Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nothing will be lost.

My PC arrived the past Thursday. I've been busy reinstalling software, almost everything is on place again so I was able to run some tests.
First: exporting/importing complete scenes from Carrara8Pro... works like a charm, so I can continue working on all the ongoing projects in the new PC.  
Second: Rendering times... a scene that my old computer rendered in 5 hours was rendered in 1 hour, the processor is not even over-clocked.
Third: gaming, I installed the most resource heavy games that I have with everything maxed out... runs nice and smooth, the gtx690 doesn't even blink. I think that I'll try Far Cry 3 next. Any other suggestions?
Fourth: The renders of the set with the priestess are finished but I still have to install/configure software for the post-work and other stuff so you'll have to wait a little longer.
Fifth: There's a new artist on the community: Zen, go check his blog at:

Pretty women with not so pretty guys... just how i like it :D


  1. Hmmm, sounds like a boy telling stories about his new girlfriend.

    Well whatever, can hardly wait for more info.

    Cheers, Jess

  2. No pussy is worth a fraction of my PC ò_ó

  3. I suggest game that you surely know.
    Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines, who knows maybe it will be a inspiration for next set?
    hmmm any other games? Witcher 2, new Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, new hitman.

  4. Now you seem to be very well equipped and can fearlessly await next generation consoles ^^
    I bet Skyrim will run perfectly with most resource devouring mods, I just hope my laptop will too, when I purchase GotY edition.
    As stated above, you might wanna check Witcher 2 since it is the best looking RPG so far, and it's got pretty good story. I played FC3 for the past week and game performed well on my one year old laptop ^^ Everything on max, where I was worrying that I will have to play medium to enjoy smooth gaming. So much for given requirements xD
    You might also try Batman Arkham City if you're into superheroes. Great game with nice fighting and stealth system and decent story.

  5. Ziggy, "Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines" i have played it... finished it with every clan and possible ending, it's my favorite game of all times so... yeah, I know it :)
    Witcher 2, I definitely have to try this one, I could only set the graphics to a medium level with my old PC, and it seems that the "enhanced edition" added a lot of stuff.
    Baldur's Gate, another classic, but right now I'm more interested in recent games with impressive graphics to test my PC.
    Hitman, was on my radar since the nuns trailer, but I'm new to the franchise so I'll have to investigate a bit to see if i would be really interested.
    Thanks for the suggestions :)

    Sanders, Skyrim runs like a charm, the game looks so much more beautiful with all these mods and this level of detail...
    Batman Arkham City, I bought Arkhan asylum on a steam sale but I haven't tried it yet... XD maybe this is a good time, I believe that Arkham City is a direct continuation of the story on Arkhan asylum, right?

  6. @V
    Yes, Arkham City is direct continuation but there are few comic books between, you know... To earn more money from the fans ^^
    If you have powerful Nvidia graphic card, then you'll be able to afford PhysiX and believe me when I say this... I haven't seen a game that does this better than Arkham City ^^ I myself have Radeon so all I could do was watch YT videos but it still impress me.
    As for the Hitman, I recommend you to play first 4 games. If you won't be scared by old school rules, graphics and limited save points, you'll be alright ^^

  7. The witcher 2, Crysis, Guild Wars 2, Need for speed the run. Good benchmarkers, also the ussuall benchmarkers, 3dmark, fantasy mark, cpu mark etc.

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  9. what program do you use to create the 3D models/meshes and texturing? And how do you make them look pregnant?

  10. @V
    I sent you an invitation on Steam, I hope you accept it ;-)

  11. @V
    That was fast, thanks xD

  12. Sanders, I have steam connected almost always :3 and still... you are the second person that I add in 6 years o_O

    DJ Cold Crow, Crysis added to the list :3 thanks

    Thomas, I buy the models and textures and software, mostly from:

    The software is carrara8pro, the model that I use is Victoria 4, the add-on "morphs++" includes the pregnant morph (all fron the Daz store) but be warned, although I use these models as base I also sculpt on them to achieve the results that you see on my blog.

  13. if your looking for good games install.. Dolphin, thats a Wii emulator and your PC will be able to handle it, graphics are not stellar, but console games have great stories and immersion.

    For graphics check Just Cause 2 and Metro 2033, games are meh, but great visuals.

    Im also assuming your running Skyrim with ENB series mod, which is pretty much a must for good graphics in it.