Monday, October 8, 2012

work in progress...

I wasn't liking how the set with Vanessa was looking so I switched to the Selene one. I thought that you may enjoy a little teaser:

*note* I'm aware that the old sets are down, I'll fix it... eventually.


  1. Thanks. Very teasing indeed...


  2. Very nice, I like the clothes on, and Im really hoping that we could see the ass and pussy where the clothes has been ripped. As usual I have few questions:
    1. How many Lycans gonna do her? Please say that there gonna be at least 4 :-)
    2. Will there be cowgirl/stand and carry position?
    3. This is gonna be assault at first but then she'll gonna enjoy it, right?
    4. Is there a chance for a posing with guns picture?

  3. @Sanders
    Posing with guns?!

    I'd quite like to see one stuck in her cunt...


  4. Sanders,

    1- one werewolf and one ghoul.
    2- yes to both positions
    3- nope, she loves it from the very beginning.
    4- if I finish the set before the next 48h57m (XCOM unlock date for yurop)... yes, I may do a shot with her posing with guns.

    JCD, I don't think that Sanders in interested in that pose...

  5. awesome , cant wait :D

  6. Looking forward to this Selene set, she's sexy!

  7. Off-topic, but I have had an idea which has been percolating for a while. We know how big CGI companies use render farms to speed up rendering. Essentially large numbers of networked Unix workstations. Really, really nice and horribly, horribly expensive.

    Another thing that's been on my radar for a while is the Raspberry Pi, which is a really cheap, caseless, single board computer. Runs Linux (a Unix clone) among other stuff.

    And now Simon Cox at the University of Southampton has networked a bunch of them. Didn't consider the implications until I came back here, but with this, every CG artist can have a tiny supercomputer or render farm. What do you think?

  8. I'm very much looking forward to this set!

  9. Looking forward to it! Please don't make it too dark, so we can see those perfect curves in that perfect latex catsuit ;-)

  10. Mongo recommended this set and he was right. It looks as if it is going to be great, when can we expect more rendering to be posted?

  11. tibfulv, thanks for the info, but none of them is really worth the trouble/money for an amateur like me, I'll eventually buy a new computer and I'll try to equip it with a fairly good processor and, perhaps use the old one as a network node.

    Randall, the illumination is the same in all the renders so, if you can see the details on the teaser render you'll see them as well on the others.

    Anon "Mongo recommended this set and he was right. It looks as if it is going to be great, when can we expect more rendering to be posted?"

    This weekend, almost guaranteed... unless some horrible disgrace happens to me o_O

  12. This weekend sounds very nice. Always had a thing for the Beckinsale girl.

    Pity you couldn't make use of the info. The Pi is quite cheap, only on the order of roughly 20 €, and Cox's work means you could add two of them each month, and have a fairly powerful computer within a year. I think I am going to get a couple to play with and perhaps report back what sort of results I get.

    I did do some further checking, and discovered that Carrara, your rendering program, does not play well with Linux, so it would fail on that account anyways. Sad.