Wednesday, May 23, 2012


So... I was looking at hentaifoundry as a possible site to post the beast stuff but then...

"By submitting content to this site, you give Hentai Foundry and its administration the right to use those pictures for any purpose"

yeah, right, fuck that. XD

It happened to me already with beastforum, my renders were systematically added to one of their pay sites, never again. I'm not saying that this would be the case but I'm not taking any risks.

Darksoul's forum is still the only site that I trust to upload the beast stuff, but it requires registration and manual approval by DS, that may be a issue for some but, if you think that it is too much trouble perhaps you don't deserve to see the goods :P

my thread: "The artwork of Vaesark", you'll have to search through the posts but there's some "exclusive" stuff already. Lara & gorillas, Amy & girl & dog, Amy & demon.

By the way, this is Amy:

The pics were made for *this story*

I'll be posting the renders with the farm girl there too.

Instead of the usual series I'll be rendering random images with different partners (only the girl and scenery will be in all the renders). If you want to suggest something go ahead. I've already noted the bull & the male farmers, but the first one to enjoy (and give pleasure to) the girl will be a huge stallion.


  1. I applied for registration. Hopefully the mods won't require my life's story to approve. XD

  2. Nice girl V, I like her hairstyle ;)
    I also registered yesterday and I'm waiting to be accepted...
    I don't know if I understood you correctly V, so I'll just ask ;)
    -You're going to post here seemingly "normal" stuff and your more hardcore (bestaility) stuff at Darksoul's ?
    -There are few brand new hardcore sets by you already at the forum?
    - The farm girl clothes stays or you liked my idea about cowgirl's clothes?
    -Farm girl set won't be a set at all but like in commisions you've done, pics with different animals abusing her?
    Forgive me, I wanted to make sure I understood correctly, please bear with me :)

  3. HiddenOne, Darksoul approves them manually so it might take a few days, no additional info is required as far as I know.

    -all the bestiality will go to Darksoul's forum.
    -no full sets but short series of images, just a few at the moment. If the thread becomes popular and gets enough attention I may do more beast stuff.
    -I like the idea of the cowgirl clothes, but it'll depend on the time that I have to work on it.
    -yep, not a set, I'll just render the pics as I see fit and post them there. Although there won't be abuse, she loves cock (animal & human) :3

  4. Heheh... God bless you Vaesark xD
    I don't know why I wrote "abuse" but I liked that in your sets girls loved doing it willingly and this one is no exception :)
    Last thing if I may... Let the stallion and bull be black, please ;-)

  5. Sanders, it's a little bit late for the stallion (it's brown) but I'll use a black bull ;)

  6. Hmmm, I have been neglecting that forum for a
    while. Have to dig out my registration details.


  7. May I suggest an idea? A few pictures with a dragon would be great. Maybe some missionary stuff?

  8. Who is awesome?!?!?!??!

    Yes... You are ;D !

  9. "By submitting content to this site, you give Hentai Foundry and its administration the right to use those pictures for any purpose"

    Knowing HF, and being the anon who suggested it, I think thats more for them using your pics as "Featured Pictures" and what not. But hey, if you don't trust them, and from what youve told about beastforum, I don't blame you. But if Darksoul3d forum doesnt work out, is this the end of your beast stuff? Cause I think your beast stuff is great, from what I can get via torrents anyway. If nothing else... deviantart, maybe? A booru, like Gelbooru? I'd really hate for your beast stuff to die (for good) all because google cried blasphemy.

  10. DeviantArt doesn't allow porn and they play fast and loose with their definition of it.

    Hentai-foundry's a good choice, so is wwoec forum.

    Renderotica I'm not sure about, but might be allowed.

  11. Your Artwork is peerless Vaesark, and the trouble involved in gaining access to Darksoul's forum is nowhere near enough to keep a fan of it least that is what this fan thinks.

  12. Just how long I'll have to wait for admins at Darksoul's to accept me? Does the trouble end after they accept me or there will be another catch? Why it doesn't work like on any other sites... You register and automatically they send you activation e-mail...

  13. Amy... such a beautiful name. It reminds me of my fictional crush Amy from Soul Calibur who now seems to be called Viola.

  14. What about exhentai?

  15. exhentai is just e-hentai's fjords.

    It's the place where the content that can't be shown in e-hentai gets sent to.

  16. Well i registered and am waiting for a reply i hope it doesn't take very long
    but i am usedbto being patient with your stuff

  17. "exhentai is just e-hentai's fjords.

    It's the place where the content that can't be shown in e-hentai gets sent to."

    Which as of recently, includes bestiality.

    so he's correct.

  18. Damn, waiting to be registered in DarkSoul is a bitch. I want to see your work.

  19. Awesome girl! Can't wait to see what comes out of this. So do you know of a place like HF to share your work?

  20. Ya know, In DarkSoul forum, it says that if I have problems registering, I should contact the board administrator, but I see no way of doing so. There's no link, except message that says "go to Team section in order to contact administrator", except there's no Team link either. I'm quite lost. Please help.

  21. @HMS
    There is nothing wrong. They need 2 or 3 days to accept you, I've waited too. But I must warn you, don't get all hyped up, V posted few images, no new sets so far ;-)

  22. Nice shadows and skin shader :)

  23. Hi Vaesark, fullytank here:
    I am one of those glad to know you are not giving up with bestiality renders. Your work is always amazing, and that department needs amazing art.
    See you around! :)

  24. Hi Guys,

    DARKSOUL3D Here..Regarding board registration I manually approve the registrations to cut down on the amount of spam posted on the board...when I allowed automatic approval the board was getting HEAVILY spammed on a daily basis, and as I DON'T 'Man the Fort' on a full time basis, the spamming was ruining the board.

    Now the manual approvals can take a few days depending on how busy I am with my real life job and personal life etc. but if you have any problems you can email me directly at

    just include in your email the user name you used to register and I will activate it ASAP.

    The other reason for registrations is in order to maintain a small meaasure of discretion. Our Genre of work is becoming increasingly persecuted by different internet agents, not just the Beasty genre, but more general monster sex genres as well.

    I hope Vaersark does not mind me posting this little note here.??



  25. Hey Vaesark,

    the Links for the Beast stuff on Darksoul doesnt work anymore, pls upload it again :)

  26. Waiting for my account to get activated. Gotta say, the "Lara and Gorilla" part got me intrigued. Definitely checking that one out.

  27. hey hoe long does an acount take to regester at dark soul been waiting over a week darknaruto31

  28. Hi Folks,

    Registrations to the DarkSoul3D forum that were submitted about a week ago were all lost from my email address when I accidently deleted them all...;(

    However..if you do not get an account activation within THREE days of registering on the board, please me directly at

    Please place detail in your email the username you used to register for the board.

    @darknaruto31, you have been activated ;)



  29. Also have been waiting, for almost 2 weeks now, sent 2 emails to above address also, no avail.


  30. qwertyman123 your registration was activated several days ago..can you still not gain access.??


  31. I don't know if you've just been exceptionally busy, but I've emailed and got no response, and it's been almost 2 weeks for me as well. Every time I try to log in, it says I'm inactive.

    I'd love to get permission to join up and view Vaesark (and everyone else's) wonderful works!


  32. I have also signed up for the site under the forum handle "hashcheck" and received no response.