subtle changes like health bar decrease, "Cum meter" instead of mana. Funny things in the combat log like, "Deep dick strikes you for..." etc.

    Anyhoo, thanks for sharing.

  8. Damn, if that happened to the female wizard in game, I'ld actually play that game again. Great work V.


  9. nubian, yup, but it was worth it, sometimes these random ideas can give very good results and you can always learn from the experience.

    thomas, I'll take it into consideration if I do more Diablo3 related renders :3

    Will Zenn, I know what you mean, I also never been a fan of the cartoon style that blizzard uses on the warcraft/Stracraft franchises, they make them look too childish for me.

    Dizzy, it works for the immersion but it detracts from the sexy bits, since it's all too small you cannot appreciate the details.

    "Deep dick strikes you for..." LOL

    Derm, I installed it again to take the screenshots and felt tempted to play it again... but... meh, without real alternative paths or different endings I don't feel motivated, the combat quickly becomes tedious/boring/repetitive.

  10. Clearly not your best, but a fun little jaunt nonetheless. I definitely think the theme and character could use a second take at some point - there's potential here!

    Thanks as always, even your less-than-best is still pretty great :)

  11. I think this is actually awesome. I'd love to see more mixing what it looks like to play a game with your own scenework!!

  12. Diablo's minions grow stronger!!

  13. Nice one, and I'm looking forward to whatever else you're working on ^_^

    And, uh... >_> if my idea did make the list (or even if it didn't), I did write out the scenario in detail and I could post here or email it to you if you want.

  14. I think it came off well. The characters look great, and the scene is very moody.
    It would benefit from larger characters, or, and I confess I don't know the game at all, from filling the screen with more monsters. I'm guessing in the game a player takes on several monsters at once?
    Now you've made me want to make a zoomed out picture like these with dozen and dozens of monsters!

  15. Anon, "Clearly not your best, but a fun little jaunt nonetheless. I definitely think the theme and character could use a second take at some point - there's potential here!"

    I agree, if I end up doing Thomas suggestion I'll do it with a rendered background and a standard point of view.

    Crazymaniscrazy, perhaps it would work better with other kind of games. I'll probably try it again someday.

    The Monster Lady, send it to me, it won't hurt to read it and I may like it enough to give it a try.

    Zafo, :D you are too kind.

    Muddy, yup you usually fight waves of monsters, ...but that would take me too much time to do and I want to try other suggestions too :3

  16. Eh, it's still amusing. Good show, good show

  17. I like your work! Too bad I was too late for the ERP! Are you still looking for ideas, suggestions and general wicked desires based on something that happened on a movie/videogame or real life event? One of my favourite things about your art is that it doesn't just show ugly men and animals and creatures having sex with pretty girls, it shows pretty girls who like it! I hope you'll continue that trend even if the art is based on something that happened on a movie/videogame or real life event where the girls were not happy with the situation (like the donkey semen drinker twins).

    I have so many ideas for you that your website won't let me post them all at the same time, so I hope you don't mind me double-posting!

    In Return of the Jedi, Jabba the Hutt captures Princess Leia and makes her his slave, dressing her in basically a gold metal bikini with a skirt like a floor-length loincloth. One of the first things the car-sized and slug-like Hutt does when he captures her is lick her. Although never shown onscreen, SOMEONE must have stripped her naked (or close to it) in order to put the slave costume on her. Maybe Jabba did it himself. Maybe he licked her some more, or maybe he did more than lick.

    In The Phantom Menace, Sebulba (who has arms and legs kind of like a monkey--any of his appendages can act as a hand or as a foot) has a pair of fishnet-wearing Twi'lek twins who serve as his masseuses. I wonder if they had happy endings a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...?

    In the movie Howard the Duck, Lea Thompson's character makes love to Howard the Duck.

    In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Wheelie humps Mikaela (Megan Fox) on the leg.

    In Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Soundwave threatens Carly (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) with mechanical tentacles.

    In the Killer Instinct video games, one of B. Orchid's finishing moves is to give her opponent a heart attack by flashing her bare breasts at them. Some of her opponents are an alien humanoid made of icy goo, an undead human skeleton, a werewolf, a gladiator android, a Human Torch-like character, a velociraptor-like character, some demon-like final bosses, and (in Killer Instinct 2) other women.

  18. Sorry, wrong thread.

  19. Amazing.
    - I totally love these pics.... Don't forget to tell me when you launch your own "D3 Server" and I'll be one of the first guys who will play there 24/7 .... it will surely be more fun - and for a longer period of time - than the original D3 game... :D
    - Would be nice to see the Demonhunter and maybe the Shamaness as well.... hahaha ;)

  20. Cool idea. I think it looks fine - just a bit far away.

  21. I think she looks hot. I'd love to see more of this sequence and more of her, without the game mode though, ie close up. Good to see that you are back doing some of that monster cock belly distension!

  22. What a gorgeous girl! Would love to see larger versions of her.

  23. After all that hard work, you would think that she would have at least gained some experience.

  24. Not wearing Vile Ward's. Suspension of disbelief broken.